Google Working Up Fix for SMS Sending Bug


After almost a year since an SMS sending bug that would deliver messages to the wrong recipient was uncovered in the Android operating system, Google is finally working on a fix. Google had been investigating the issue that seemed to spike in occurence last summer, but said it was difficult to reproduce the glitch that occurs pretty rarely.

With some work they did manage to pinpoint the cause of the problem and  have developed a fix that should be rolling out to handsets shortly.

[via Cellular-News]

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  1. It’s about time

  2. I had a different one whereby it would prompt me to resend the text… every text I wrote

  3. Same here. That got really annoying really fast

  4. Pretty lame that they don’t announce what the combination of SW and/or HW where this occurs. Makes say “Yeah, sure, uh huh..Bull Shiesse!”

  5. It’s just sad it took public outcry, hitting slashdot and a subsequent PR nightmare for them to move on this bug. There are a half dozen other ones in the bug tracker that many, many people are very affected by and they are barely if at all touched by Google employees. I love all the new stuff Google is adding to Android but I wish that for IceCream they would just slow down and do a bugfix release and fix all the bugs in the public bug tracker.

  6. Bout frikin time. I’ve sent numerous messages to the wrong person

  7. What about the general volatility of the OS? The FC, lags, and freeze ups I see on my phone throughout the day?

    Wife got the MyTouch 4G, which seems nice, but she’s not accustomed to the lock-ups she’s getting now that she moved from iPhone. She was surprised that she’s pulling the battery about twice a day. Seems normal to me.

    I’m part of the Android revolution. I’ve bought 3 Android phones. But it’s time the OS stabilize. Too much competition out there.

  8. yes, google will fix it, but we won’t get the fix because the manufacturers won’t update their phones’ software

  9. wilco: it’s probably HTC Sense that is causing the lockups, not android itself
    I have a tmobile g2 which pretty much the same internal hardware without htc sense, and I have never had a lockup in the almost 2 months I have owned it
    Atleast with the mytouch 4G you CAN pull the battery, instead of bringing it to an apple store to have a “genius” take the battery out for you

  10. In all fairness, most of the instability in android comes from vendor mods and crappy market apps.

  11. Don’t wash over this problem by referencing another makers handset. This is android problem…not iPhone problem. Keep it real bozo

  12. Ya not to get side tracked too much, but I’m thinking your issues are more with Sense, not Android itself. Most people don’t have these issues. Most people aren’t pulling their battery very often.

    Back to the topic of the post… Its great that they are fixing this, but I’m just disappointed in manufacturers that my Droid X probably won’t be seeing this fix until the fall thanks to Moto’s slowness at getting updates out.

  13. Since mid Dec I’ve had an issue sending a message to multiple contacts at once. The first message is always sent right away but the remaining messages stay in a sending status. If I turn off/on my phone the next message will be sent but again only one.

  14. ‘Working on it’ since last summer for something basic like SMS? Really?

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