Dec 31st, 2010 publishUpdated   Jan 2nd, 2011, 1:01 pm

A bug that was first brought to the attention of Google back in June has yet to be addressed and appears to be picking up steam, let me add fuel to the fire (give you that which you desire).

An SMS bug in which a sender tries to send a message to their spouse saying “My boss is an A$$!” appears to be sent to the spouse, but instead is sent to a random, unintended recipient, like the boss. And I don’t mean Bruce! What is a little more insulting is that Google has maintained the priority of this bug to “Medium”.

As of this writing a poll on ZDNet indicates that 9% of Android users have been affected by this bug at least once. A number that should be more than high enough to light a fire.

Take a look at the bug for yourself, and if you have been affected by it report as much detail in that thread.

[via ZDNet | Read on BGR | Thanks to all who sent this in.]
[Image courtesy of Iowa State University]

Looks like all of the publicity this has been receiving over the past few days has prompted Google to up this one to “critical”. Well done, to everyone who rallied for Google to get a move on!