Netflix App Spotted on the LG Revolution


We know Netflix is trying their hardest to bring instant streaming goodness to all Android handsets, but dammit they’re trying. The LG Revolution was announced at CES this week, and while we’ve already gotten our hands-on time with it, we completely missed the fact that it has a Netflix app installed. The spot was made by an Android Central tipster who scrubbed through Unwired View’s video to uncover what should be a big deal to many. I can feel we’re getting closer to an announcement, at the least, so just sit tight guys.

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  1. Ahahahahahaha. I didn’t even notice it! Are you sure its just not one of those “control your Netflix que” app? If its not. Can’t wait for its release!

  2. The appropriate title should be, “Netflix icon spotted on the LG revolution”. Who knows what is actually in there?

  3. The ridiculous thing about this is that they are being pressured to make the app in such a way that it would be hard to pirate content through it. These companies (referring to the copyright holders of the content) have their heads up their asses. Who in their right mind is going to pirate straight off of netflix using their phone? Anything you can get on netflix that isn’t already public domain is easily downloaded via billions of torrents on the net today.


  5. It’s just some 3rd party app to manage your netflix.

  6. An actual snapshot of the app here… looks like it’s real netflix, not just a queue manager:

    The Revolution is only single core from what I understand, this is good news, probably means it doesn’t require Tegra so I’ll end up getting it working on my Nexus One even if it isn’t officially released for it.

  7. Isn’t there Netflix for Google TV already? Why is it so surprising that there’d be a phone build as well?

  8. @fluffy – I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. It wasn’t commented in the article that it was surprising. There were not any exclamation points used in the article. The article is just simply putting it out there because of “what should be a big deal to many”. A lot of people are waiting for it and this just shows that it’s getting closer making it newsworthy.

  9. Yeah. There’s nothing like that icon on the market. So its only a matter of time. :)

  10. I already put my account on hold until they get an app for android

  11. Why is Bing on there is the bigger question

  12. Does LG run touch wiz or something?? If im not mistaken that was even one of the backgrounds from the galaxy s lines.

  13. It’s probably Binged out because it is going to Verizon or At&t and will be like the galaxy s phones with Bing. A great phone with a crappy search engine

  14. Lol Bing

  15. @fluffy,
    Not surprising, but exciting. We don’t have a Netflix build currently on Android. The supposed reason is that Netflix had to do whatever magic they needed to do to make people happy that the content they stream isn’t easily piratable.

  16. Looked at the demo units over at LG and they didnt have Netflix. :(

  17. Key thing to keep in mind: Netflix has gone on the record stating that when Netflix for Android releases, it will be on “select” phones only. That’s disappointing, but understandable.
    Not all Androids are created equal. I ran Netflix on the iPhone 3G, and it was a horrible experience. Not supporting some of the older and underpowered devices will dissapoint many, but it’s a better PR move then having thousands of users complaining online about the app’s performance issues that are actually related to underpowered devices.
    Crossing my fingers that my Droid X will make the “Select” list.

  18. Perhaps “select phones” means 4G phones?

    Also, someone could have planted a shortcut to the website to mess with all of us. :)

  19. Bing is there cause Microsoft has cash

  20. Verizon iphone with netflix outta the box…boom!

  21. Netflix has several different streaming qualities available, which could easily work over 3G bandwidths. So the “select phones” will be based on software capabilities (DRM support), not on whether the phone is 3G/4G. I’m thinking more like, devices with Gingerbread (or something along those lines).

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