Dan Morril Says No Minimum Requirements for Honeycomb


Remember when that rumor was brought up the first time? You know, the one where the newer versions of Android would require a specific set of specs? Remember when it was debunked? Remember when that rumor came back up again? Remember when that one was debunked too? Yep, Dan Morrill has put yet another ax to these claims: Honeycomb does not require a dual core processor. (Note that he doesn’t say anything about the screen resolution.) Though he may be telling the truth, all of the tablets that are supposed to be shipping with Honeycomb will have Tegra 2 dual-core processors and have screen sizes and resolutions of 10-inches and 1280×720 or higher. Coincidence? Eh. Even if it isn’t true, that would mean these tablet makers have no desire to stink up the joint, and I’m just glad to see a new wave of tablets with such high specs. Twitter for the confirmation. [via AG]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. All i care is how honeycomb is going to look on a phone..

  2. HTC Scribe is said to be 7 inches with Honeycomb.

  3. I’m tired of software update talk. Everyone just wants what is in the works, no matter what they have running on their current phone. Use what you have and forget about updates til they’re out.

  4. @chris what makes you think it will be on phones? Isn’t its big selling point an “OS for tablets”?

  5. I want a phone that has a 20 inch screen, RAID 5 drives with 1tb, dual core, and twin antennas. It will have pop out speakers and will weigh 10 pounds if loaded with 10000 mah battery. Battery life for the HTC Monstrosity will be 2 hours if you don’t run any widgets…

  6. My guess is there is no minimum requirement for the Android system itself, but a handful of features that can be enabled or disabled will have higher requirements. We’ve already seen this with things like live wallpapers, and 3D Google Maps. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept travelling down that route.

  7. Why hasn’t this interview been posted on Phandroid for all to see :

  8. All i have heard is 3.0 for Tablets. What about phones? Android was a phone OS. Are they abandoning phones? If so, how will we go on!? iphones and blackberries? *Jumps off bridge*

  9. @Bunie Honeycomb is for phones, click the link and hear it from the man who designed Honeycomb

  10. In case you guys have been asleep for the past few months, you will never see honeycomb on a phone… it is a tablet-specific branch of android intended for a larger screen. It would be like wanting to use windows 7 on your 4″ phone screen.

  11. I’m glad too see tablets with such good specs too…pretty coolish

  12. Uh…you lost me at “…wanting to use windows 7”. I don’t get it.

  13. I find it disappointing honeycomb isn’t going to be on phones, are they just going to carry on 2.x until like 2.56 then your phone is way out of date to go buy a new phone? I guess we’ll see….

  14. @Scott, that’s not entirely true. Andy Rubin did mention that Gingerbread will be optimized for tablets, as well as smaller devices by allowing developers to express the way their apps appear on a smaller and larger screen. There are scripts out on the web that allows layout rendering depending on screen resolution and ratio. Just simply picture yourself owning a Honeycomb tablet and rotating it from landscape to portrait in the Gmail app — you will see a different layout, and even perhaps different content appearing just by doing so. Don’t you think it may stir confusion towards consumers by having 3.0 solely optimized for tablets, and the proceeding version of Android for mobile phones? No wait… let’s rename Android 3.0 to Android 3.0 Tablet Edition(TM) and Android 3.0 Mobile Edition(TM) and you’ve now just adopted the Microsoft way of marketing ;)

  15. My first post here – hello everyone.

    My understanding is that Android 3.0 is Honeycomb for tablets. Android 3.5 is Honeycomb for phones and Android 4.0 is the convergence of the two OSs.

    If what I have read is true (as per paragraph above!) then 2011 is going to be an awesome year for Android owners – whether tablet, phone or….who knows what other devices might be dreamt up!!?

  16. are you guys fucking mad of course honeycomb will hit phones as well. check the fucking video interview with matias duarte he clearly says so. morrons.

  17. That is not good spelling. Moron not morrons. I hope honeycombe has spell check

  18. One of the Acer tablets is a single core snapdragon with honeycomb.

  19. The guy from Android who first demonstrated honeycomb on the Motorola in that TV show, said that on a phone the GUI would be displayed different when he showed the new tablet pane configuration of honeycomb apps. I immediately deduced from that that honeycomb would also run on phones…..

  20. Fish is right. Honeycomb will eventually hit phones as well. Google only rushed it out to tablets first to finally get something worthwhile out against the Apple iPad, which has been pretty much dominating the market. Mark my words, Honeycomb, in some form, will hit handsets as well.

    Android 2.4 will be another iteration of Gingerbread akin to Android 2.0 and 2.1 both being Eclair. This will be next update for handsets, but I fully expect Android 3.0 after that.

  21. totally agree with everything simon said. don’t worry, honeycomb will probably be ready for phones at the next google i/o

  22. People got confused with the ENTIRELY FOR TABLETS tagline..

    “Entirely for tablets” and “Exclusively for Tablets” mean 2 different things ..

    it doesn’t mean it wont hit phones..

    My prediction is that it will hit phones and Honeycomb will also have some features of that software that google bought 6 months ago..

  23. Well if you ask me… 3.0-3.x should be made mostly for tablets because it would be nice to have an Android OS that fits with the size and specs of the device your using, it would make the experience so much better :) I’m almost scared for how revamped Honeycomb looks xD

  24. No minimum requirements. It’s just that some devices won’t be able to take advantage of all the new features. But even older devices can take advantage of the “improved version number”.

  25. In reply to Bunie… you may want to see this

    LOL! :)

  26. Haha fish spelt “morons” incorrectly.

  27. Does HTC make a tablet or a phone with Tegra 2? I hope they don’t continue to put weak GPUs in their phones.

  28. This is good, but what are the chances that the nexus s will get honeycomb?

  29. Seems that smartphone will be replaced by tablets very soon if the present trend going on.

  30. @Android World
    I don’t think so.. Tablets are ok, I suppose.. but look what Motorola did with the Atrix.. it is not just a gimmick, it makes sense.. I suppose the next evolution may be to do the same with tablets.. Nobody with any common sense wants to have 2 data plans.. you want your phone convenience, and a bigger screen now and then.. It’s genius.. you can bet, that this is where tablet makers will go next.. I am a keyboard guy though, so for me the Atrix makes more sense.

  31. Why hasn’t the first interview of Matias (guy who designed Honeycomb) been posted or is Phandroid waiting to score their own interview?????

  32. loo its not that hard to believe that honeycomb will be cumming to phones regardless of weather it requires a duel core processor. Quadcon the manufacturer of the snap dragon processor for the evo 4g has already announced the creation of a 2.5 ghZ quad core snap dragon processor that will be the future of the next series of snap dragon processors.

  33. and to answer arc no they don’t have any tablets or phones with tigra 2. They use snapdragons and to be honest id rather it that way considering what the next gen snapdragon is. It’s a retarded unnecessary processor for a phone but I’m rather ok with that =)

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