Dec 27th, 2010

Dwight FalseLooks like the rumors surrounding Google’s request to halt Google TV production until they could work on software updates are not true. VP of Logitech’s corporate communications, Nancy Morrison says that Logitech “has not been asked by Google to suspend production of its Google TV products”. She goes on to say such a delay would never be necessary because Android devices can be updated from the consumer’s home or place of use.

Logitech’s official blog is assuring consumers that “all’s well with Logitech Revue”, and to expect them to be out at CES demonstrating impressive wares on the horizon of Google TV.

Google TV has been hit with a number of setbacks, namely the blocking of and the other Big 3 networks from streaming website content to GTV devices.

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Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

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