Logitech Asked by Google to Delay GTV Production? False.


Dwight FalseLooks like the rumors surrounding Google’s request to halt Google TV production until they could work on software updates are not true. VP of Logitech’s corporate communications, Nancy Morrison says that Logitech “has not been asked by Google to suspend production of its Google TV products”. She goes on to say such a delay would never be necessary because Android devices can be updated from the consumer’s home or place of use.

Logitech’s official blog is assuring consumers that “all’s well with Logitech Revue”, and to expect them to be out at CES demonstrating impressive wares on the horizon of Google TV.

Google TV has been hit with a number of setbacks, namely the blocking of Fox.com and the other Big 3 networks from streaming website content to GTV devices.

[via Engadget | Image courtesy of Fanpop.com]

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  1. yea they (google) just handed out 10,000 units to developers like myself, i dont see that happening alongside them requesting a stop of production, they are going full steam ahead trying to get GTV to what is needs to be ASAP

  2. Well done Phandroid.

    Your next mission: Track down the culprit who was the mastermind behind the caper by means of clicking a lot of [via] links.

  3. @covert agreed! Google tv ROCKS and its only going to get better.

  4. Crapish well I hope it does get better

  5. GASP! It must have been SJ trolling!
    I’m trying to convince my wife into going halfers on a Revue box. :D If not, I’ll just get it myself.

  6. I wonder if the net neutrality rule that passed can help Google TV?

  7. @moli I doubt it. Net neutrality rules are pretty much just for service providers, not content providers :(

  8. I’ll bet they open up to Apple TV though before GTV.

  9. The last update and the new Android phone remote coupled with changing the batteries in the remote has really increased performance and has made me love this thing all over again. it is snappy and hardly lags anymore. The wireless seems more stable too (that was the most frustrating thing for me). I have the Sony Blu-Ray.

  10. i like gtv use it everyday

  11. android/google needs ther own itunes

  12. LOL google didnt ask to delay production, Logitech was just gearing down naturally cause there is friggen no market demand for this thing inside the states. Where the hell are the commericals for the items? unless your a tech enthusiast your standard consumer has never heard of GTV and never will at this rate.
    I love GTV but its like a phantom right now

  13. I like the size of the Sony GTV remote better than the logitech revue remote. Sony and Logitech make good products together. I can’t decide which one to get. No other options yet.

  14. Logitech has an optional 2nd smaller remote that looks about the same size as the sony one.
    I’m waiting until the CES show next week to see what other manufactures release GTV products.
    Unless I see something announced I like better, I’m planning to get the Logitech Revue.
    I like the Logitech option of having a full keyboard and/or the smaller hand held remote.

  15. I love my revue. I can see serious parallels between how google rolled out android on the G1 and how they are doing GTV. I was part of the original G1 preorder and I recieved one of the 10,000 giveaway devices and I love being a part of this sort of thing. I think they are running a similar business structure for GTV as they did with the G1. Just give it about a year and you’ll see a major update that will release some amazing power with GTV. I’m so excited for it I just pee’d a little.

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