Android’s Next Gen Music App Leaks


The part of the Android experience that needed the most help, the music player, has just received a make over. Adding a clean new user interface and some extra pizzazz, including wireless syncing and streaming from your desktop.

And, of course, XDA has your back on this one. Member johnnie93 has “sources” and is willing to share the fruits of his connections with us. A test build of the music application is available if you’re one of the daring type. Take heed that “test” is used very heavily, and not everything is going to work. However overall response in the XDA thread is pretty positive.

[Read on Engadget | Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. That is fucking sexy.

  2. That’s bad ass! One more thing to lord over iPhone users.

  3. Not sure what to make of this yet? It looks great, but I don’t want to stream my files over the cloud – I want them stored on my phone. iSyncr does the job of moving files from iTunes to phone, although is clunky and unintuitive to the non techy’s.
    Players like MusicPlayerPro, Museek and Poweramp are leading the way in terms of best music player apps. I think one of the strengths here over iPhones, is the competition, variety and choice of music players.

  4. still no sign of an equalizer :-(

  5. Andy, cloud support is optional, and disfunctional in this release.

  6. i for one like the native music app on the phone. if i could just find a program or if google made a program for my pc that made it so i could manipulate the music stored on the sd card id be happy. doubletwist works but it always trys to sync all of my music every time i plug it in and i have to stop it. i hope this app helps bring things togeather.

  7. I just installed this on my DX, is anyone else having hicucp issues when scrolling through artists,songs or albums?

  8. With all the good companies Google buys, why haven’t they bought “PowerAmp” and incorporated all of its greatness into whatever app they are working on? Seems like a no-brainer from a consumer perspective.

  9. I don’t understand why, given that the .akp is available, none of the techblogs have bothered to install this themselves. Does anybody know if this will run on 2.2, or do you need 2.3?

    HOPEFULLY gingerbread comes to the G2 soon, if not then i might as well get the nexus s.

  11. i also think it should already be available for 2.2

  12. Decimae, unless I’m mistaken, eq is being incorporated into Gingerbread with the ‘mixable audio effects’ api.
    Not sure how it will be implemented yet though?

  13. Is it just me, or are any other OG Droid owners having problems installing it. Phone says “Application not installed”. Is it just a stock android thing? Heard Nexus 1 owners are having the same problem. Help?!?

  14. @R7brzezinski You have to uninstall the default music player or it won’t install. Also before you go and do it don’t forget it is buggy.

  15. @all If you do it right it should work on your phone because there are people on 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 on that XDA thread and they got it to work.

  16. It’s good to see signs of code finally being implemented into the media player that will allow streaming … not just words at a conference. I have been using the free Audiogalaxy app to do this and absolutely love it. I hope Google also has plans to allow us to stream our pictures and videos from our PC’s, not just our music.

  17. So how do I uninstall a stock app?
    More importantly how do I install it once I am fed up with this test version?

    Thanks in advance.

  18. No luck installing. I guess for root only.
    I was hoping it’d be like the new 2.3 Market leaks.

  19. How about you go look on XDA forums and find out for yourself?

  20. Hey nizzy, how about you stop being an a$$hole and remember this is a forum for everyone, ignorant jerk.

  21. Looks just like the app that pops up when you DOCK my DX with the car dock???

  22. Won’t install on my Droid X (2.2), my dad’s Droid X (2.2.1), or my Nexus One (2.2.1). All are stock/non-rooted devices and I haven’t done anything special to any of them that I can think of.

  23. @Nizzy

    Thanks for the lack of help. I had done so and just like many dev forums, the arrogance is astounding and not very helpful.

  24. Looks slick, and improvement is always good, but why was the music player “The part of the Android experience that needed the most help”? I use it all the time, and it seems more logical to me than, for example, the music player on my wife’s iPhone. What is so bad about the Android music player?

  25. personally, I was never really a fan of 3D gallery to begin with and using the 3D gallery layout for the new music app is a turnoff for me.
    Ill stick to PowerAmp for now while keeping a close eye on Zimly aswell.

  26. Very nice improvement over the current one. Buggy as hell though, can’t even delete a song yet. Very pretty, takes its cues from the 3D gallery and, surprisingly, the news and weather app. Probably what we can expect to see more of in the future

  27. The current music player blips while other parts of Android “operate”. I hope the new player makes playback the priority so that there are no glitches in the soundscape while playing music!

  28. Very appropriate that they demo using AC/DC. “For those about to rock” indeed!

  29. Miss my inc more everyday. Fascinate its a great phone but buggy as hell. I see Rooting in my future

  30. Double Twist does an excellent job of synching each itunes playlist. It pulls Apple Lossless files and compresses them nicely on my Vibrant. But, the whole UI of using Double Twist through itunes is clunky and slow.

    I love the notion of a cloud application of a music player. I assume it applies also to movies. Wonder if it would be limited to within the wifi, or is unlimited over any data connection (3G or wifi)? I love where this is going, though.

  31. Google just took a big dump on apple!!! Thank god someone did!!!

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