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Last week, I caught some flak for being skeptical about a site that may or may not have been an officially sanctioned website promising information about an upcoming HTC 4G device. It was legitimate, but that doesn’t mean I have to forgive it for being so half-assed. Thankfully, we can move past that as HTC has given us a signup sheet to receive information on this “mystery” directly from the horse’s mouth.
Thunderbolt Signup

HTC is even so bold as to offer dissemination of information through email, cleverly ridding the ever plaguing 320 character limit of two SMS messages. Maybe it will catch on.

Sign up at HTC’s site.

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  1. No dual core no care

  2. what no DUAL CORE?

  3. Does this mean its for Verizon? as it says first to 4g again.

  4. Where does it mention that this is going to be called the HTC Thunderbolt ? (Awesome name, in my opinion better than Incredible HD)

  5. nm, i see how they came across this, (but i’d add this to the article so readers know why its called that)


  6. @lito
    Yes its for verizon

  7. Anybody remember the Supersonic? Every blog swore that was the name. It was used in url’s as well…it’s a codename. Well, everybody was quite shocked when it released as the EVO 4G.

  8. People asking for “DUAL CORE DUAL CORE!” should shut up.

    Despite the few benefits, there are no real world appilications that would benefit from using multicores for android at the moment. Android too is still not fully optimised to use these kinds of CPUs (yet). Plus Tegrra 2 is the only DC cpu available at the moment and performance isnt to far to what the Hummingbird can offer.

  9. the difference is I want dual core not your opinion – one being useful the other being hateful – I can think of a really good reason so I can run 5 windows worth of streaming porn like my home machine. porn > your arguement

  10. @Alex
    Lmao your totally right dual core is better

  11. Held off signing up re: your previous note. Saw your update now & just signed up. Appreciate your reports — better safe! All is good.

  12. you tell them other Alex!! lol

  13. evo’s updates still are referred to in the update text as “supersonic”

  14. Does it bother anyone that all of these phones are made my companies out of our countries…

  15. Its the HTC evo shift 4g I remember that slogan for it. Its not for Verizon its for sprint

  16. Its a 4G Tablet for Sprint

  17. Most of our electronics are made outside of the US of A.

  18. @14, wake up and smell the coffee. Imagine how much things would have costs the consumers if it was manufacture in the US. It does not bother me a bit as long as it is engineered here and manufactured elsewhere.

  19. @Not2FR35H: And how exactly would that fit with “First to 4G Again”? It is the Vzw 4G phone, with the codename thunderbolt.

  20. @2FR35H
    No, simply, no, its the Mecha, because its saying “first to 4G again” how can you be first to 4G again if its on the same network that currently have 4G? its Verizon’s 4G LTE network there referring to

  21. @2fresh
    agree it says first to 4g again but im sure you didnt read that just posted a dumbass comment!

  22. @Zachary It bothers me a bit… but they are paying royalties to a US company.

  23. Wouldn’t it be amazing, and so amusing to watch jaws drop.. if it turns out to be …. AT&T ? .. that also fits as much as Verizon.

  24. @Dennis: att has no 4G network.

  25. I would like it be called the HTC Thunder!! Sounds alot manlier than thunder bolt. Don’t you think? :P I just wish its the evo 4g with the nfc feature, HD screen, and android 2.3 for Verizon.

  26. @dennis
    maybe if at&t had a 4g network but they are too busy with the iphone and their shitty network to spend any money to expand their network

  27. It’s the HTC Iphone 4G for sprint!. LOL J/K it’s the thunderbolt, a HTC evo clone shaped like a hammer to promote the new Thor movie coming to theatres.

    It’s not your dream phone…..

    It’s the phone that came after that….

    That’s a big stage for a letdown if you ask me.

    I hope it’s got 6 cameras for IMAX 3D video capture.

  28. @chris93036: Thunderbolt is just a codename. That will not be the name. The Evo’s codename was Supersonic. NFC is not going to be used for many years to come. It’s a pointless feature to have on a phone until stores implement the use of it.

  29. @tim242 that’s fine for you, but i can already think of at least one use for NFC that doesnt require anyone else to implement it. i think that modders will probably be able to make great personal use for it long before the marketing industry exploits it for commercial use.

  30. Your an idiot the reason everyone wants dual core is because if you get a phone now its going to be outdated if you dont get dual core with it within a month and then when they do fully optimize you have it and dont have to wait a year. By the way did you see the benchmarks for that lg phone enough said thats why I want dual core plus for the apps that are gong to be integrated with it. A fast phone is the best phone I always say dumbass

  31. @Alex, the porn joke was obviously to amuse and misdirect, ive use it for the same reason countless times so i understand, no worries. But you didn’t actually say why you want dual core so bad. I used to want it also, but I learned something recently. I’ve had tons of androids with g1 specs to galaxy s specs. The galaxy s was one of the worst because of how terrible my vibrants software was, it froze all the time for the several months that I used it. Conversely, my iPhone 4 has never even considered freezing. It doesn’t have the spec-credit the vibrant has, but my movies and games look even better on my i4. I’m not hating, android and iOS are great for different reasons. The point is that after obsessing about them since November 2008, I’ve come to realize specs are largely overrated after a certain level. The galaxy s has all the power and media capabilities anyone could want it just needs the proper software like the I4 has. Hell even my nexus one has much better software, it’s pure android and it’s made for it’s specific hardware but it is still mch more buggy than iOS. Now, I’m a novice, I’m sure there are good uses for dual core, but like you, I don’t know what they are. I just wish my phone was better so i mistakenly look to the next level of hardware to fix what I feel my android lacks. But frankly, at this point in androids life, the hardware is way ahead of the software. So let’s focus on getting a smooth, reliable experience from the software and I thnk we will find a whole new life for the current spat of hardware. Although, I will say the current android resolution is ancient compare to the phone 4. So lets get a decent hi res screen, work on the software, and i promise youll be plenty happy with the available hardware.

  32. @tim242 i still think that Thunder would be better! lol. and if the Google Nexus S has it.. why shouldn’t any new smartphone have it? doesn’t matter if it takes many years to use the NFC feature. i just want it! haha

  33. @chris93036: I also think Thunder 4G would be a good name. Since you want NFC so bad, I hope you get it : ) Hopefully there will be uses for it soon, so you can use it to your heart’s content haha

  34. @Acey @Alex….
    Regarding no dual core: after reading various Android Websites and listening to podcasts by them, the worry is speed the network pushing data faster than the device can handle. True, the OS will not be able to take advantage of the second core until Gingerbread is widespread and the devs now have the SDK to start writing and updating apps to take advantage of it. One said they have tested the 4G network on a singe core test phone and web pages are not rendering as fast as its potential due to the hardware limitation. So for me, DC is about future-proofing my device since obsolescence is a speedy enemy in our tech world, beating any 2yr contract.

    In practical application I can see some advantage in these devices over what we have now(not dual core): IF you want the fastest speeds possible, out performing 3G devices. IF you want to tether your device to your laptop or home computer and not have to carry a card or puck.

    Personally, I have a Droid X and will keep it until the dual core, LTE phones on Verizon are more ubiquitous and the LTE footprint widens out to me in the burbs. I predict this will come fall to winter of 2011.

  35. What is the obsession with dual cores, the battery tech we have now can barely support the processors we have now and a dual core will definitely kill battery life. What will a dual core offer me that my rooted GB running Evo will not offer me?

  36. Ahhh .. but AT&T does.. Just like T Mobile they have upgraded 80 percent of their network to HSPA+ they just have no phones that use it. As it is going to be an even longer road for them to LTE, I can see this happening.. although I am sure they would probably have liked it to be iPhone first.. This would actually make sense for them.

  37. So on January 6th I can buy this phone, or on Jan. 6th I’ll see the spec. sheet and a potential future release date… ?

  38. Haha. Nfc ftw!

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