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Merry Christmas, Phandroids (Favorite Gift?)!


robot-christmasI just wanted to take a moment to wish all our Christmas celebrators a very Merry Christmas. I’ll be celebrating with my family as I know Kevin, Quentyn, Tyler, Talton, and many others will be as well.

Just a warning: you won’t see much news activity over the next day or two, but I’m sure there will be a TON of people with shiny new Androids visiting our Android Forums. We’ve got a forum for pretty much every Android you can imagine including a Galaxy Tab Forum, Google TV Forum, Nexus S Forum, EVO 4G Forum, Droid Pro Forum, NOOK Color Forum… I mean you want it, we’ve got it… or we’ll make it!

So come on over, introduce yourself, and join in the conversation! Oh… and have a Merry Christmas!

PS: What’s the best gift you received? How about gave?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Merry Christmas guys. I got this DS case opened it and put a Nexus One inside of the case. My little sister had one of those N64 kid moments. ^_^

  2. i got nothing for Christmas…

  3. merry tripsmas

  4. thats the truth btw…

  5. I won a free Googletv from Google! That was my Xmas gift

  6. I got mah Nexus S <3

  7. Jesus Christ is the best gift of all…Is’nt that what Christmas is all about?

  8. Lol my Christmas is ruined the mytouch 3.5 headjack didn’t get froyo

  9. well my galaxy s got smashed lol…but as for gifts i didnt want any…but my mom got a brand new BMW X6m lol…it complements my dads 6 series :)

  10. I got an epic. After hearing sprint won’t update on the 26th, I’m seriously considering updating to DK28.

  11. Merry Christmas I got a lump of coal lol

  12. Such negativity! Where’s your positivity and Christmas cheer, fellow Phandroidians?

  13. samsung captivate :D

  14. Merry christmas phandroids! =D

  15. Coal, cool. I see were I stand.

  16. I got a 32gig microSD card, a case for my Droid 2, and a bluetooth audio receiver for my computer speakers. It was a very Droid-y Christmas for me.

  17. So, what is the census on the Samsung Galaxy? Is it true you can make & receive calls? I like the sound of 7in screen… And it would seem too carry.. Price not bad… So, if you have one are you waiting for the second gen. to come out.?
    Well, on Twitter @cd28rc

  18. I got a lump of coal from samsung and sprint. some call it the epic. I miss my droid. bugless beast was awesome on it.

  19. I got a new galaxy tab

  20. 16GB micro SD, candy, trail mix (?) and a condom (???)… and those are just from my friends. I don’t know if my wife got me anything yet.

  21. Best gift this year a $1377 check to pay off a bill

  22. I got a pizza oven, and took a picture of it with my droid. The original is still king.

  23. My brother got a Wildfire – on my recommendation of course!

    I on the other hand finally succumbed to getting an iPod Touch. My classic is dying and needed somewhere to store my tunes…
    Plus it plays Angry Birds better than my Hero.
    Upgrading to a Desire HD hopefully this week!

  24. I got a Nook Color which i quickly rooted. Im posting this commebt from it in fact.

  25. I didnt get shit. But i really would like to know where i could get a bender and crAZY claus figure from.

  26. My droid x got an otterbox case with belt clip a bluetooth headset and a car dock great add-ons!

  27. Inception on bluray

  28. Foot massager (which is amazing) and the knowledge that the galaxy tab I won from samsung is only 2-4 weeks away.

    And candy. So much delicious candy. I am so easy to satisfy

  29. White cement jordan 3s that haven’t released yet and a ton of winter classic stuff… GO PENS!!! Merry Christmas btw

  30. My sister is thoroughly enjoying the copy of Golden Sun Dark Dawn I got her.

  31. gave my GF a Droid Pro

  32. Nook color rooted

  33. I didn’t get anything for Christmas. As much as I want a PS3 and/or a Galaxy Tab, my wife and I had decided to buy our grandchildren a bunch of gifts this year. And now, can’t afford to buy each other anything. But. The smiles and excitement on my grandsons faces made it all worthwhile and that is the best Christmas gift my wife and I could have. Merry Christmas all.

  34. I know this isn’t something that would be posted on an Android forum, but I got a set of Bose MIE2i headphones, a Florida Gators sweatshirt, and an Amazon Kindle, which I absolutely love after my hour spent with it. I got my grandmother a Droid 2 Global, and my grandfather a Kindle as well.

  35. Merry christmas to all. I got my mom a Sony camera that is what she wanted and that made me happy seeing her happy. :)

  36. HTC Evo Car dock…. best gift i gave? a touchstone charger for my mom haha

  37. Merry Christmas from Spain ! :)

  38. Forgot to put I got engaged as well

  39. I got 2 pairs of underwear, a jacket, and a $30 gift card for Best Buy. I just hope my girlfriend got me more geeky gifts.

  40. got my mom an ipod touch, and i got a droid 2 global and case plus some klipsch image s4 earbuds

  41. I got a NookColor (which I promptly rooted and downloaded angry birds for) and a homebrew beer kit.

  42. I woke up to my wife giving me an incredible gift! It really sucked…

  43. I got a dead skunk and a boot to the head for Christmas. All in all, not bad at all.

  44. Some Astro gaming headphones, iTouch 4, Rebel t2i, and socks. I don’t know where the money came from, but I’ll worry about hat at the end of the month :)

  45. *that

  46. I got tools and clothes. Spent time with family.

  47. I’m Jewish :)

  48. Got a 10 Piece Watchcase From Fossil from an Ex.
    Nooka Zirc…Alessi Barcelona 666 Watch.
    Inception DVD.
    Buncha Novelty Tees from Nordstom.

    Im Happy. Escpecially considering i woulda been happy gettin just one watch…but i land two.

  49. and a Leather Coach Bag for Mom. Dooney Bag for the Cuzzo. Pearl Necklace for Granny. Golf Clubs for Granpaps. Harajuku Lovers bag for one friend..Juicy couture for another.

    Women Love New bags. Easy as pie.

  50. Have my gf diamonds, my 10yr old daughter her first android phone, and I got a kinect with a new android tablet.

  51. I got crescent dawn by Clive cussler and cod black ops. I can’t read though. The letters move around to much!…..

  52. Kobo Reader!

  53. I got a $800 Bulova watch :)

  54. I got food from the food shelf, access to the internet for a couple hours, and some place mostly warm to sleep. Life goes on… and I’m wasting my internet time on this website.

  55. I don’t give a dead moose’s last shit!!!!!

  56. I got best buy gift cards which I used on blu rays. Socks and underwear too lol

  57. Best present I got was CM7 on my Nexus S. Best present I gave was custom made rubics cube to a puzzle geek.

  58. I got a cr-48!!!!! Thanks Google!!!!!!!!

  59. I got a brown turd for Christmas.

  60. I got my nexus s… one great investment and don’t mind any flaws… its great!!!

  61. i have cousins that recieved droid phones and some more cousins that got the xbox kinect bundle! =0 and for my other cousins with the iphones.. i convinced them even more that android is better by playing What the Doodle! they were jealous. :)

  62. I got some spinach and some rotten garbage and some mints that make your breath smell like wasabi and some short shorts (that show almost all of my butt) and an awesome new sanyo katana and a few other typical gifts, so ending note………….. EVERYONE SHOULD BE/ALREADY IS GREEN WITH ENVY OF MY BALLIN AND CRUNK AND WONDERFUL GIFTS (THAT Y’ALL ONLY WISH Y’ALL HAD)

  63. For me, a PowerSkin case and car dock for my MyTouch 4G, for my mom a samsung vibrant (which she has been wanting all year, SO thankful for the blessed people over at T-Mobile Customer loyalty for all the generousity they have shown my family this year) and for my dad, his Optimus T (which I picked out for him for his birthday a couple weeks ago). Merry Christmas, fellow Phandroidians! :) and a happy New Year

  64. I got a Galaxy Tab. It’s pretty sexy.

  65. just wanna wish all a Merry Christmas… ya, a bit late but better late than never!

  66. Several gift cards…4 to be exact.

  67. Merry Christmas everybody, and a Happy new Year

  68. Wife got me an iPad which was something I really wasn’t expecting because she knows how much I love my Android phone. I think she gave it to me so she can take it when I buy the Moto tablet, sneaky she is. Goes good with free nexus feathering.

  69. LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  70. Trying to help my Mom with her Droid Global & saw no Phandroid forum for it. Did I miss it?

  71. Merry christmas phandroids! =D

  72. My favorite gift is the Google TV that google sent me on Christmas Eve!
    This thing is awesome. I retired the apple tv to my daughters’ room and they asked if they could have the google tv instead! All the family that visited liked it as well and i predict they will probably be buying one today :)

  73. We had a Kinect here, thanks to my Wife’s Christmas bonus from work :)

    My fave is the bowling… rest of the family is into the beach volley ball.

    Keeping the flag flying, my Son got a HD2 running MDJ’s Desire HD Froyo.

  74. ROFL, you have a forum with a zillion posts and I never realised…

  75. I got a ipod touch 4g now I can play quality portable games unlike my htc evo!

  76. An email from Geico saying they canceled my insurance policy! yay for being unemployed!

  77. My android phone. :-)

  78. Whoa man.. wtf? This is love about android. Get out of here!

  79. I didn’t get anything for christmas, but they should’ve gave us froyo (android 2.2) or even gingerbread (android 2.3) for the galaxy s phones :(

  80. My favorite Web Browser gave me a brand new CR-48 Notebook Computer for Christmas. Thank You Google Chrome!

  81. Got the Logitech Harmony One! Setting it up now.

  82. HTC Evo Car Dock from Seidio. Lovin’ it.

  83. Google NEXUS S and a box of the little android robots :D

  84. I got a samsung galacazy tab

  85. Pretty funny I got censored on here by you nubs, because I said gaming on my new ipod 4g is better than my evo. Way to respect the open way. You guys lost all respect from me I have been a long time forum and phandroid app user but am strongly considering deleting this app now.

  86. Eh I take that back, I am just in a annoyed mood the holidays do that to me. I love phandroid! and my Evo is loads better than a iphone in every aspect other than gaming, where sadly the 4g is loads better than the Evo.

  87. I got a 37 inch 1080p toshiba hdtv,and kinect,and a psp go

  88. what’s an ipod 4g?

  89. I got a 16GB class 6 micro SD card for my nexus one:D

  90. It’s a toy, kind like the phone without att. And it is allot better because it doesn’t pretend to be a phone. It is just a good toy for games like a game boy.

  91. I got my wife a Incredible after trading her LG Vortex in secretly …made her think she lost it whole we were out with friends… shhhh…and i received a DX from the inlaws! Yay….and food poisoning …..

  92. i got a bong and an ounce of weed and who better to smoke it with then my good ol friends in southpark colorado… wanna get high?

  93. i got an iPhone 4

  94. I got an iPad from my dad..yipeee :)
    Android Development

  95. Piss.

  96. I got an EVO 4G for my birthday/Christmas present. My birthday is the 24th, so yeah. I’m loving it though! Upgraded from an HTC Hero running CM6.1.

  97. 10″ sliding mitre saw

  98. Got a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15… awesome computer!

  99. merry xmas

  100. Best present I gave: NookColor to my wife, which I then turned around and rooted. Well worth it, IMHO.

    Best present I received: Logitech Revue. I love it. While it is not perfect, I am left wondering why there are so many negative reviews.

  101. Found a g2 under my tree. Its like having a laptop in your pocket. Puts mytouch 3g to shame. Gotta say I love android!!!

  102. I got an extra big brown turd for Christmas.

  103. I got a Red Ryder Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle with a Compass in the stock & a thing that tells time… And I did not shoot my eye out… Yet…

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