Galaxy S FroYo Available, For the U.K.


You Yanks didn’t really think Samsung had something to put in your stocking, did you? No, this year Samsung seems to be calling it “The Year of Europe”. That’s where most of their Galaxy S updates seem to be going. A few days back @samsunguk tweeted that FroYo is now available for all of your Apps2SD and Flash needs.

This update looks like it will come OTW via Kies. When you’re ready to take a flying leap head over to Samsung UK’s Galaxy S Support Page, click on “Firmware Update” and follow the instructions.

[via Electronista | Slash Gear]

It strikes me, I had no Egg Nog this year.

Tyler Miller

Merry Christmas, Phandroids (Favorite Gift?)!

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  1. Still nothing for those of us suck in the land of CDMA carriers… I’m seriously starting to regret not getting a HTC device.

  2. dont…it would of broke by now anyway. lol

  3. HTC makes the best stuff on the market. They don’t break easily, unless using them in a Gallager routine is something you commonly do.

  4. Wasnt the Epic 4G supposed to be running FroYo right now?? And wait is it Samsung’s fault or the wack ass carrier’s fault.

  5. Dude, seriously? We Americans are the Yanks, not the British.

  6. When were the Brits referred to as the Yanks?

  7. The update is for England. Thus, “nothing for the stocking of us yanks.” Get it?

  8. was said Epic4G would get froyo starting 26th, I still dont have it or any notification I can get it. LAME.


  9. I’ve always had good luck with HTC…. Had a number of their WinMo devices before (Startrek, the best clamshell smartphone ever) and never had any issues aside from the OS.

  10. Samsung SUCKS! should have went with HTC too.

  11. Samsung pissing me off with this, but the Evo was the other option. HTC sucks, the Hero is the best example of that. I wouldn’t use another HTC phone if I got it free.

  12. That is why I di dnot get HTC , I had probl;em with Google one phone . The touch screen never worked okay . After chaging three phones finally I went to EPic . Still I am waiting for the Froyo or 2.2 upadte . I can not use lot’s of apps that made for Flash

  13. What about us in america? We’ve been waiting for too damn long. When I bought this phone I thought I was only find have 2.1 for a week because I thought froyo was honda debut soon..

    I’m still waiting!!!!!! And everyone else is waiting too!!

  14. I usually wait too long and get screwed in so many things in life. I’m so glad I told Samsung to F themselves a few weeks ago and bought an iPhone, I still have a backup and its an android. The point is that my vibrant is right where it belongs, in its box, in my garage, waiting for some poor sap to buy it. As if the whacked out GPS wasn’t bad enough. I hate you Samsung, and I hate that the iPhone is half Samsung. Samsung I hate hate hate your slut mother. Good riddance, and yes, I will makee it my lifes work to not let anybody that I know or even just know of ever buy a Samsung mobile phone, ever. You and your mobile phone software 100% blow dead and rotting goat carcasses. And also I hate you

  15. Geezus! What a bunch of whiny bitches! If you’re not happy with your Galaxy S, pay the huge cancellation fee and buy another phone. The same whiny posters come on here every other day whining about Samsung everytime a new froyo post comes out. Get over it already! Id hate to see how some of you cope with REAL problems in your life!

  16. It’s a mobile phone.

  17. I have to agree with Snaggletooth. If I had a Galaxy S phone I would propably be pissed that I still don’t have froyo…But I have froyo on my evo and it’s not that much different then 2.1. Yeah I have flash and a few other new things and I’ll probably get gingerbread before you get froyo, but still. You bought the phone, which even lacking froyo is one of the best phones on the market, so deal with it. It will come soon enough. If they have it in the UK then the US will probably get it soon. But I don’t know much about Samsung and how they work, I’m an HTC guy.

  18. I have an epic…love it..from what I understand you can manually. Upgrade to froyo. That info was sent to my phone..and its on you tube

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