LevelUp Caves to Twitter, Changes Name of Touiteur


A week ago we saw a tweet from @levelupstudio say that Twitter has asked them to change the name of Touiteur because it could be misconstrued as “Twitter”. It didn’t make much sense then, and it doesn’t make any now.

LevelUp decided it would be better to avoid conflict and comply with Twitter’s request. A tipster just pointed out that “Touiteur” has officially been changed to “Plume” in the Market. Aside from the name change, LevelUp says a series of bug fixes and performance enhancements have been added.

[Thanks, Mr. Anonymous-Tipster!]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Seriously. Plume? *sigh*

  2. I side with Twitter on this one

  3. yeah i refuse to update.

  4. I’ll update because it’s my favorite client, but I’m still of the opinion they acquiesced too easily.

  5. That’s such crap, they should have fought to keep their name.

  6. Even without updating, your tweets show up as “via Plume”.

  7. I suspect if someone sold a search app on Android called ‘Googhull Search’ Google might’ve taken exception. And we know that if someone tried to sell a music player for the iPhone called ‘EyePodd,’ Apple would probably punt them from the App Store.

    Stupid as it is, under our current system companies have to show intent to both use and defend their trademark or else they can be judged to have lost the mark. I think Twitter came across as heavy-handed on this, but I’d also bet you that Twitter’s lawyers were able to point to case law on precisely why they had to do so.

  8. They should have fought tooth and nail against the company who’s product is the only reason that the app exists.

  9. I KNOW. geez.

  10. Not really sure who would have won if this had gone to court. I am leaning for twitter though. This app was clearly spelled differently to still sound exactly like the word “Twitter”. It could have gone either way really. Whoever would have had the better lawyers! :P

  11. No one uses Twitter anyway, so who cares! Tweet that!

  12. Should have at least thought of something like chirp! Or feather! Or tune! Something having to do with tweet!! Where did plum come from? Lol

  13. Chris93036
    Its plume not plum
    As in a plume of feathers!

  14. The name Touiteur is an obvious play on the name Twitter. But it is satire nontheless. Satire is Constitutionally protected free speech. What makes it even moe despicable is the fact that it was an homage to Twitter.

    Also, wasn’t Touiteur around before Twitter had their own Android app?

  15. I would have gone for Shiteur.

  16. Reading comprehension FTL.

    I was looking for the new “level up caves” in touiter app.

  17. who cares.. twitter is a joke

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