Dec 17th, 2010

touiteur (1)

A rather odd occurrence has been brought to everyone’s attention: LevelUp was asked by Twitter to change the name of their Twitter app. According to them, “Touiteur “can be seen as a misspelling of “Twitter”. No details were given regarding the request itself so we’re not sure if it was a friendly gesture or a hostile nudge with legal implications.

I’m honestly dumbstruck by this: “twitter” was a word before “Twitter” decided they wanted to “own” it. “Touiteur” looks nothing like that word. It could be made to sound like it, but at the end of the day, it still just sounds like the same word that has been in dictionaries since who knows when. Twitter and Facebook are almost beginning to act and sound like Apple, except Twitter doesn’t really sue anyone and their tone comes off a bit nicer compared to their social networking competitor.


I’m just rambling at this point: Touiteur is seemingly submitting to the request and is accepting suggestions for a new name. If they don’t care, then I guess I shouldn’t either. Go ahead and tweet them your own suggestion. [via Droid-Life]

[Update]: This seems to be a better link to submit your ideas or vote on others.