World’s Largest Nexus S


A Best Buy down in San Carlos, California is hosting the worlds largest Nexus S. While it’s really a big screen hooked up to a normal Nexus S, the touchscreen is fully functional, albeit a little terrible. Don’t expect to be able to carry this one around in your pocket, or in hand for that matter; the screen is a whopping 42 inches, diagonally.

Tech Crunch went on a road trip to record some video of it in action. Paper Toss, Google Maps, the Market and jury-rigged front facing Camera are demonstrated.

[via Tech Crunch]

Tyler Miller

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  1. great…lets put up a huge phone (mock up) that lags horribly. lets use that lovely tool to help kill off potential sales! Great job!!!

  2. wow that touchscreen sucks and it lags, and i was rly looking into buying this phone too, o well i guess ill get an iphone4

  3. And what about the NFC application?
    Is there a real dedicated application for this new feature?



  4. you guys are stupid. Of course this HUGE nexus s isn’t going to be as functional as the normal one. I think that having a huge demo on a big one was cool. don’t go for the faulty iphone 4

  5. why is the video so jumpy?!?! cool display, but the video makes me nauseous!

  6. Worst review ever. Not his fault though, that is just a horrible representation of the S.

  7. I need a pic of someone using that phone.

  8. Yes, also seen at Carphone Warehouse in the UK a couple of months ago.

  9. I just want to see them try the GPS.

  10. The dude that shot Cloverfield mustve filmed this.

  11. pretty cool

  12. This is just poorly implemented IMO. I saw a hobbyist made giant iPhone 4 that worked much like this thing does in that it was a giant touch screen plugged into the iPhone and it worked very well, at least in the vids. I agree that this isn’t the best marketing tactic if it is running as laggy as it seems to be.

  13. What an insane dork. He should kill himself for posting that video.

  14. actually i have had the new market on my unrooted droid incredible for like 2 weeks now. :P js.

  15. I see alot of Nexus S ads everywhere.

  16. Maybe they need to kill some apps in background.

  17. if you try to touch a 42″ screen that represents a nexus s’ 4″ screen with a single finger its more like trying to navigate your nexus s with a needle. …. try that out sometime it wont be fun.

  18. Test out the camera!!!

  19. It doesn’t seem that laggy to me.

  20. @Bela
    That video is a hoax.

  21. The mere fact they got Android to run on a screen that size is cool. What really didn’t help was he kept hitting the home key instead of the back key to exit apps. Who really knows how many things were running in the background that didn’t need to be. My guess is that it would have ran a lot better if he would have actually used Android like a normal person.

  22. That sucks that you can only get this phone at best buy. I would have bought it but not from best buy

  23. It’s funny how “Only girl in the world” is playing in the background as he’s touching the NxS.

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