Dec 22nd, 2010

A little over a week ago we mentioned that Andy tried to get his Astronaut Wings, he didn’t quite make it; but that doesn’t mean what was going on wasn’t awesome. Quite the opposite.

Phandroid just received an email giving us a much better glimpse into what went down.

Very cool, definitely worth the 1:44 of your time.

Some of the fun statistics reported by Google Mobile:

  • In tracking the sensors on each of the phones, we observed that the GPS in Nexus S could function up to altitudes of about 60,000 ft. and would actually start working again on the balloon’s descent. We also saw that Nexus S could withstand some pretty harsh temperatures (as low as -50˚C). Some interesting data we collected:
  • Maximum Speed: 139 mph
  • Maximum Altitude: 107,375 ft (over 20 miles, over 30 km)
  • Maximum Ascent Rate: 5.44 m/s
  • Average Flight Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes
  • Average Descent Time: 34 minutes

[Thanks, Jonathan!]

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