Dec 22nd, 2010

devicescape-1MetroPCS announced they are teaming up with Devicescape to create a software solution to alleviate strain on MetroPCS’ network caused by increased data usage. The Android based software solution allows for seamless transition from cellular data to various Devicescape WiFi hotspots.

With the increase in congestion on cellular networks, thanks Android, and the increasing rollout of data caps this is a solution that works out for everyone concerned. Coupled with the fact that WiFi tends to be faster than what a cellular company can provide at the moment, this should be something that all major carriers should be taking a look at.

Devicescape access points aren’t hard to come by. There are over half a million hot spots available to MetroPCS users, none of which need to be logged into every time a device finds and tries to connect.

[Story and Image via Venture Beat]

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