Sprint Readies 4G in Denver and Bridgeport, Conn.


sprint_logoThose of you in Denver and Bridgeport with your Sprint 4G devices, get ready to start your engines! Sprint just launched 4G in those two cities, bringing their total number of 4G powered cities to 70.

The battle for who has the “best” or “only true” 4G network has been heating up the past few months. T-Mobile claims theirs is the largest and the fastest, but Sprint says none of that does you any good if you don’t have the pipes. Verizon has been pretty quiet about their pipes, which should quickly cease after CES.

[Sprint Press Release]

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  1. ….and the Sprint 4G steamroller keeps pounding away.

  2. And yet it’s not really “4G”, is it…

  3. Scott: Guess you missed the memo from the itu. They now consider it 4G. Not that their opinion counted for much anyway. According to them, Sprint nor Verizon have true 3G, due to no simultaneous voice/data. Now stfu!

  4. “It’s not really 4G” waa waa waa

  5. we need one in omaha!

  6. ALL of the current competitors took 4G and redefined it as “the thing that comes after 3G” and not what it truly is. Even verizon’s 4G is a snail compared to what the true 4G standard actually is.

  7. Read what tim wrote. The itu now calls all of these 4G. So they are now in fact part of the standard.


  8. I have the epic and you actually can do voice and data over sprint’s 4g

  9. & so does TMO-but with HSPA+ which is faster on my G2, lol.

  10. sigh, San Jose please, i see you daily sprint, popping my 4g on and letting me see that “4g available” notification just for it to disappear. just unleash the beast already!

  11. Where the frack is 4G in Phoenix, one of America’s largest cities (#4 or #5)??????

  12. haha Fred 4G left Phoenix with Stoudemire, went straight to NY. BAM!

  13. I love being from Buffalo because we pay the 10 dollar 4G charge, and Buffalo still doesnt have 4G, but Rochester has it, even Geneva has it, cities that are well below Buffalo.

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