Free T-Mobile G2 Through Loyalty Department


Tmo News just received word that customers looking to score a G2 on the mega-cheap can do so if they jump through a few small hoops.

  • Step one: cut a hol..no wait, call T-Mobile’s customer support line. 1-800-937-8997
  • Step two: Say “Contract, CONtract…CONTRACT” to the automated system.
  • Step three: Manage to get yourself to the loyalty department

Once all of those steps have been followed and the line you want to upgrade is ready for the full discount, it should be easy as pie to con your way into a free G2.

Chances are, now that the cat is out of the bag, this offer will be pulled before day’s end. I would jump on as soon as you can.

Anyone with positive results?

[via Tmo News]

Tyler Miller

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  1. HUUUUUUUUUUGE props to “**** in a box” reference.

    Made me laugh on a dreary Monday!

  2. I’d like to be a beta tester for T-Mobile, if they have any.

  3. This thing must really be selling poorly cause they are always trying ways to get rid of it, which is a shame because it is one heck of a device. If I was on t-mobes I would grab one for sure.

  4. just did it, easiest upgrade ever…kept my old G1 plan and will get the phone by Christmas

  5. Do you need to extend your contract? Or do you just get a phone straight up?

  6. just got a free phone!!!
    A nice way to start the week,
    i was actually saving to go buy it at the end of the week but free sound actually better to me, and it actually work, i didnt think it would but i sure did no problem.

  7. I got in a few days ago without previously knowing that this was available. I’ve been out of contract for three months (my first two-year contract with T-mobile), so I called to ask about my options. I can confirm that I did say something involving the word “contract” to the robot. When I mentioned that I was specifically interested in the G2, he looked it up for me and told me he could give it to me for free. Then he quickly added that my two-year-old $20 data plan would have to be upgraded to the new $30 data plan, putting my total bill at $70/month. I told him for $70, I could get a similar plan that also includes texting on Sprint. He offered to add texting for an additional $10 (total $80), but wouldn’t budge otherwise. I told him I’d have to keep looking at my options and hung up. I called back the next day and took the exact same path through the system, but this time the lady I got quickly offered both the free G2 and the unadvertised $20 “preferred Android web plan” (although I only know it’s called that based on reading forums afterward). So after two calls, I got a free G2 and my plan stays at $60/month. It’s also worth noting that I found out in a roundabout way that the lady who offered me the free G2 without increasing my bill was in the “advanced customer care” department. I’m not sure if the first guy was in the same department or if that’s the same as the loyalty department.

  8. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a “promotion” in the true sense of the word (did they advertise it?), but no matter. The key is, there’s no guarantee that the agent you talk to will give it to you. If not, hang up and try again.
    Little secret: I’ve been using the customer loyalty dept. for ALL my calls for years now, and I always get some sort of discount. When the G2 first came out, I got one for me and one for my wife for $150 each, and we both had a few months before our official upgrade eligibility. They also usually will waive the upgrade and shipping fees for you.
    Incidentally, I always say “cancel” to the automated system to get the loyalty dept.

  9. It totally worked. No upgrade fees either. They’re shipping it 3 day express at no charge, too! Awesome job on finding this out, guys!

  10. Did it. Worked. Zing.

  11. So if you get the phone- do you have to get a new contract too? I’m stuck on a Cliq and im eligible for upgrade… I just wanted to wait till all the new phones came out for Q1

  12. mine will be here befor christmas :-D all free and i havnt paid my bill yet for the month. and thank you very much Tyler Miller, you helped make my christmas that much more special.

  13. Can someone please confirm if you had to extend your contract? Thanks!

  14. Just called and you have to be at 22 months in order to upgrade your plan to get the free G2 phone, or else your just getting a discount which is almost 200 dollars off depending at how many months you are at. If there is any advice I could have in order to con my way into getting the plan and free phones that would be great!

  15. AAA offers dizcounts to T-mobile and Sprint as well.

  16. I just called and the rep didn’t know anything about it. She supposedly checked and didn’t find any special deals going on right now. I’m on an Even More Plus family plan and am 8 days shy of my 4 year anniversary with T-Mobile it that makes any difference.

  17. Danny,
    $10 bucks and a six pack says your plan makes all the difference. Any discount means a new contract. EM+ is no contract. No contract = no discount = no free G2. :(

  18. Nevermind, just read the article on TmoNews and it says you must be eligible for a handset upgrade, which would exclude Even More Plus plans.

  19. I just called up and the rep said I was the third person to call about it. Made it super easy though! Everything was free and its going to be express shipped to my work instead of home! Fantastic deal! You just made my Christmas!!!

  20. so what has people said to be able to get the phone?

  21. Positive results here, I got 3 free ones on 16th of this month, my niece’s husband couldnt believe it as well as a in store Tmobile rep, they both said I scored, I said yeah I did. I figure that they will do fine until Tmobile gets there network running at full capacity. Until then I will hold on to these. Hurry up and get your free Tmobile G2. By the way I was going to upgrade my contracts and what better way then paying for the phones. I also have 20 days so if I don’t like the phones, I can switch up. Go Tmobile, just get that network up to full speed!

  22. “not PAYING for the phones”.

  23. @ NowVoyager yes you have to renew your contract, people will say “why don’t you wait for dual core processor”? I say for what, the HSAP+ isnt even running at the fulll capacity? I believe you will do right with this phone, HTC, Google updates when they come out not like Motorola or LG waiting to mess around with that UI overlay, This has stock android, purest form besides the tmo apps on it, but that can be taken care with root if you want. You wont go wrong with the G2.

  24. i actually did this a few days ago picked up 2 g2’s for free…but they didn’t offer me express shipping however i can confirm this is true. all you have to say is “cancel service” and you will be taken directly to the customer loyalty department. and I have the 20 dollar web plan for all four of my android devices. it also helps that i was with them for over 10 years.

  25. Just got my new phone. Easy process. Merry Early Christmas to me.

  26. Just tried and lady wouldn’t budge on me needing to upgrade my plan from the old G1 plan. Only offered that I could buy the phone outright. The problem with the new plan is that not only do you have to pay more for the same data but you lose your packaged 400 txt messages and have to pay even more for them. Lame, maybe I just need to get snippy and ask for a supervisor.

  27. wait so did all you guys who got this free phone with the plan have the 22 months into your contract? Because they said i couldnt get it for free because i am at 13 months so the G2 would cost me $260

  28. Fuck this CLIQ!!!!! G2 Here I come…FOR FREE!!!

  29. It worked for me super easy took 10 mins.amazing merry xmas to me!!!!!!

  30. I just ordered mine, no problem at all. Sweet upgrade from my G1 :D

  31. Worked here too. Took about 10 minutes. Just mentioned to the CSR that Sprint had some really great deals on Android phones and plans and she OFFERED the G2 to me for free.

  32. Thanks for the tip, Phandroid! Free G2 with free expedited shipping. First Customer Loyalty rep said “No” to free expedited shipping, so I hung up and called back. Scored w/the next rep.

    And, yes, I had to extend my contract two years.

    I was also able to keep my G1 data plan (24.99, includes 400 text messages).

  33. Heck yea! I got two g2’s and they will be here for Christmas. did i mention my bill will be cheaper too. I’m geeked yup geeked. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  34. Just called. Only 9 months into my last upgrade and can only purchase at 249.99. Ill wait after CES. Thanks for the heads up though!

  35. Not sure what’s going on with this but i’ve called 3 times now and they tell me that they know nothing of this deal. :/

  36. FREE G2!

  37. its real i called they offerd it right away

  38. i wonder if MT4G is free as well? I picked the MT4G over the G2

  39. Sweet, I just scored myself a G2………perfect timing because my N1 is kind of crapping out on me and had to start using my old G1 and was thinking of moving to Verizon. WOW, just WOW….i officially love Tmobile!!

  40. Wow…thanks guys for the heads up. I pre-ordered the G2 and returned it due to reboots, etc, and wanted to wait to see if those issues would be addressed. As time went by, I was going to bag the idea of a G2 because of the hinge, but if I can get it for FREE and have my trusty Nexus One as a backup, then I’m all over it. And so, I just completed my order with TMO for a FREE G2.

    Another nice thing was that the Loyalty Rep did not change what she called my “grandfathered” data loyalty plan, so no increase or change in my account or billing.

    I am amazed that the ETF is only $200.00. That’s not a bad hit if I feel compelled to go elsewhere.

  41. I love tmobile, mentioned that i heard the loyalty department was offering free g2s to existing customers eligible for a full upgrade… Her resaponse…”let me check…Yup, we can do that” I thanked her and she gave me free shipping too. Absolutely painless!

  42. Did it, worked. First call I didnt mention what I was trying to get at (free) and she offered it too me for $150, 2nd call spoke with someone was blunt, done. and yes it extends the existing contract to 2 years. Thank you!

  43. I called the number. I said “Contract,” then I said, “Cancel.”

    A very chipper Loyalty person got on the phone and was only too happy to have a conversation with me about what new Droid handsets are available for free with contract renewal.

    He chuckled and asked if I’d received the special email for loyal customers. I said I’d heard about it, and wanted to speak to the source.

    Bottom line, new G2 with 2 year renewal…$5.99for shipping and handling.

  44. Every time I want to leave…they pull me back in with their nice-ness.

  45. @Nick
    Called back, said “Contract”, first guy did it no prob. Kept the G1 plan, didn’t even argue and after minimal pressure gave me free expedited shipping! All I had to do was sign up for 2 more years. Not bad for 10min work!

  46. Oh, just wanted to say thank you to phandroid for making me the Christmas hero for my wife. :)

  47. Guys, what do you think this is? Why would you NOT have to renew your contract to get a free phone? Do you think just because you are a customer they are going to throw free stuff at you?

    (this, of course, is directed at all the idiots who think all it takes is a phone call to grab a free phone)

  48. I got one for $200 without a contract extension. Free with a 2 year contract including data to me doesn’t sound “free” at all. Sounds more like around $1500. Please remind me, why does anyone have contracts with their cell company? You know you’re not really getting the phones for free, right?

  49. Bela is correct and I certainly never expect “free stuff” but hey, when the opportunity arises, I’m in if it works for me.

    I was going to keep my plan going regardless because I use a Nexus One and every other provider costs more, and switching wouldn’t gain me anything. To extend my contract for a free G2 is fair deal in my mind, given my circumstance. And they maintained my loyalty plan that I changed to with the G1. This is all business expense too.

    So KUDOS to TMobile for a fair deal….especially after you p*ssed me off in your handling of the preorder fiasco. Every company will have someone screw something up, but if they’re willing to make it right, that’s worth something.

  50. It worked. I got mine with free expedited shipping too.

  51. Yes you do have to extend your contract but I got two off then for free very awesome and two great christmas gifts. Thanks phandroid!!!!

  52. I got my free G2 I needed it my 1st gen mytouch is acting up

  53. props to #41. @Nathan. mentioned to the rep that i heard they were offering free G2’s to those eligible for a full upgrade. she patched me right through. phone wound up costing me $19.99 only because i wanted to be sure to get it before Christmas. it would’ve been only $5.99 if i didn’t get expedited shipping.

    AWESOME deal. love t-mobile.

  54. Hello all. I tried the advice that was given and on the second attempt, it worked! I just want to take the time out to thank God, Jesus, Google, HTC, T-Mobile, Phandroid (of course), the devs and modding community and you, my fellow citizens in the Android nation. Merry Christmas and God bless you.

  55. just got 2 free g2’s with free express shipping, phones will be delivered in 2-3 days, right before christmas!! nice! But i did not read the instructions before i called 611 the first time and the rep had no clue about the deal and did not give it to me. Then I re-read the instructions and said “contract” to the automated system and got to the right department, asked for the free g2 deal and got it right away!!! I LOVE T-MOBILE!!!

  56. This does work and is worth it even if you have to try several times. Don’t pass up a free phone after all the money you have invested. All you need is to be a customer over 24 months and not have upgraded within the last year. If you have already been a long time customer (like me 10 years) what’s extending a two year contract, not like any of the other phone companies are about to come out with a deal you can’t refuse within the next 2 years anyway. Phone was free and expedited shipping was free.

  57. Just scored 3 free G2’s, plus was offered cheaper pricing per extra line than what I had been paying, plus free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve. No hassles, no problems. Just asked for it and the rep said no problem. Been with T-Mobile for seven + years and while this is the best deal I have received, it is not the only one…

  58. It worked, but i was able to get Mytouch 4G for $179. thanks guys.

  59. loyalty will almost always bow if you have a good enough story that points to you being upset enough to cancel your line, plus the g2 was free anyways today no need to make up a story or “trick” the automated system simpletons

  60. How long is the return grace period? I’m thinking about getting a free one and then if something better with HSPA+ is announced at CES returning the G2. I’m currently using a Nexus One but its damn near filled to capacity and that’s even with most of the apps on my 32GB SD card.

  61. Got the phone… with the dammed contract. Thanks though.

  62. Just got off the phone with them and they offered it to me for free but wanted me to add $10 a month to my bill because of the old plan I was on…I said no dice. I basically just want the phone for the internal storage and HSPA+.

  63. I was like 13 days short of 22 months but they hooked it up anyway. I also got free express shipping and no $18 upgrade fee. My question is how are some people getting 2 or 3 free G2’s as posted in some of the comments above? Are you guys upgrading multiple lines?

  64. We buy phones at swapngreen.com

  65. Got the free G2 deal tonight at 9:30 PST. All I paid for was the shipping, which was in the $5.00 range. Have only been a T-mobile customer since 2008.

    Also no activation fee, no upgrade fee. Got to keep Myfaves.

    Plan I opted for is $69.99, 1000 mins free N&W, unlimited text/web/email.

    They did have a promo running for 1500 anytime mins,(no N&W) unlimted text/web/email for $79.99

  66. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just scored 2 last night! I literally was reading this forum before bedtime and I was exhausted, but your warning to do this right away made me call at 10:45pm. Just took me a few groggy minutes to decide this was worth it since. I bought my N1 outright and I like not buying a new phone in less than a year, but still getting one.

    but check this out… My line was past 24 months but they surprised me and said we had 2 eligible lines!! My daughter had a mytouch3g she just got in August ($50 …free after rebate). she JUST lost it in Europe but choose to save for a bike instead, so I gave her my G1 …the house backup. I didn’t know they would allow her line for the upgrade. of course I jumped on both! ;-D

    With the family plan and 5 lines total I knew better than to act disgruntled… Especially since I just changed to the new cheaper family plan. I just said I had heard of the deal and wanted in. So I paid for regular shipping…$5.29 for both phones. I wasn’t about to squawk and was too thrilled to call back a third time. even this morning I feel like I just got away with something.

    I am so grateful for this post! It is an answer to my prayer that someone would return the girl’s phone…okay, so I wouldn’t have to pay for another phone for her.

    I seriously looked at G2 but was waiting for better to shell out fresh coin. Nexus S hadn’t swayed me yet. Was gonna wait for dual core, but this is a confirmation Mama”s getting a tablet in 2011!

    Sorry this became a testimonial.

  67. I GOT THE HOOK UP way to go tmo! i got the g2 free and the my touch 4g for 200.

  68. This is the real deal but you must sign a new contract

  69. im trying yeah its a new contract but you save 199 dollas

  70. success thanks guys!

  71. Nice. They’re jokers over there, but that’s some wonderful freeness

  72. I just got off the phone and was offered the mytouch 4G for $99.00 and they reduced my android plan cost from 24.99 monthly to 20.99

  73. holy crap, ordered yesterday, in my hands today!! That was a very suprizing delivery!!

  74. Bummer! The one day I don’t check Phandroid and I miss this post. I called today and they said that the offer ended yesterday. The T-mobile rep was still incredibly nice and helpful as usual, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Now I wish I would have never seen this, b/c I’m bummed! :-(

  75. Called This morning. Getting my g2 in a few days for free!

  76. I tried ordering today and they said the deal was no longer available. I have been with tmobile for almost nine years now so i was kinda angry. I called back a half hour later threatening to cancel because it is bogus that the deal was canceled less than 24 hours from the story being posted online, and switch to sprint for the evo. The rep then said that isnt correct and put in an order for a g2 then credited my account for the price of a new g2 and it is in the mail. So even though the deal is no longer available, i still got a free g2.

    Generally if you threaten to cancel or say “contract cancel” to the robot the customer service rep will go out of their way to keep you from doing so, and i am glad because i actually like t mobile. They have once again kept me happy.

  77. Robert, you had better luck than me. I just tried again and they still wouldn’t budge. I get that the offer has expired, but just upset that they can’t make an exception for a long time loyal customer. Oh well, it is what it is and I just missed out. That’s what I get for not checking Phandroid on a daily basis.

  78. Bleh, like DeLaNate I also got the “offer has expired” it was a one day deal promo type of thing. They offered it to me for 150 or whatever. May try again. Who knows.

  79. Well guys, you effed this one up by posting it online. I work in the loyalty department at tmobile and this link was sent to us a few hours ago. It was passed on to our ops manager and they decided to cancel this promotion due to the high volume of bogus calls this post has created.

  80. Suck it Barry!

  81. How can I found out about other promotions? This one is already expired.
    Thank you

  82. It worked. Just got off the phone (was really about to cancel my line.. out of contract)
    I didn’t even ask for anything, he kept throwing me incentives.

    Got free G2
    My data package lowered from $35 to $20

    Thank you very much! You made my night

  83. ^ expedited 3 day shipping was free also

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