Barnes & Noble: NOOKcolor Won’t See the Android Market



Yesterday a bit of hope descended from the heavens that Barnes & Noble would be releasing Android 2.2 with access to the Android Market for the NOOKcolor. Having heard no mention of the plan prior (and every sign was pointing towards the rumor turning up false), we were a bit skeptical. Turns out our questions were well placed, as B&N has cleared things up: the Android Market is not coming to the bookseller’s eReader.

If you were hoping for that possibility, there is always root. That should get the one-purpose device acting a bit more like a traditional tablet, if that’s your thing, anyway.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Hmmm

    “NOOKcolor Officially Getting Android 2.2 and Market Access in January”


    ” If you’ve been wanting to free your NOOKcolor from its chains, I suggest holding off: that risky procedure might not get any less risky, and official love from Barnes & Noble is right around the corner”

    It doesn’t *sound* like you were all that sceptical. Maybe next time you could make your scepticism known, rather than encouraging people into action based upon the opposite of your scepticism, ie unadulterated acceptance.

  2. Yeah I just about did a double take on this story. Skeptical? Was I reading a different site yesterday?

    I’m seriously disapointed too, because normally you guys are normally pretty good at distinquishing fact from rumor, so when you said “NOOKcolor OFFICIALLY Getting Android 2.2 and Market Access in January” I took your word for it and got a little more excited then I’d like to admit. Ahh well… I’ll keep waiting for a good mid-range tablet.

  3. Didn’t surprise me, if memory serves, to get the official market without rooting, you have to have the ability to make calls on the device. Samsung was smart with the Tab and gave it that ability. As the market is flooded with tablets, I would hope Google will make getting an official market a lot easier. Honeycomb maybe?

  4. Swing and a miss here guys. Rumors arent official, thank goodness you ran this article now instead of a few days as i was going to return some christmas tablets for nook colors since they were “officially” getting the market. I obviously missed the skepticism in your first article.

  5. I called this yesterday in the comments of the original article. Stories are getting sloppy on here.

  6. Ya if something is a rumor and you are skeptical of it don’t mark it as official. That is poor journalism. You need to be candid if you want to be taken seriously. That article had people ready to go buy nookcolors taking your word that it was official and not a rumor.

  7. Just went and looked at the article and, as I suspected it was written by Quinten. That guy writes 90% of your bad articles and I would guess somewhere around 30% of his work has errors that I find unacceptable. His writing has brought the overall quality of phandroid down and if I ran this site I would be looking for a new writer and he would be looking for a new job

  8. Everybody should get this thing and root it and put the market on it. Its amazing.

  9. Was considering purchase of color Nook, but then I saw the eLocity A7 for $299.

  10. LOL!
    Yeah – I agree with the first posters. Kevin – when you goof just say “sorry”. We’ll forgive you. Don’t try and pretend you were skeptical though …
    Naughty, naughty.

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