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Google Gets Bored, Sends Andy Into Near Space

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  1. LOL Samsung Google pwned you. How many people are waiting for this so they can get CM6 on their Galaxy S phones.

  2. @jdog25 I’m hoping that happens. I want a Nexus S for software alone, but if I can get CM on my Epic 4G because of this, I’ll be one happy ass camper.

  3. ^^What Quentyn said. CM on my Epic please.

  4. @Quentyn Fingers crossed for everyone who has to put up with Samsung’s bull.

  5. I’m waiting to buy a Captivate instead of the unavailable in Canada Nexus S. If the Nexus S rom gets ported to Galaxy phones (which I think will happen in a matter of days post full source release) then I’m buying the Captivate!

    Until then…my Nexus One still rocks!

  6. Here’s to hoping the nexus s will bring sw updates faster to the epic 4g, the coolest phone out hardware wise imo. Hw don’t mean shit if you don’t have sw to use it. Gingerbread pls honeycomb pls

  7. hey, I’m new to the developers game…can someone explain kernels to me? Thanks and yes I’m that dumb

  8. @jdog25
    I’ve been waiting for CM to come to my Captivate for entirely too long now. Very excited.

  9. @Slepow
    Google is a wonderful thing. Here is a basic explanation. http://bit.ly/Qt2bg

  10. I can feel Gingerbread coming to my Vibrant! :)

  11. Hah…just wait the Barak, Eugene and Team Whiskey get this rolling….HAH! Vibrant roms will be coming out left & right

  12. The “Nexus S” kernel source is not the same as the full Gingerbread source code. Not to downplay it, as comparisons to Galaxy S kernel source is going to tell developers a lot about what is different hardware and software wise, and be helpful in porting Gingerbread over.. Just that this alone is not going to give you Gingerbread on your Galaxy S.

  13. did i see my name… what would i ever do with this stuff lol

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