Nov 30th, 2010


Every Android device can be rooted, so we weren’t surprised to hear that the folks at XDA have been hammering away at getting the NOOKcolor its own taste of freedom. Before the hackery, it wasn’t possible to sideload applications onto the NOOKcolor, leaving it as an eBook reader with a few applications, but not much more. Now, it essentially becomes a full-on tablet that could be pretty decent if the development community stands behind it. Full instructions can be found at nookdevs if you want to try this yourself, but make sure to read that all-important disclaimer sitting at the top of the page before you proceed. No one is responsible if you end up turning your e-Reader into an expensive squared frisbee. (How would a squared frisbee work? Would it be more accurate to describe it as a squared boomerang? Or are we insane for even thinking of the many ways one could throw a useless tablet around? Yea, I think it’d be better served as an hors d’oeuvres tray, too.) [via XDA]

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