NOOKcolor Being Rooted Essentially turns it into a Tablet



Every Android device can be rooted, so we weren’t surprised to hear that the folks at XDA have been hammering away at getting the NOOKcolor its own taste of freedom. Before the hackery, it wasn’t possible to sideload applications onto the NOOKcolor, leaving it as an eBook reader with a few applications, but not much more. Now, it essentially becomes a full-on tablet that could be pretty decent if the development community stands behind it. Full instructions can be found at nookdevs if you want to try this yourself, but make sure to read that all-important disclaimer sitting at the top of the page before you proceed. No one is responsible if you end up turning your e-Reader into an expensive squared frisbee. (How would a squared frisbee work? Would it be more accurate to describe it as a squared boomerang? Or are we insane for even thinking of the many ways one could throw a useless tablet around? Yea, I think it’d be better served as an hors d’oeuvres tray, too.) [via XDA]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I had no idea that the nook used Android

  2. This is why I bought it… within a month there will be a one-click. Mark my words…

  3. I hope they streamline the process for rooting it. This would be a nice Christmas present to myself if they can get the Market hacked on there.

  4. What version of Android does it run? Does it have pinch zoom? Either way $200 for an android tablet with a capacitive screen is not bad at all.

  5. not sure why the nook is getting such hoopla with so many tablet alternatives out there all ready that are much better than the nook; such is the case of the archos 70 for those bargain shoppers (compared to the top notch galaxy tab); built in hdmi, true android os navigation soft buttons, several android markets preinstalled, OpenGL for gaming and video, etc, the list goes on….Want a reading app? just download one from the market, there are so many (kindle, nook, kobo)…

  6. After looking at those directions. I would wait for the one click version:)

  7. hurry with the one click root!

  8. I don’t know much about the nook color (I had an original rooted nook for a while) but how would android 2.2 or any rom work on here because judging by the photos I don’t see a Menu, Back, or Search key….I assume you’d use the n symbol as home.

  9. You can find specs for the Nook Color on Wikipedia.

    It uses the default Android 2.1 browser. It does support pinch/zoom, but it’s not very fast. Once you swap in Dolphin HD browser, you’ll see a significant improvement.

  10. You’ve never flung a piece of cardboard around? You need a lot of wrist.

    Ricky Jay or Odd Job would probably be deadly.

  11. This is pretty neat. The hardware spec is maybe 75%-80% of the “power” of an iPad or a Galaxy Tab but the device costs $250 instead of $500-800. I was going to get one of these as an e-reader for my girlfriend but being able to at least side-load apps onto it has sealed the deal. e-readers are cool but she will be psyched when it has Angry Birds and other fun stuff as well.

  12. @eltahur:

    The NookColor:

    – is $25 less than the Archos 70 ($250 vs. $275)
    – has a better screen (1024×600 vs. 800×480)
    – has more memory (512mb vs. 256mb)

    If you need a camera and Bluetooth, the extra $25 might be worth it.

  13. That will probably become the problem with the Nook. Will consumers support the Nook when for just a $250 more get a full tablet PC with all of the additional function ability. Has Barnes and Noble concentrated too much on their e reader sector when they could have spent more time developing their content end. Their book store is more expensive than Amazon. It looks like they would rather be in the computer tablet industry rather than a content seller.

  14. bricked nook = expensive wall tiles … needed to do a kitchen remodel anyways …

  15. what is side loading?

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