NOOKcolor Officially Getting Android 2.2 and Market Access in January



Rooting your NOOKcolor, applying custom ROMs, and hacking the Android market onto it can all be very tricky: even experienced Android rooters haven’t had much success with this stuff. Thankfully, Barnes & Noble’s committing to expanding the functionality of their tablet/eBook reader by bringing an official upgrade to Android 2.2 and official support for the Android market. Suddenly, this just became one very attractive tablet for common consumers at $250. If you’ve been wanting to free your NOOKcolor from its chains, I suggest holding off: that risky procedure might not get any less risky, and official love from Barnes & Noble is right around the corner. [via Smartphone Magazine]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That’s a helluva way to sneak your way into the tablet market. I’m impressed to not only see B&N keeping tabs on what consumers want in the device, but reacting and delivering.

  2. Nice. Now i don’t have to convince her to let me hack her ereader :)

  3. First!!!

  4. Woot new phandroid app rocks

  5. I wouldn’t say it will 100% get the Market, as the source article says it may not.

  6. Sorry for my comment above but I wanted to try leaving a comment with the new app.

  7. Why they cripled the Nook Color without a full Android build is beyond me. January might be their last chance to get in a lot of sales before the deluge of dual core tegra 2 tablets.

  8. Absolutely buying one of these now. Very clever of them. It’ll double its sales, if not more, with this announcement.

  9. The article states probably not full market access, I bet this is only the bn market they already said was coming.


    Certain things should be capt for specific purpose.

    “Business before pleasure”

    my friends have iPad non of them read on it. why cause there is way more other things that more fun but very distracting. Most of them end up buying a Kindle or Nook because it kept a nice focus and the device was meant and design for reading. Its nice to have functionality but when it comes to work its better to leave them separated.

    If they put Android 2.2 and the market this will be the cheapest and most robust tablet for Android in a very reasonable price rage.

    People stop trying to put full Android on your nook you will mess it up. Wait for official release of the market and use it the right legit way.

  11. Great idea!! Definitely makes me interested. Does it have web browsing capabilities?

  12. Typo..


  13. John stop please. It’s my Nook and if i want to futz around with it it my RIGHT. Check with the Library of Congress.

    A lot of people have put a lot of work into making the NC a capable device. Its just like a guy buying a stock Honda and turning it into a drifter. HE didn’t ‘Mess up’ his car. He made his car fit him.

    I have rooted a few devices and keep a great eye on the community that is developing hack to make it more suitable for those people who want to ‘juice’ it a bit. NO ONE has actually bricked(that means that it is not bootable and not recoverable) a NC. It so well designed that all it takes are the right combination of 3 buttons to bring it back to factory.

    Tinker away ladies and gents. Let John and his stock NC be happy. Me I’m gonna get mine this weekend more than likely. I’ll root it and hack it to run the Market and when it goes to Froyo, I’ll send it back to stock, upgrade it and hack it again. Its a great device and I know its got a place in my collection.

  14. Quentyn,

    The NookColor is getting access to B&N’s own market in January, not the Android Market.

    This is why they opened up the developer program, as they’re looking to populate it with content.

  15. There is a big difference between B&N Market and the Android Market. Can anyone confirm if the Nookcolor will get access to the Android Market or if apps can be downloaded from the Android Market and installed on the Nook Color?

  16. I picked one up last night after retuning the Kindle my girlfriend got me for Christmas. For the price difference between the two readers the Nook does a WHOLE lot more than the Kindle. It was a no brainer really. Now I have a army of two with my EVO and Nook..The Nook reminds me of a giant Nexus One

  17. @ Feech,

    I have a Kindle along with the NookColor. When it come to being an eReader, the Kindle wins hands down in my book — no pun intended. eInk is WAY WAY nicer on me eyes than any current LCD. The month battery life is also a HUGE bonus. :]

    But, for PDF viewing for my manuals that aren’t on a white backgrounds, this is where I like the NookColor better as an eReader.

    It’s cool having access to more than just eReading though and I’m glad B&N opened the developer program, because I wouldn’t have bought a NookColor if not for it. This is a great device with so much real potential.

    @ WD,
    Everything I’ve read on the development site points towards B&N’s own market. Now if they include support for Android Market also, that would be an awesome move on their part and that could be something I’ve missed.

  18. Would have ordered a color Nook, but the Elocity A7 has started shipping and I got one for $299. Tegra 2 dual core!!!

  19. @JohnJ: Mainly because a lot of us can’t afford to buy all kinds of expensive electronics. Convergence allows you to buy one thing that does many tasks. Sure it would be nice to have my Evo, a Kindle, an iPad, my notebook, and my desktop but I just don’t have that kind of money.

    It’s already hard to justify a tablet at all since it’s just a larger version of my phone really. I caved on the nookColor because my girlfriend reads a lot and it was only $250 so it made a good Christmas present. Anything added is just icing on the cake. She still uses her old Palm Pre so even a limited Android market will be a nice way for her to get some of the Android apps and get more use out of the nook than just a reader. The $500-800 of most dedicated tabs was too much for me to spend for a luxury device right now but at $250, a device that can do reading, web, video, and a few apps in a light package is pretty tempting and makes for a great gift.

  20. Haggie – I’m not seeing the A7 that cheap anywhere. Where did you get it?

  21. From a link directly on Elocity’s web-site to BJ’s. However, BJ’s is a membership oriented wholesaler like Costco. So, you’d need a membership at $45. What’s a bit confusing is that the retail price shown is $100 less on their site than tigerdirect. The model #’s do match.


    $70.00 INSTANT SAVINGSeLocity 7″ Android Internet Tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core CPU, 512MB DDR2 – Black

    Be the first to write a review With the power of a PC and the portability of a smartphone, this 7” Android Internet tablet with built-in Wi-Fi lets you take your favorite apps, movies, games and books anywhere. Read More
    Item: 121648111
    Model: TA7-040
    Online Price: $369.99
    Instant Savings: $70.00
    Your Price: $299.99

  22. That 7″ tablet is a powerhouse!

    I’m looking forward to a Tegra 2 enabled tablet next year, which I’m hoping to pick up whichever model Google is using for reference — given its price is realistic.

    Why doesn’t this site support proper line breaks?


  23. On XDA forums the elocity was taking a beating cause it’s screen is not as good as the NC. But I also saw on the BJ site that they are waving the membership fee for guest purchases online till December 20th. Don’t know which one to get?

  24. Hey don’t get me wrong. If I had a nook I would hack the shit out of it to see what else I can make it do.

    I rooted every single android phone I own until 2.2 came out on my nexus one I didn’t feel the need to root.

    What I was referring was to b&n putting android market on it making it more like a tablet. I strongly believe e-reader should just stay as e reader. Every person I know has ipad never reads on it cause there is to much distraction with game and apps. Some of those people up buying a kindle oh the side just for reading.

  25. This is interesting since I am in the market for an ebook for my girl. But for $50 more I can get the archos 70, or if I’m lucky the A7. Wouldn’t they be able to do what the Nook can + more? If so then why buy a nook?

  26. @Haggie
    The eLocity A7 is not a multi-touch device, only single touch with pinch gesturing, which blows and is a total fail for this device. Heck, even the G1 has multi-touch. Enjoy your $300 paper weight.

  27. $25.00 off NOOKColor for members at select Barnes and Noble stores including Gulfport, Mississippi call for directions 228-832-8906

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