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WordFeud has long been Android users’ favorite Scrabble clone, but those wishing for the iOS-born Words With Friends of similar origins will be happy to know that the developers – New Toy Inc. – have added a team of Android coders who are currently working to port the title.

“We’ve since hired a team to develop an Android version. They’re actively at work on it at the moment and are getting close to being done, so not too much longer!”

That was the response our tipster – Jordan – was met with when he followed up to a question he’d asked earlier in the year when the developers were still exploring the possibilities of bringing their app to the market. While WordFeud is a fine game to fill that multiplayer Scrabble gap, Words With Friends will pull folks in by name alone and hopefully they’ll find a way to implement cross-platform multiplayer so we can finally play against all of our iOS friends who won’t shut up about it. [Thanks, Jordan!]

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  1. Sweet…. its about time.

  2. Cross-platform gaming FTW! Honestly, I never really cared whether Words with Friends did an Android port or WordFeud did an iOS one. But whoever comes out with it first is going to grab the lion’s share of mindshare. It also helps that WwF came out with the whole multiplayer Scrabble thing first, of course ;)

  3. Hmm, too bad Scrabble hasn’t gotten off of it’s butt in this arena. iPad? Seriously that’s all you can muster? What a waste and disappointment. I’ll stick with Word Feud.

  4. Might be vaguely interested if there is cross platform multiplayer. but otherwise Word Feud does the job just fine and looks a little better than that above.

  5. Too little too late….why should I leave Word Feud?

  6. Cool, I’ve been having trouble finding people to play Wordfeud with.

  7. Too little too late. There was a time where Word Feud didn’t exist and I remember a Reddit user asking the developers to port Words With Friends to Android and they basically told him to fuck off saying that they’re not interested into exploring other platforms at the time.

    Now they’ve missed out on a huge section of the market. WF has over quarter a million free downloads and between 5000-1000 paid users. Now someone at WWF needs to be fired for poor decision making and lack of long term thinking.

  8. Screw this, why should I switch over from Word Feud?

  9. finallly. I’m tired of carrying my iPod touch around to play

  10. tell them to hurry it up!

  11. Love it! I can’t wait.

  12. I have scrabble on my android….made by EA games

  13. Anas said it best. The people at WWF basically blew off every request to have their game on Android. I personally asked if they had any plans on a couple of occasions. The first time they told me they weren’t interested in expanding at the time. The second time they never responded at all.

    Now that WF has come in as a great replacement and android is growing at leaps and bounds WWF wants to try and crack this market. Their only hope is if they have cross platform (iOS x Android) support. Otherwise WordFeud is the sensible option for android users considering it already has thousands of users to interact with.

  14. WordFeud is just fine for me. Actually, I’m addicted and playing it right now. Basically, there’s never a time I have zero games going on.

    WF FTW!

  15. HURRY!!!

  16. If there is no cross-platform option upon release then they might as well stay in the lab. I too am tired of carrying around an iTouch and hoping for wifi to play wherever I go.

    I’m waiting for the day when android has some must have gaming titles that iPhoners are begging for, instead of the other way around.

  17. Assuming there is cross-platform gameplay (and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have this), then I’m very excited so that I can stop carrying around my old ipod touch just to play with my iphone-toting family members (forgive them. They’re great people, honest….).

  18. Wordfeud is better! You can’t play random boards on Words With Friends. Plus the interface is tacky! Wordfeud is coming out with an update that is going to have a friendlist.

    WF FTW!

    (Also, WWF doesn’t have a World Series Tournament like WF (

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