Evernote Update Brings Advanced Search, Faster Sync, and To-do Check Boxes



Evernote for Android has been updated to version 2.5 today and it brings with it a lot of great new features. The one they seem to be most excited for is advanced search. You’ll be able to “construct complex searches” using tags, notebooks, attributes, location, and dates. Pretty much, if you have OCD and you’ve been tagging your notes a certain way (and you have a lot of them), you’ll have an easier time finding them. You can also save searches so it’s simple to re-execute queries in the future.

They’ve also added support for to-do check boxes – a feature prominent in the desktop version of Evernote. To-do check boxes sound as simple as they are: you are able to treat your notes as if they are to-do lists. They’ve mentioned that you can now check and uncheck items in the app, but no word was given on being able to do this from within the app. (I’d check myself, but my phone is currently chasing a tornado.)

For more information on what to expect from today’s update, hit up Evernote’s blog or do yourself a favor and just find it in the Android market now.

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  1. Nice apps for android

  2. Hmm, I’ll have to redownload this and play with it. I got rid of it due to lack of editing ability. If it can do that AND check boxes, I can get rid of two other apps. Otherwise it’s no good to me sadly. :(

  3. it’s a good app and very useful.

    full mobile feature-set including note and folder management and access to shared notes is a glaring and ongoing gap, though.

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