NFC Certification Program Announcement Signals Gingerbread not far off?


nfc-n-mark-logoWhen Eric Schmidt got all loosey goosey with the Nexus S back at the Web 2.0 Summit he was pretty keen on showing off the Near  Field Communication technology that would be built directly into the Gingerbread release of Android. To take advantage of these capabilities, a phone (like the Nexus S) must include an NFC chip. For all of that to be all hunky-dory with the NFC Forum, manufacturers must get their devices certified. the NFC Forum is holding a press conference about it tomorrow (Dec. 7th). I know, the equation seems a bit convoluted, but do the math if you can.

You may want to include the Notion Ink slip-up hinting that Gingerbread could be ousted today and it all adds up to, well, Gingerbread being announced today (or this week, at least). You see, no other manufacturer or OS really takes advantage of NFC technology at this point, so the two just seem oh-so related. We’ll have to wait and see, but if this pans out we should only be waiting until about 6:30PM PST tonight.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This NFC chip is being touted as the next way we pay for things, right? (what I mean is this is going to be the whole wave your phone instead of your credit card)

  2. Oh I hope Nexus S follows suit

  3. Thanks for getting my hopes up again!…I thought I was gonna wake up this morning with an OTA update waiting on my G2 but instead I woke up with a mean case of the morning shits!…

  4. Kevin, great that yo uadded the Notion Ink bit in there, as there was a “mystery chip” in the ADAM that NI wouldnt disclose what it was until later.. that coupled with their gingerbread announcemt saying they already were playing with it seems to confirm that the ADAM will indeed have NFC chip in it and be ready to go

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