New Dolphin Browser Mini Release Aims to Be the Fastest Browser of its Class


If Dolphin Browser HD is just a bit too much bulk for you, the folks behind it have been working on a more lightweight solution that aims to provide a highly responsive and quick browser for all Android devices. While aimed mostly at ‘legacy’ version Android devices and those without the spec sheet to handle Dolphin Browser HD smoothly, Dolphin Browser Mini aims to please all (and if you are into simplicity with a high level of usability, like me, this could be worth looking at).


Dolphin Browser Mini Preview2 has just been released, and it brings some cool changes. The UI is totally updated, speeds have been tweaked and enhanced, there is now no limit to the number of tabs you can open (other than your phone’s ability to handle them), and a new “Tool Box” menu system aims to make adjusting settings and navigating features uber-easy. Check it out with the QR below.


[via Dolphin Browser]

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  1. These two pictures just seem like if they scream out Gingerbread to me!!! Ahhh

  2. xscope is the best, get real

  3. The annoying thing is that it sounds and looks a hell of a lot better than Dolphin HD.

  4. I like it. I love Dolphin HD but am always frusterated by the slow speeds, this is worth looking at!!

  5. This is definitely a big improvement over Dolphin HD on my Fascinate. The only big problem I see right now is that bookmarks are too hard to get at easily. Bookmarks should always be at your fingertips, and you should only have to dig through menus to organize them. If they fix that, this thing will pwn all. I used to love xScope, and version 5 is still great, but feels old now, and v6 definitely went the wrong direction, so I dumped it.

  6. Shows alot of promise but it’s still pretty buggy. Slow loading times, random FC’s, the works. I think with a little more refinement though it’ll be a winner.

  7. Miren is another alternative

  8. Just downloaded & tried it. Too slow. Even their HD version is faster. I actually used OperaMini and that is by far the fastest Android browser you can obtain imo.

  9. This is the problem with Dolphin. They have just created a version to be used on lower powered devices. Yet their HD version for high powered devices runs at a snails pace! When are you going to get it right. I bet this might just run fast enough on a SGS.

  10. The guys behind dolphin browser just published the mini version to android market.It works great on my Droid X.

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