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When we got a peek at Android 2.3 yesterday in one of Google Hong Kong’s official videos (which was promptly taken down), we noticed there was a third tab when the video demonstrator looked at a single market item. We didn’t know what it said, at first, because it was in Cantonese. A bit later, Engadget confirmed it said “Related” and we all jumped for joy. (Well, I did. I don’t know if any of you are as weird as I am.)

Anyway, a couple of our readers reported later on that day that they’d begun seeing similar changes to their Android 2.2 phones, except the tab says “Similar” in English. I looked on my Android 2.1 phones (I have yet to get Froyo from Samsung for my Galaxy S, unfortunately) and the changes weren’t reflected there.

While it’s not the biggest change in the word, it’s an addition that makes sense and reaffirms our belief that Google’s got a lot more in store for the Android market to make it easier on both users and developers. If you have an Android 2.2 device, be sure to check and see if you’ve been sent the hot patch.

[Image courtesy of Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. awesome!

  2. No update on my N1 on ATT

  3. phandroid is late

  4. My x isn’t seeing it yet.

  5. not got it on froyo (elelinux 2.2) on hero yet either…

  6. N1 Froyo owner here and I’m getting nothing

  7. Nothing on my 2.2 Evo either.

  8. N1 w/ 2.2 and I received it last night.
    After a Market crash (haha), I went back to it and it had updated the market with the extra tab.

  9. Nothing on my N1 with froyo – but being also wierd I jumped also gettin the news… :-)

  10. I assume this will be rolling out silently like the last market update?

  11. I have a “related” tab now but not “similar”. Not sure where you guys got the screenshot or just photoshopped

  12. Nothing for the G2 yet either.


    I have market update… tmobile G2 running cyanogen mod 6 RC4

  14. On my stock N1 (build FRG83D) I just checked and it’s there, but like Slick wrote above, for me it says “Related” and not “Similar”.

  15. Saw that appbrain also has a Related tab doing the same thing, very cool to see it on the official market.

  16. Just have the worthless Sprint Tab….rooted EVO

  17. Quentyn you need to root your phone already. get some 2.2

  18. I have Related tab on my EVO.

  19. All I want in the market is the ability to sort by stars, alphabetically, and developer name. Why won’t they do it?!?!

  20. Nexux one here. I was not seeing the update until I cleared the cache and data from the market. Mine says “Related”

  21. I just checked out my Market place, downloaded SPB TV, and lo and behold.. I have a similar tab on downloaded items… This is a Nexus One running Android 2.2.1.

  22. I am on an Xperia X10 with Android 1.6 and I have the Related tab.

  23. MY O.G. Droid has it. They must have snuck in that capability in the 2.2 update, but didn’t turn it on. Neat!

  24. My G1 on Cyanogenmod has it.

  25. My Desire has it. Thanks Pablo M. (Comment 22)

  26. Got it on my ATT N1 running CM6

  27. My Nexus One has the change, but instead of “Similar” it says “Related”.

  28. i got it on my cliq (vanilla 2.1 rom). Just go to the Settings > Applications > Manager Applications > Market > Clear Cache > Force Stop > reboot phone and then check the market!

  29. My N1 in the UK has this update and the tab name is ‘Related’

  30. Just got the update on my Epic 4G running stock 2.1. The update also brought the ability to update all apps and automatic updating.

  31. This update of the Google market seems to have broken my Google Talk application.

    Anybody else experiencing this issue as well?

  32. I have a similar tab now! Woot :D mtslide cm 6.1 rc2

  33. It’s called “Related”, and I’ve got it on my froyo N1. How’d it get there? I don’t remember getting a marketplace update or anything. Is Google pushing features silently?

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