Dec 2nd, 2010

Google in Hong Kong released an official video showing off Gingerbread about a week and some change ago, but no one knew. How did this slip past everyone’s fingers? The video’s really just to show off Cantonese Voice Search, but the poor souls who put it together probably didn’t know how big of a deal it was that they were demonstrating it on Google’s yet-to-be-formally-announced-but-still-very-very-real Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. It doesn’t show much different from what we’ve already heard, but it’s something. Be sure to grab a look at the video before it’s taken down. (It most probably will be, unless Google simply doesn’t care at this point.) [via Android Police, Android-HK]

[Update]: Engadget has concluded that the new tab reads “Related”. Good to see Google trying to increase app awareness, albeit at a very slow pace.

[Update 2]: And just as we suspected, the video has been removed by the user. We’re sure it’ll turn back up somewhere: nothing ever truly gets deleted from the internet. Ever. If you were too late to see it,  Engadget has more tasty shots of the video at the link above.