[Update: It’s Gone!] Gingerbread FINALLY Emerges from Blurrycam Hell [Official Video]


Google in Hong Kong released an official video showing off Gingerbread about a week and some change ago, but no one knew. How did this slip past everyone’s fingers? The video’s really just to show off Cantonese Voice Search, but the poor souls who put it together probably didn’t know how big of a deal it was that they were demonstrating it on Google’s yet-to-be-formally-announced-but-still-very-very-real Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. It doesn’t show much different from what we’ve already heard, but it’s something. Be sure to grab a look at the video before it’s taken down. (It most probably will be, unless Google simply doesn’t care at this point.) [via Android Police, Android-HK]

[Update]: Engadget has concluded that the new tab reads “Related”. Good to see Google trying to increase app awareness, albeit at a very slow pace.

[Update 2]: And just as we suspected, the video has been removed by the user. We’re sure it’ll turn back up somewhere: nothing ever truly gets deleted from the internet. Ever. If you were too late to see it,  Engadget has more tasty shots of the video at the link above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is it going to include their cloud music application?

  2. I thought it was a Gingerbread video. I guess you get to see some Gingerbread but nothing really worth watching.

  3. no tabbed browsing?

  4. Anyone else notice that when he went to install an app from the market, that there were 3 tabs for the app, instead of just “About” and “Comments”. Anyone speak cantonese? What is that additional tab?

  5. too green

  6. Can anyone take a look at the video at 0:56 and translate the newly added tab?

  7. Ugly compared to Froyo. Boo.

  8. @Ryan it reads “Related”.

  9. …nevermind… it says “Related” (via Engadget)

  10. nothing worth seeing.

  11. It looks almost exactly the same. Rumors of a “UI overhaul” have been grossly exaggerated.

  12. Those rumors weren’t exaggerated, they were just wrong. Gingerbread’s introducing minimal style changes, but a lot of behind-the-scenes development is bringing the necessary framework changes for an overhaul come Honeycomb.

  13. information, review, details

  14. @Quentyn Kennemer
    Just curious, but how do you know that?

  15. Man that is a HUGE improvement over 2.3!! Just look at how its… compared to FroYo its a whole lot… and now its gonna be… Well I guess I’ll just be happy when I get 2.2 on my Vibrant and not even trip off of the 2.3 update.

  16. yea…..about that….wtf? lol. wasted 2:46 of my life. didnt understand a word of course, and i saw no real notable features of the fabled “gingerbread”

  17. 2.2* oops Sarcasm FAIL.

  18. Hey guys Flash has a new update………version
    I hope I’m not behind in versions if so so for the “old” news lol.

  19. @Bizzle sources.

  20. @Quentyn Kennemer
    I hope your “sources” are correct. Until then, I’ll keep my expectations low. Seems to be a requirement of an Android enthusiast, sadly.

  21. @Bizzle

    Google has publicly said that they are working on back-end changes in this release to prepare Android for tablets and a UI overhaul. I am sure that is why the release is 2.3 and not 3.0 as everyone was thinking it would be originally.

  22. @David

    Where are there references of them “publicly” saying this? I haven’t heard anything but rumors of a UI overhaul.

  23. @David
    What monkeydroid said.

  24. @monkeydroid I too have read on many different android sources that 2.3 will have slight UI changes but the back-end changes will be major and UI major overhaul in in Honeycomb.

  25. LOL yeah not going to be that cool UI wise but i bet some great features are coming with it

  26. Is that an iPhone 4 (looking at the left-side volume buttons)?

  27. At the start yes, they are showing off voice search. It is also available for the iPhone.

  28. @Eric There’s actually a 10.2 Beta out now.

  29. wtf its been removed by user :(

  30. I thought the UI enhancements were all about hardware acceleration weren’t they? OpenGL or some such for desktop render? I hope they don’t significantly change the UI or I’ll be bummed. I like the widgets, customizable desktop, folders, live folders, etc. What could they do differently than that?

  31. @Bizzle – UI overhaul comes with 3.0. Some people thought that was going to come with Gingerbread because at one time people thought Gingerbread was 3.0. Since Gingerbread is not 3.0 there is no UI overhaul quite yet.

  32. LoL That didn’t take log

  33. I posted an update to the original article at Android Police with a new mirror.

  34. And actually the overhaul won’t really be for phones come 3.0, which is mainly for tablets.

  35. Appearances aren’t everything…. a little hardware acceleration will go a long way…

  36. I thought about downloading it and uploading it on my website, cuz I knew it would be gone at some point, but probably I would have had copyright issues then, so I didn’t ;)

  37. Damn, the video has been removed.

  38. epic fail, google dropped the ball. its fugly!

  39. honestly if the ui had hardware acceleration and nothing else was in gingerbread I would be more than satisfied at that!

    to anyone not convinced as to the impact just this would have trust me, the whole interface would run MASSIVELY smoother, and live wallpapers would be a joy to use.

    android badly needs this – this is why 3 year old iphones run smoother than our 1ghz processors, and WP7 has it too. people can feel the difference with the phones side by side in shops and it will hurt android.

  40. i speak cantonese!

  41. Welcome to 2006…

  42. I watched it while it was still up. It was boring.

  43. OK, so when can i expect to see this on my DX?

  44. man thats ugly. come on google

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