Samsung Steps Up Its Memory Game


Samsung LogoThe world of Samsung isn’t all broken promises of Android upgrades, they are also major players in the semiconductor business.

The Seoul based company has announced that it’s sampling and testing the first monolithic four gigabit LPDDR2 (low power double-data-rate 2) DRAM, which are intended to be used in tablets and smartphones. It’s a mouthful, I know, but good times are ahead.

These new chips are capable of data transfers up to 1,066 Mbps; which brings data transfers nearer to what we see from our desktop computers. For those of you keeping score that is more than double the speeds that are a part of the industry’s previous standard, which topped out at 400 Mbps. It’s also a little thinner, a mere .8mm as opposed to 1mm. On top of everything else, these new chips will consume 25% less power than their predecessors.

Compressing the previous paragraph into one sentence and you get: Smaller, lighter and longer battery life. Boom, baby.

So, are we ready to pull Samsung off of our holiday card list yet?

[via IntoMobile | Business Wire]

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  1. Totally awesome

  2. hopefully we’ll see them in a Nexus 3 =P

  3. awesome! but yet to give samsung a chance, but I guess I can wait a little longer!

  4. Wow Sammy are just seriously from a different world. Just blows the competition :D

  5. That sounds awesome!!
    Reminds me of when I saw (who I think was samsung) them playing around with a completely flexible display screen… these really need to implement these technologies into the phones asap!!

  6. Infineon and Qualcomm already have this…

  7. i bet its got the GPS lag given the horrible reliability of samsuck!

  8. Hopefully, Samsung doesn’t keep the goodies for just their phones and sells them to Moto, etc.

  9. “Wow Sammy are just seriously from a different world. Just blows the competition :D”

    Yeah, they definitely blow the competition alright.

  10. @Ron: when parts are in small supply (beginning of production), Apple tends to buy the entire supply. It wouldn’t surprise me if it first makes appearance in an Apple product and every where else later in the year.
    I don’t see it making into the Nexus S just yet.

  11. well, kudos to sammy. Like any other company, they are not perfect, but I know they’ll get better and better in the mobile world as well, which I’m sure they will.

    the only problem I had with the vibrant was the GPS. as much as I wanted to deny it, I seriously thought it was a hardware problem until they recently released the patch on the market. The thing is the GPS worked, but it locked on very very slow sometimes, never and never in my room. Now with the patch, the instant i turn on gps test, it finds 12 or whatever number of satellites. and locks on to 6 or more within 10-15 secs. That is, in my room. So, I’m glad it’s fixed. But what the heck took them so long to fix I don’t know. I mean they got the money ya know? But like any other company, it’s not perfect.

    And I still don’t konw why 2.2 is taking so long for them to release. I must admit, even on 2.1, it was the fastest, snapppiest phone i’ve ever used. And i’ve used most all of em. But that’s still no excuse…. or is it? I guess most of the people with the SGS doesn’t even know what 2.2 is. anyway, sorry bout the rant/praise ^_^

  12. Better battery life isn’t going to that useful when, once its implemented in 2013 all their device’s are still on 2.1. There won’t he anything left for us to do on the puns by then anyway, hell I’m already bored with it. The idea of Adobe flash and of tethering gives me some more ideas. Too bad they are just that for Samsung, ideas. Clearly nothing more. Maybe the iphone5 will have an adequately sized screen and we can just quit dealing with all the android/Samsung BS. Although Samsung makes half the iPhones parts but samsung works a lot harder for apple so we’ll be safer and happier with the I5. I’m sure you all agree ; )

  13. I like this. Great memory that HTC can use along with a Quad Core processor makes my next phone more powerful than my current Laptop. Kinda makes me feel bad.

  14. Luv Asia.!

  15. @McLean: I doubt that, x86 is a muuuuch faster architecture than ARM.

  16. I wonder if they have any pirate memory games, but not too piratey?

  17. @Robert
    umm.. what are you basing that on?
    ARMv7 and x86 are two very different architectures.
    I don’t see how you could say that one is definitively faster than the other.
    They have different applications and they are both good at what they do.

  18. Great, now they’ll be putting more, faster, thinner memory into the phones they abandon.

    It’s the new Galaxy Z – More memory, faster processor, bigger screen, and will get an upgrade to the next version in 1 week…1 month…no, the month after that….seriously, before the end of the year… year, that is….no the end of next year……. While you’re waiting, check out the Galaxy Z tablet. It gets an upgrade in……..

  19. You guys are all stupid to support samsung after what they did with the galaxy s phones! Still no froyo and gps still dont work

  20. Four GigaBIT. (read 512MB). got too excited for a while.

  21. After living with my Vibrant for about 5 months now, Samsung could invent the time machine and I wouldn’t give a fuck. They can still kiss my ass.

  22. so what exactly does this mean other than just telling me its much faster, specify plox

  23. Sounds interesting, but how much of it will actually work correctly?

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