Playstation Phone Caught on Video as if to Say Nothing More than ‘I Exist’



Today must be our lucky day, as we have seen several hotly anticipated handsets gain extensive leaks. Joining the Motorola Olypmus and LG Star is the Sony Ericsson Z1 (Zeus), or as it is more commonly know, the Playstation Phone. Now the video shows a whole lot of someone using the phone’s touchscreen to scroll menus and offers absolutely no glimpse of the thing we all want to see most — the slide-out gamepad. Still, the video at least proves that there are functional Playstation handsets floating around.

And before you call shenanigans because the video doesn’t show much, just check out the rounded edges and silver Android buttons that line up with the leaked shots of device prototypes from way back when.

[via Techblog.GR, thanks Hannes!]

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  1. Not to mention you clearly know it’s gingerbread, even if it is custom, because all of the menu buttons on the screen had sharp edges instead of rounded off edges….unless that’s how the XE interface looks normally.

  2. Love the song in this video! the phone is O K.

  3. notice how the menus bounce when they hit the bottom of the list. that is a feature i have long thought made the iPhone UI seems snappier, and have a more polished feel. I think that gingerbread will be really closing the gap on the “prettiness” UI factor.

  4. You can clearly tell it’s Android 2.3 – and it looks awesomely smooth.

  5. That’s (probably) not the psp phone, but more likely a unannounced qwerty slider phone. I don’t know much about it, but it has a hdmi port, and those rounded edges. I’ve seen it in RL. Might be just a prototype too…

  6. Ummm yeah, sure. I’d like to know how anybody can make out that it is the psp phone. The video is grainy, and most of the screen in covered up by his hand.

  7. I hope this isn’t the PSP phone. The slider was in portrait mode not landscape. I don’t think you can say this is the PSP phone. There wasn’t enough detail on that device to tell anything. For all we know the slider had a keyboard underneath.

  8. Oops, I thought you were talking about the second device cause that had the slider. The main device doesn’t prove anything. It could be another phone.

  9. the second phone is the samsung propel, I have one and its probably one of the greatest phones ive ever had besides android that is

  10. Why do we still have grainy videos in 2010?!!!

  11. why even post a video like this??? You cant tell anything about the phone, and you most certainly can not tell what operating systems its running! A huge waist of time!

  12. Looks similar to the leaked shots we’ve had over the past few weeks. The fella using the phone also seems to be navigating the ‘Z’ system (I think that’s what it was dubbed) but I suppose it could be anything from that angle :p

  13. That is no proof of a ps phone… it definitely looks like an android. or even a blackberry storm since the video quality is poor.

  14. please STOP telling us what you want to believe, and just write what it is…. “here lies a grainy video that could possible be a number of unknown devices”

    phandroid is better than this, that video discloses NOTHING just a smart phone… that is it, making conclusions on anything else is just guessing, yea sure there is a CHANCE it is a psp phone but that doesn’t mean IT IS the psp phone.

  15. Why do all leaked shots have to be either blurry pics or videos? You’d think we’d be past that by now….

  16. @mthguy:
    You know whats funny….I HATE that bounce. lol I hate it so much I turn it off with certain custom launchers if I can. I like Launcher Pro alot but hate that last home screen bounce. I know I would hate it in the menus too…

  17. does everyone who “spys” on phone have the worst video camera if they let me i’d givem a dam hd vc for what $45.00 before tax? and when it’s a 12 mp of a phone its usually about worthless

  18. @whoknows…STFU! Why even post your comment? If you didn’t like it click X. I’m sick of hearing ppl bitch about the posts. I’d rather see this than come to this site and see nothing at all.

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