FRG830 Update Coming to Motorola Droid Test Group Today



Another round of updates is upon the Motorola Droid, as Verizon is looking to begin pushing a new Froyo update to a test group of owners over the next 24 hours. The update labeled as FRG830 will most likely bring the OS version to Android 2.2.1, so don’t expect some Gingerbread 2.3 magic to occur.

Aside from the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements, the update will add 2010 Exchange support, a few updated widgets, and an updated version of Twitter. More interesting, the FRG830 build will also include a new GMail user interface.

Those that signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network are among the lucky few that will be issued the test release over the next day (assuming no last-minute changes are needed). It should make its way to all owners shortly after that.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. can’t wait to see this out for manual update.

  2. I personally can’t wait for the flood of “OMG MY DROID GOTZ A UPDATE….GINGERBREAD!!!!” from twitter.

  3. Are they ever going to fix the awful exchange integration? The lack of nested folders, the lack of a search, the lack of a signature. That sort of stuff.

  4. Anyone know where to get it? I saw a post for rooted phones, but alas, I am not that daring.

  5. Where the hell is Froyo for my Milestone? WTH Motorola?

    I’m going for HTC when getting my next phone. Screw Motorola.

  6. @Juhani – I’m with you. Another example of how US centric Motorola are and how little they care about the rest of the world.

  7. Funny, Exchange 2010 has been working fine for me for some time now. It just requires a little bit of crafty configuration… and a good relationship with one’s sysadmins ;)

  8. It should have been a maintenance update instead just saying :/

  9. Will this update work if I’m unrooted but have sprecovery?

  10. Hope if fixes wifi and improves bluetooth voice dialing.

  11. Ive had android 2.2.1 on my OG Droid for a month or 2 now via Liquid Frozen Yogurt ROM so smooth. You will all be happy when you get your update.

  12. I was informed that i’m in this, but I have a sapphire rom installed right now, is auto-updating not gonna happen. Crap… I should’ve thought of this before.

  13. @John V use rom manager to flash a stock rom back on it.

  14. What about the bug fixes for Droid X Froyo? Ever since the Froyo update two months ago, my DX is driving me “buggy.” My personal favorite is the one the spontaneously turns off my phone for no apparent reason.

  15. Moto needs to show some DX love, too! The rumor that we would get 2.2.1 on Black Friday didn’t pan out and I haven’t seen anything since! If Moto won’t specifically release 2.2.1, they need to address the various individual problems out there already!

  16. I just received it!

  17. I have had my Moto Droid since last February, I still find it awkward in many instances. Number one is that I can delete Email from my Email folder and still have to manually delete each one from my deleted mail folder. What is this about? The phone still freezes up sometimes and still reboots on its own at times. I post a picture to Facebook and can not get rid of the icon telling me that I posted without turning my phone off and on again. I loved my Blackberry Curve but do not Love this phone. I really love to keep up with technology but this phone does not keep up with technology. It is just thrown together. Not a happy Droid User. My grown Daughter has the HTC Newest Droid and is ready to go back to her old phone. And they talk about Apple I phone. What is the saying? People in glass houses should not throw stones. I am ready to throw this “stone” away.

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