Dec 1st, 2010


Of all the places you’d expect to find Motorola’s next-gen, dual-core superphone, for sale at a flea market might be the last place you’d look. Apparently we should all be hanging out at more flea markets, though, as that is exactly where the snapper of these pictures says he obtained the Motorola Olympus. While the pictures can’t do anything to confirm, deny, or show off the supposed to NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip inside this phone, they can at least reveal the Olypmus will have a Motoblur skin, will be bigger than the 3.7-inches of the Motorola Defy, and look generally sleek if not a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S.


The Olympus (MB860) is said to be going to AT&T in January and will probably get some major CES love, but for now we can take what the pictures give: an HDMI port, microUSB charging, front-facing camera. The tipster that bought it didn’t even know if the Android 2.2 device would power up, but lo and behold he was able to access a developer menu and bypass phone activation.

And did I mention Motoblur? Yuck. Nothing could sour the taste of such a promising handset more than Motoblur and AT&T. But I will wait for them to prove me wrong. More pics at the source below.

[via Gizmodo]

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