Motorola Olympus Breaks Cover at Flea Market, Poses for Photoshoot



Of all the places you’d expect to find Motorola’s next-gen, dual-core superphone, for sale at a flea market might be the last place you’d look. Apparently we should all be hanging out at more flea markets, though, as that is exactly where the snapper of these pictures says he obtained the Motorola Olympus. While the pictures can’t do anything to confirm, deny, or show off the supposed to NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip inside this phone, they can at least reveal the Olypmus will have a Motoblur skin, will be bigger than the 3.7-inches of the Motorola Defy, and look generally sleek if not a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S.


The Olympus (MB860) is said to be going to AT&T in January and will probably get some major CES love, but for now we can take what the pictures give: an HDMI port, microUSB charging, front-facing camera. The tipster that bought it didn’t even know if the Android 2.2 device would power up, but lo and behold he was able to access a developer menu and bypass phone activation.

And did I mention Motoblur? Yuck. Nothing could sour the taste of such a promising handset more than Motoblur and AT&T. But I will wait for them to prove me wrong. More pics at the source below.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. He has the phone and only 2 pictures he takes?? No benchmarks, videos or anything?!?

  2. proven right again :( if it is motorola… it is blur… if it is blur…. it will have a locked bootloader….
    im just hoping im not proven right again :/

    keep looking guys this isnt our dream phone :(

  3. Awesome handset but why look like a Galaxy S?
    And Why Motoblur?!?!?!?! D:
    And omfg… AT&T??!?!?! WTF!
    Make it for all carriers. Damn manufacturers should get into that idea, it’d be so awesome, that it’d rock my socks…

  4. As a Droid X owner, I’m…not at all looking forward to this phone.

    Yet another shining example of Motorola crippling incredible hardware with a garbage UI and [almost certainly] a locked bootloader :(

  5. Why the fuck would anyone buy a phone with Motoblur? That is by far the worst UI out there. In fact, every UI aside from Android and iOS are horrible. When will these retarded manufactures realize that? Motorolla fails again. AT&T fails again. No surprises. Nothing to see here.

  6. I seriously wouldn’t consider this phone if it had the fastest processor of any electronic device, computers included.

  7. Haven’t they cracked the bootloader on the x, so you load custom roms??

    I need an 850 (AT&T) band phone for Telstra in Australia. It would kick ass if this thing was HSPA+ too!

  8. I know some people want to see some Benchmarks but remember Android 2.2 does not take advantage of the dual cores. So it won’t be mind blowing or showing it’s full potential. It was only in the 1700s on the LG Star. Have to wait until Honeycomb, because that is built up to run in dual core from the ground up. You can expect Honeycomb to come to dual core phones as well to. They won’t leave us running with some UI that only runs on single core. I just hope the performance is consistently smooth.

    One thing I do notice that’s not there is a higher res. Idk if the screens themselves are supposed to support it or the UI, or a combination of them both.

  9. I hope he didn’t pay too much for it because it would be considered a stolen phone (all prototypes are property of Motorola).

  10. I’m on board with you all and the stock Android. But I’ll be honest, the Droid X was the first iteration of Motoblur that is actually good. They didn’t go overboard, they basically tweaked the areas that vanilla android was lacking. If you haven’t used the new motoblur, I would say try it before you judge. The OLD MotoBlur was complete garbage and it basically took over your phone. The new Motoblur on the Droid X and beyond has been just right.

    Of course I’d still rather have a vanilla Droid phone, but surprisingly if they keep Motoblur to a minimum I’m OK with it.

  11. Don’t worry about the AT&T Motorola Olympus model for all those who want this for Verizon. Verizon will get it a bit later but when they get it the phone should have LTE capabilities so a bit of a wait for the phone for Verizon should be worth it.

  12. Haha, a flea market?! That’s so rediculous I almost believe it… almost.

    Also, you can pretty much get rid of MotoBlur using LauncherPro or ADW. But the locked bootloader, which it most definitely will have, really sucks.

  13. I am so tired of all the fucking manufacturers adding their own UI on top of nice phones. I mean why not just leave it stock? It makes it easier for you and for the customer. Plus the customers like it better, I really don’t see a downside.

  14. The name most likely will change… Olympus is a camera manufacturer.. this has 2 cameras on it.. unless Motorola made a deal that these are Olympus cameras on their phone.. I can’t see how they would let it slide.

  15. Well, I was looking forward to this phone. Love my iPhone 4 but am getting kind of bored of the iOS. But since MotoBlur is on it, Screw that!

  16. <>

    Does the Droid X have MotoBlur? Because I was under the impression that it doesn’t

  17. How can all u people speak for all the customers. just because u think every manufacturer should leave the ui stock android doesnt mean everyone feels the same. dont speak for everyone only speak for your self. choice is a good thing. if u dont like the custome ui then dont buy the phone and wait for the one u like with vanilla on it. simple as that. until enough people dont but the phone with the custome ui they will stay. so ur comments or pretty much worthless. I dont care what motorola does cause im not buying another one of their phones for the next few yrs. Sence FTW

  18. I think they should have an option to turn off the Blur UI, will make everyone happy, even the most staunch cricitcs

  19. hahahaha.

  20. If I see one more bad ass Android phone come out with a fucking Manufacturer’s UI on it, I’m going to quit Android all together and buy a fucking iPhone. At least I would never have to worry about the manufacturer fucking up the phone with their stupidity.

  21. Android is supposed to be all about choices. It’s supposed to be the ulitmate OPEN OS. That claim is flushed down the toilet as soon as these manufacturers force feed consumers with a lack luster shit-fuck UI.

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