[Update]: Angry Birds Seasons Flies into the Android Market



We heard a Christmas-themed Angry Birds was on the way from Rovio, so why wait the greater part of the month to give yourself a gift? The new standalone Angry Birds Seasons has landed in the Android Market, bringing along 25 brand-spanking-new Christmas-themed levels and previously unreleased Halloween levels.

If you’ve completed all the original game has to offer (plus the recent addition of 45 new levels), then this will be your next round of addicting gameplay. Grab it up in the Market now!

[thanks to Togsy!]

[Update]: We’ve also been informed that Rovio will soon be issuing an update to incorporate a payment system, with the first order of business being to allow folks to get rid of the ads for a premium, if they so choose. The ads have negatively affected performance of Angry Birds for many low-end and even recent devices, and those who aren’t experiencing those issues would just like to get rid of them due to their obtrusiveness. No timeline was given for the update, but I can’t imagine we’ll be waiting long. [via EuroDroid]

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  1. Any version of Angry Birds is good with me!

  2. about to play it!!!

  3. nice, new levels to play :))

  4. Awesome! So addicting….

  5. Rovio is doing GREAT work with their marketing. They’re gaining a lot of sympathy now and the people who don’t like the ads will soon get a paid version.. Genius :P

  6. It’s like an Angry Birds Advent calendar :) But I don’t think I can restrain myself to only play one level a day :p

  7. I three-starred the first level, and started the Halloween levels. Great fun!

  8. It’s like an Angry Birds Advent calendar :) But I don’t think I can restrain myself to only play one level a day :p

    You have to it locks you out automatically.. Unless you want to play the halloween games….

  9. wow…yes yes yes yes! an early christmas present!

  10. Got 3 stars on everything and i’m willing to pay for the paid version when it comes out to show my support but i’m wondering if my progress will carry across. Does anyone know if that’s likely?

  11. DLing it right now. Awesome…more birds = more awesomeness!

  12. Awesome, totally rocks on the Tab!

  13. Requires an active data connection (wifi or data plan) to play. Trying to load a level with no data access results in “Connection error” boxes and the game refuses to load beyond that point. Makes playing it on tablets with no data connectivity an issue, such as on a commute with a non-3G device, etc. Not *everybody* is connected on all devices 24/7.

  14. Pretty sure the reason it has to have a data connection (ads aside) is because this edition communicates with some Rovio server to track the unlocking of new levels. It also has a “loading screen” (more of a notification, really) when you try to load the christmas levels, again due at least in part to check if the level is unlocked.

  15. Agree with alephxero, it would be too easy to just change the date on your phone and behold…

    This way the game is played as it is intended.

  16. Root your phone. Download adfree. Bye bye ads and lag in the game. I did this weekend and gameplay improved big time. Evo

  17. @Mike, or let the people who fund the development have their small ad until such a time we can help fund them directly.

  18. I would’ve paid for it in the first place. I played it on my bro in laws iPhone and loved it. I didn’t root my phone to get rid of ads.

  19. @NJR: Ah, ok. Hadn’t had a chance to play it yet.

  20. will this work on the moment ?

  21. This runs better on my MyTouch 3G than the original game. Wonder why.

  22. I loved that game. I just wish they would have fixed it so that I could backup/restore my progress of the game. But, alas, they did not. I contacted them several times, but got very little, or no help at all.

    And then my phone died. Bye, bye all my progress. I was almost done too! Nope, won’t be a Rovio customer anymore. And to think I was prepared to pay for the game!

  23. Rovio did it again, new update, new season, new level, can’t wait to get home to play it :)
    More screenshots on

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