LG Star Fondled on Video, Compared to iPhone



Shalom. The LG Star, a handset we first broke images of earlier this week, has made its way into the hands of GSM Israel for a pretty thorough hands-on overview. Too bad we can’t understand a lick of what is said past the initial greeting. The dual-core Tegra 2 Android 2.2 handset features a 4-inch screen, HDMI port, and 8MP camera also looks a lot like the recently leaked Motorola Olympus, which in turn is reminiscent of the Galaxy S, which itself look a lot like the iPhone 3G. I’m sensing a trend here. Actually, the LG Star (P990) has a look more similar to the iPhone 4, which is exactly what the device is compared to with browser load speed tests (and it looks pretty quick to boot).

If you thought 2010 was a big year for Android and smartphones, it looks like manufacturers will be stepping their game up exponentially in 2011. It is going to be a good year.

[via Engadget]

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  1. When is this coming out?

  2. Ooh Oooh I heard and HDMI in there :)

    Trying to decide wether I should buy this or wait for a bad to the bone HTC phone…..

  3. Another Nexus successor could come out of the wood work for all manufacturers and carriers, that’d be great :P

  4. Samsung and LG have the same daddy but they just don’t know it.

  5. Kim Jong Il?

  6. I Understand it :DDDD

  7. It says that the screen is great and responds amazingly, its very well built even better than the Galaxy S’s, The dual Core Tegra chip makes everything run smoothly, and most importantly, its simply a prototype, IT IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION! And btw, according to the video, the screen is 4.1 inches not 4….

  8. Quick summary from an Hebrew speaker
    1ghz dual core + tegra 2
    will ship with 2.3 on video it is 2.2
    HDMI port
    Stereo speakers
    4.0/4.1 inch screen

  9. Still hate the imo except for the clock, but damn tgat screen is hot!

  10. @brandon….the G2 is a bad to the bone htc phone

  11. this looks pretty dang good!!! i’m using vibrant right now with leaked froyo and so far i’m loving this phone but if this thing comes out to t-mobile i’m switching!!! i always loved LG phones but too bad t-mobile didn’t have any till now but all they got is sucky low and mid end models.. can’t wait till this thing to come out

  12. it looks like they copied touchwiz

  13. The iPhone’s fast application loading is an illusion. Pre-rendered screenshots are shown in that first second when applications are loading. It is a nice idea and should probably be copied, but it shouldn’t be confused with performance.

  14. isnt the lg star going to verizon? right?

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