Do You Have a Family Full of Droids?


Thanksgiving was yesterday here in America, and as such, it was one of few times where my family sits around the table to eat dinner, talk, and share good times. As I took the biggest bite out of a piece of turkey that I’ve ever taken, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone in my immediate family owns an Android device. My mother owns my old G1 (though she doesn’t use anything but the Dialer, the Calculator, and the Calendar), my brother with his original Droid, my sister with her Epic 4G, her husband with his EVO 4G, and myself, of course. When I first got my G1 back in 2008, every last one of them stood unimpressed with it and went on about their merry Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile days.


And for good reason: the platform was getting off to a slow start and there was very little to impress with. As time went on, however, I’ve been able to do even cooler things with my phone thanks to the Android market, and with the help of the wonderful developers who fill it with all of the 100,000+ apps we have today, I slowly but surely converted every last one of them. Do you have a similar story to share? Is your family all ‘droided up?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I started out with a BB Pearl Before getting a MT3G. My mom has the same, my brothers rock the Droid 2 and EVO 4G while my sister has a Vibrant. My dad wanted a Captivate through his work but was handed an iPhone 4 last second. My Brothers G1 started me on the path to Android and I infected my family from there :)

  2. Kind of… for his joint christmas / birthday present my Son had the choice of 8 gig 3GS or HTC Wildfire or HTC HD2 running Android (4.3″ screen and 1gig snapdragon for LOW money).

    I run Android on my HD2 thanks to the clever folks at XDA Devs.

    Bearing in mind all my Son’s mates at school have Iphones, he has picked… the HD2 running Android.

  3. My first smartphone was a G1 then i moved to mt3g then the original droid and now sporting a droid incredible running cyanogen, my sisters have a droid and droid 2 my mother has an eris got my cousins into android they have a drod X droid 2 & mt4g have another cousin that came in from NY with an unlocked iphone and switched him over mt4g

  4. I started with the G1, currently rocking the G2, switched dad from blackberry to orig droid and a g1 for navigation, my mom still has iphone 2g, switched older bro from bberry to mytouch slide, my younger bro has the vibrant, and my younger sis has the eris…I then switched my 2 cousins from 3gs to two G2’s…and my other cous’s made the switch as well..

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  6. Mom: mt3g
    Uncle: g2
    Aunt: mt3g
    Dad: sgh-t359 :/

  7. Well, I had most of the family at my house for thanksgiving and sure enough, my brother in law had a BB. Most of my family have Android phones, but he and my sister in law are the only hold outs. I showed him my phone (MyTouch Slide) and he said he was toying with the idea of getting the Droid Incredible, but wasn’t sure. Needless to say, by the time we got to dessert, he was both convinced and impressed. Yet another convert notch in my belt…lol. He will be getting his new Android this weekend. I’m sure he will be calling me to get some advice and/or direction. Lol.

  8. Back in 2008 my G1 was my first ever smarthone. I kept it until i got my Nexus 1, i sold the G1 to my roommate. I then months later bought my fiancee another G1 to use. She loved it and recently when i got my G2 she moved up to the N1, she absolutely loves the N1. Ill be keeping my G2 til the Nexus S shows up.

  9. Only two droids in my family including mine.

  10. I’m a disciple of Evo4g …rooted using Fresh Evo Rom … Wife and son desperately wanting HTC Evo magic… I just bought them both Evo 4g phones as well… Sprint Everything Family plan was sweet deal _ considering we had 3 different plans….made it streamlined and less expensive. Walmart Wireless of all places had Evo 4g on sale 300.00 US for 2… With 200 cashback Walmart gift card…. making Evos cost 50.00 each… that’s a sweet deal!

  11. I have Dx. My dad has my old D1. I just got my mom the droid pro yesterday. My little bro is still on an iphone, but hopefully in the next year or 2 I will get him on our side!

  12. Me: Droid 1
    Dad: Droid Incredible
    Mom: Droid Eris
    Sister: Blackberry -_-

  13. Daughter – my old G1
    Wife – original Droid (rooted, clockwork, CM6.1)
    Mom – my old Nexus One
    Sister – MT3G
    Myself – rooted MT4G, clockwork and awaiting those ROMS :-)

  14. Yep, I was first on the Droid, then rolled my wife and daughter to Allys, my son was the holdout, and I feared he was waiting for the iPhalutin’ to come to VZW…but he finally jumped for the Incredible.

  15. I was the first in the family with a Droid 1. I’m dad. My Droid 1 is running CyanogenMod 6.1 RC4 and overclocked to 1.2 GHz.
    My wife has a Droid 2 – Stock.
    Daughter 1 has a Droid 2 – Stock.
    Daughter 2 has a Droid 2 – Stock.

    I won’t root or Flash a new ROM on the wife and daughters’ D2s. Told them I’d help them learn how if they wanted to do it themselves.

    Daughter 3 has WinMo6.1 and is saving her pennies for a D2. I may break down and get her one for Christmas.

    My dad, who never has used a computer in his life was so impressed with all I could do on my Droid that he now has a Galaxy Tab.

  16. out of my family only me and my bother have android the g1 and lg eve the rest have iphones ( because my unlce works there) or bb

  17. my family is droided up orginally me and my dad had palm pres and my mother and sister both blackberrys but for my birthday i upgraded to the htc evo 4g i fell in love with it and my dad shortly followed suit with an android device and got the epic 4g. At this point i had become an android pro so then my sister got the epic 4g last week and my mom just got the samsung transform todat =)But i also took upon myself to convert my friends into droid lovers so two of my friends have the droid 2 another the droid x and one of them is waiting for the incredible hd, and the best part of all my friends and me make fun of our other that has an iphone 4 and we give him crap about it everyday because iphone fails =)

  18. We have a full family of DROIDs, in the fact that in a family of four, both women have the OG DROID, and the both guys have the DROID Incredible.

  19. Had the G1,then got the HTC Desire which i later sold.Plan to get the Desire HD but out off stock,so gone back to my G1 temporarily.Am in love with HTC products. Looking forward to their tablets,i bet it would be awesome.

  20. I have a family full of Android phones, but no “Droids”. Droid is Verizon’s proprietary name.

  21. 2 brothers, and dad…plus myself.

    Droid X, Evo, Evo, and Droid 2

  22. Converted my friends. I have g2. One just switched from I phone to captivate the other has switched from bb to droid x.

  23. All Android phones are not Droids. Using “Droid” as a catch-all term is the reason people think every Android phone is a Verizon Droid.

  24. Yes, we now have a family full of androids due to the VZW unlimited plan that leaked a few weeks ago. 2 HTC Incredibles for the parents and a Droid Eris for the daughter (rooted and rocking XtrSense).

  25. Me: MT3G, Droid Incredible.
    Fiance: MT3G, Droid Incredible.
    Brother: Droid X
    Mother: Fascinate
    Neice: Droid Eris
    3 Friends: MT3G
    1 Friend: Droid X

    I can honestly take credit for all if these converts.

  26. me:I have a bunch of droids personally.
    GF: droid X
    aunt 1: mot droid
    Cousin 1: moto droid
    aunt & uncle 2: iphone 3g (switching to verizon and droid for 4g)
    nana: LG vortex
    Papa: basic flip :(
    frieds: g2, my touch, evo, epic, iphone 4 running android, g1, bunch of moto droids, vortex, devour.

    Needless to say theres like 3 people I talk to/ hang out with normally that dont have droid. not one blackberry user that I know.

  27. All the people in my family have android handsets
    except for those who have yet to jump ship from dumb phone to smart phone.

    Brother- Nexus One

  28. Bought the HTC Hero as my first venture into Android, and quickly impressed my whole family. My dad had just bought a new phone unfortunately, so couldn’t be tempted.
    My mum however liked how slick everything was and wondered if there was a smaller version. Next day she goes out and buys an X10 Mini – completely without my guidance.
    And now, for christmas, my younger brother is getting a wildfire.
    Luckily I’m due for an upgrade with Orange, so the Desire HD might be in my sights ;)

  29. I got my wife the Hero the day after I got my Evo on June 4…so we could be on the Sprint family plan. When my son-in-law saw my Evo, he liked it and I took him down to the same Radio Shack where I got mine, and he got his. The teacher next door, who had the same Palm 755p I used to have, took a look at some of the things I could do with my new Evo and went down a couple of weeks ago to get his. Most of the phones I take from students trying to text during class (for the rest of the period) are Android phones more now than last year when it was mainly the iphone they were using.

  30. I first saw two guys at work arguing over who’s phone was better. An iPhone 3 or an Android. The iPhone was faster, but the AT&T coverage sucked and the thing kept dropping calls, and losing Internet connection. Verizon is by far the better system so the Android won. As the wive’s new-every-two was due, the Droids were by one get one free so it didn’t reset my N-E-2. We bought them online… $100 for both. Then the Droid X came out, I was eligible for an upgrade for $199. Did it and sold the two month old Droid on eBay for $220. $15 to ship it to the buyer fully insured… So I paid a whopping grand total of… $44 for my Droid X. I’m a happy camper… and want to hear a comparable story from an Apple User. Not gonna hold my breath on that one. There are 20 people in my extended family who have Android devices. Very few iPhone users. The Droids all communicate regularly… I see some of the iPhone users on Facebook and that’s about it.

  31. My sister (and her boyfriend) are in the Android camp. She has the XPERIA X10 (1.6) while he has the Acer Liquid E (unknown rom, but utilizes stuff found in gingerbread). I was still using the iPhone3GS at the time, and now I’m rocking the HTC Desire (stock rooted 2.2).

    No room left for conversion in my immediate family as my mum, dad and brother all own the iPhone 4. But I may have convinced my cousin’s wife to go Android. She’s thinking of getting the HTC Desire

  32. Almost. I’ve got a DROID X and I just got a white D2 Global for my sister. Dad’s on some flip phone, but he doesn’t need a smartphone.

  33. maxnicks, how did you overclock to 1.2? I’m new to rooting/overclocking and I have cyanogenmod 6.1. I’m using setCPU and it only goes to 800.

  34. I have converted all three of my immediate family members to android and convinced six of my classmates to convert to android (three of which from iphones). I’ve had three computer classes with about 30 people in each and convinced all of them to use chrome (yes, every single one of them).

  35. My brother was the first one in the family to get an android powered phone he had the D1(and rooted with Cyanogen mod too)he showed it to both me and my dad and we were both impressed i wanted to get one but couldn’t cuz i had just gotten the LG Dare(yes, i know, fail) but it broke so he upgraded to the D2. my dad was next in line he had the BB Storm 2 then went on to palm pre plus, then to the LG ally had a lot of problems with it and got the Droid X for FREE in the first week of its launch (he also works verizon too). my sister has the Backflip and i just purchased a used D1 on ebay.

  36. I got an HTC EVO 4G after switching from my LG enV 3 and Big Red. My dad switched from Nextel to Sprint and he is sporting an HTC Hero. Currently trying to switch my mom from Verizon to Sprint with my dad and I. Hopefully she can get an Epic 4G. :)

  37. Me = HTC Evo 4g
    My Hubby = HTC Evo 4g
    My Oldest Son = Samsung Captivate
    My Youngest Son = HTC Evo 4g
    My Sister = HTC Evo 4g
    My Niece = HTC Hero
    My Boss and his Wife = HTC Evo 4g x2

    I work in a call center where you either own an iphone or a HTC Evo

  38. Me: past and present; 1st.G1, 2nd. HD2, 3rd.MT3G slide. And now I rock with the G2. 2nd through now were all this year.

    1st cuz:vibrant
    1st cuz:fascinate
    1st cuz wife: fascinate

    And I convert just about every blackberry and iphone user into android phans. I should be a sales rep

  39. Cry babies get the hell out.

    I’d like to get my wife on Android, but she’s got a great legacy Sprint plan that we can’t change to go to an Android plan right now…so I’ll keep waiting to see what future Android options holds for her.

    It won’t be iPhone or Blackberry or WP7 for sure!

  40. My mom has an ally. So does my sister, one brother has the droid one,i have the white fascinate I got free today:), but one brother does have an Iphone

  41. Yep. My wife and I have EVOs, my son has an Epic 4g, and my daughter plays ‘talking tom cat’ on my old G1 I keep around.

  42. Me = EVO 4G
    Wife = EVO 4G
    Bro = EVO 4G
    Sis = EVO 4G
    MoInLaw = EVO 4G
    FaInLaw = EVO 4G
    SisInLaw= EVO 4G

    Me and other 3 in dept at work = Droid X’s (from craPhone 3GS’)

    Also helped take CFO to Desire, and a friend to Desire

  43. Me:Epic 4g
    Brother:Evo 4g
    Other Brother:Evo 4g
    Sister:Epic 4g
    Dad:Evo 4g
    Mom:Blackberry tour (Soon to be Evo 4g)

  44. I’m so impressed when I read all your comments! Here in Poland things are a little bit different… We really have less choice than you have and android phones aren’t well advertised in my opinion. However, I sometimes see some htc hero, htc wildfire, samsung galaxy spica, although we also have the desire, desire hd, galay s and milestone; but mainly middle-class android phones. I hope things will quickly change, not a lot of people know they are runnig a phone with android os here…

  45. when I first got my hands on a G1 in what seems a long time ago, I was the only one of everyone I knew that understood what android was,since then I’ve moved on to more better high end Droids however since then, through my influence my friend now has a Droid Incredible, my Girlfriend recently recieved her own DI not too long ago and my vision impaired brother has now switched from ATT and moved to Verizon for the voice functions of a Droid X which now lets him have more use of his phones and actually allowing him to semi-see. As well as the few Andrew Bell android toys that are now sitting in my friends car, GF’s dresser and younger brothers headboard

  46. My family converted over this year… My mom die hard Blackberry now with the fascinate my brother die hard Blackberry now with the hero my dad the most “basic man on this earth” now using his Droid for everything! ! I have always tried to have the latest and greatest being the youngest and had the dare went to the Eris then to the fascinate and last but not least got my fiance a Droid ally and my brothers girl is upgrading her hero to the epic along with my brother to the evo. ..my family of droids

  47. I converted a majority of my family over to droids as well. If they don’t have a droid, they have a dumbphone. However, me and my uncle and cousin all have droid incredibles. My other little cousin is about to get a droid incredible also.

  48. my brother and my dad got a new captivate for free.! :D they paid taxes though :( but i think it was a very good deal, right?

  49. One question, my dad has a blackberry storm and I and I want to get him a droid X. He loves big screens, but he absolutely loved my friends iPhone. Now he wants to switch to Att. What do I do?

  50. me- g1, cliq, mt3g

    little bro-mytouch slide

    older bro-still rocking a g1

    mom & dad-hopeless for phones got crap flip phones which they only use to call and nothing else.

    gf-will get my mt3g when i get my g2.

    friend-sprint hero

    iphones can suck it.

  51. Brother: HD2 running android
    Brother: Mytouch 4G
    Father: G2
    Mother: blackberry 9700 ( she dont like touchscreen phones )
    Me: Google Nexus One….

    Oh and I actually owned all those phones at one point…just either gave em to them or they bought em from me…

  52. Me: Started with G1 went over to iPhone then on to Nexus One.

    Hubby has my old iPhone, will be getting an Evo maybe?

    Sis in law had a BB now has a Droid (after she saw my N1 ;))
    Bro had a flip phone now has a Droid

    So we’re getting there. :)

  53. My family is all split between Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. But everyone has a smartphone which is a huge difference from last year.

  54. Damn, too many of you go through phones like water! I got the original g1 in 2008 and upgraded to mytouch slide when i got a slide for my new wife this past june. I just cant figure out how ya’ll can keep buying phones every few months. Sadly though, in a family of 8, i am the only android user. They all still hold their ancient flip phones with 3 megapixel cameras if lucky.

  55. I got a G1 because I saw my mates and thought, “Damn, that’s good”. Then two mates of mine got a G1. Since then, they’ve moved to Desires or Desire Z, another mate got a Desire, another a Samsung Galaxy S, my wife a Moto Dext, my mum a Sony X10 Mini Pro. I’m just moving up to the Milestone 2 – I didn’t like the Desire Z keyboard opening and closing. It will be Android all the way for me now, too tied in to the Google life to not have it!!!?!?!?

  56. the boys have droids
    my wife has an iphone

    she is a no-widget one-button kinda just works kinda gal…

  57. My youngest girl has a Samsung Moment, her older sister has an iphone but she started on my old G1. The iphone is brand new but she still pines for the G1. Through virgin eyes, with no loyalty to a platform she prefers the customisable nature of android. She misses the keyboard, but says if she had an EVO like me it would be ok. She doesn’t like her sisters Moment, says it’s too slow. She wants a Macbook, and she thinks Apple is cool, but I think she is the type of customer Apple is afraid of. She is very technically savy as are a lot of kids, she knows what Ios can and can’t do hexadecimal she has had ipods and iphones, and she has been exposed to android. She just prefers it.

  58. Me: Incredible, Droid X, Samsung Tab
    Wife: Droid 2
    Brother: Incredible
    His girlfriend: Droid X

    I just can’t carry any more devices and one time, otherwise, I would have more Android stuff.

  59. Me- evo4g
    Brother- epic 4g
    Sister- samsung moment
    Gf – palm pre ( waiting for evo 4g shift)

  60. Not only is my family laden with Droids, we are a total Sprint family, too. The Sprint part we all found independently. Me for 7 years now, my brother and family since he signed up for his first cell phone years before me, and my son signed up for Sprint this summer.

    Here is the phone lineup:
    Me: Samsung Moment (my Epic 4g will happen very soon.)
    Son: Samsung Moment
    Brother: EVO 4G
    Sister-in-law: EVO 4G
    Nephew: EVO 4G
    Other Nephew: EVO 4G
    Niece: EVO 4G
    My Girlfriend: Motorola Razor (yes, still uses it!)

    I had the first Android and it really spread like wildfire. The Razor holdout will convert sometime, I think.

    I enjoyed your post a lot. I think Phandroid is fantastic and I often share your tweets with my son and one nephew who are too lazy to add either the Phandroid o Twitter app to their phones. Thanks again and have a good one! Larry

  61. In 2008 my G1 was joined by a G1 for wife.
    Those two G1s were handed down our kids and we upgraded to myTouch 3G Slides. In a few months, we’ll be upgrading to G2s, the slides will go to the kids and the two G1s will go to our mothers.
    Outside my family, there are 13 Androids spanning everything from N1 to Eris replacing sidekicks, blackberries, dumbphones and iPhones.
    Yea Android has taken over, even so much as my kids and two of the nephews and nieces are programming in Android.

  62. Myself – G2
    Girlfriend – MT4G
    Father – Original Droid
    Mother – Original Droid
    Sister – Evo 4G

  63. Me- Evo
    Friend on my plan-epic
    Sister in law-my touch
    About 12 close friends and coworkers all with droids

  64. Heh, upgraded from a WinMo 6.1 phone

    Me: Droid 1 (Overclocked to 1.25 Ghz, Custom UltimateDroid ROM)
    GF: LG Ally
    GF’s dad: Evo 4G
    Another woman in GF’s family has Droid Incredible
    Both my sisters have Android, not sure which phone though, as all I see are “Posted from Android” on their Facebook.
    I got an old college buddy to convert from iPhone 3G, upgraded to Evo 4G with Sprint.
    Guy I work with currently has TMobile HTC Winmo 6.5 phone, yet interested in my Droid (he likes Motorola)
    Other Guy I work with just got the G2.

    Its fascinating to watch so many people I know go with Android.

  65. Recently got my GF to switch from iPhone to Evo 4G. She still has most of her app icons on the desktop, like the iPhone… I tease her about it :)
    And my brother has Epic 4G now, so my entire family who are in the US are Android :)

  66. I started the Android run in my family with the OG Droid. Since then, I’ve gotten my g/f and mother into the mix, both with DIncs.

  67. Me-Droid Inc
    Sister- Droid X
    Sister’s BF-Droid
    Brother-In-Law-Droid Eris
    Cousin-Droid 2

    So Yeah, we are all Droided up over here!

  68. 12/1/2008
    Me – G1

    Me – G1 & G2
    Wife – Cliq & MT3G Slide
    Brother 1 – Optimus
    Sister 2 – Optimus
    Brother 2 – Droid
    Sister 2 – Droid X
    Mom – Droid
    Dad – Droid 2
    Aunt – Droid
    Uncle – Droid
    Friend 1 – Droid
    Friend 2 – Epic 4G
    Friend 3 – MT3G & Evo
    Friend 4 – Galaxy Tab
    Friend 5 – Epic 4G
    Friend 6 – Epic 4G
    Friend 7 – Cliq
    Friend 8 – ZIO
    Friend 9 – ZIO
    Friend 10 – Transform

    Amazing what 2 years can do. :-)

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