Angry Birds Usurped My Big Moment


March 25th m’lady and I will welcome our first child into the world. We found out the gender on the fifth of this month. What makes this event just a little extra special is that this is the first grand and great grandchild on my side of the family. While everyone knew that we knew the gender we decided to hold off the answer until Thanksgiving; we figured the anticipation would make the answer that much sweeter.

So, yesterday came and everyone gathered up at my Dad and Mom’s house, as tradition has always dictated. We walked in and after our round of hellos and hugs we were bombarded with: “Ok, what is it?”. We expected this and calmly told everyone that we will tell everyone when we sat down for dinner. For the next few hours we were repeatedly poked and prodded in hopes that one of us would slip the answer out, we stood our ground.

Out of nowhere it was discovered that my Grandma Mary didn’t have angry birds on her Vibrant. Ok, yeah, it’s all the rage so let’s get it downloaded. It was about twenty minutes of nothing but “I can’t believe she doesn’t have it!”. Slowly everyone started pulling out their Androids and launching Angry Birds and the room fell silent, save for some tinkering in the kitchen.

We all sat down, passed the food around; of course the conversation drifted to Angry Birds tips, and where everyone was at in the game. Dina (m’lady) and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. We quietly ate, hoping that eventually someone would ask the question. Ten minutes passed, “Oh, boy or girl?” mumbled one member of my now disowned family.

This is the story I get to tell my child. The discovery of your gender was put on hold so the family could solve the mystery of level 3-6.

March 25th is the day I get to hold my son, Jaxon Lloyd Miller, in my arms. Hopefully one or two members of my family will pull themselves away long enough to come to the hospital. I have low expectations.

Tyler Miller

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  1. Congratulations, Tyler, and lmao @ the story. My family’s attention is easily diverted to Angry Birds, too. Except for my bitter brother in law who can’t seem to get it to install on his EVO.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats, Tyler. And to your lovely wife as well. As a father and grandfather, you have my blessing and sympathy…..lol. I love this article. It is funny, well written and reminds me of my family. Angry birds has become a bit of a past time in my house as well. Even more so than football this year….lol. at least, I was able to watch the highlights later that evening. Good luck with your family.

  4. Congrats! So… did you figure out 3-6? Help :)

  5. These articles are getting in the way of the ads

  6. My birthday is March 25th! Your son is gonna be an awesome little man!!

  7. lol congratz

  8. Seriously, how much are the Angry Birds developers paying you to conitnually promote it?

  9. Not to spoil the moment, but, how could this be the first Grand and Great-grandchild on your side of the family? With no Grandchildren, you couldn’t have any Great-grandchildren, unless you were a clone (and even then there would technically be parents and grandparents).

  10. Joe, a lot. Deal with it.

    MVTom, you’re a little special, aren’t you?

  11. LOL, Tyler you made my day! Congrats! Your life will be forever changed, in a good way of course…

  12. congrats!

  13. Great story! But wait….Grandma has an Android phone?!

    You’re family is cool!

  14. “March 25th is the day I get to hold my son, Jaxon Lloyd Miller, in my arms”

    Inshallah (God willing)! Congratulations, on the future member in your family.

  15. I don’t have any kids, so I don’t know how the whole process works, but damn you two must work quick to already have confirmed a final name this many months in advance.

  16. Haah… Great story!

  17. LOL Congrats!

  18. @MVTom:
    It’s his first child.
    It’s his parents’ first grandchild.
    It’s his grandparents’ first great-grandchild.

  19. Congrats! – very funny story, lol.

  20. Congrats Tyler!! Awesome story too!! Best wishes during the holiday season and a happy & healthy child come March!

  21. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. It will definitely get a laugh when I tell him.
    It was mostly luck that we both liked Jaxon, and Lloyd is a family name on my Father’s side.

  22. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your son!!!

    I have a nephew named Jaxon. Spelled the same. Make sure you teach him how to spell it early, or everyone will think it’s Jackson.

  23. Bad news Tyler, I hear Rovio is launching a huge update to Angry Birds on March 24th.

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