CoPilot Live North America on Sale for $9.99


Traveling buffs who go beyond the US borders but stay within the continent will love to hear that CoPilot Live North America has just gone on sale for $9.99 in the Android market: a 50% price reduction as it’ll normally run you $19.99. Getting maps for the USA for merely $5 was already a good deal, but the entirety of the continent for just another $5 sounds like it’d be worth it. Let’s hope other regions can enjoy similar price reductions in the coming days as we head into the holiday season. [AppBrain via Gizmodo]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Needs to be fixed, is marked down 50% from $9.99 to $9.99???

  2. i be careful with this people if i was you, as i bought this app last month, and since i like to go from rom to rom i had to re-install the app every single time, after 3 times it now saids that my try out has expire when is not supposed to.

  3. Should be $5 given that it solves a very small problem, getting directions when outside of cellphone coverage. I’ve been in that situation maybe twice in my lifetime.

  4. Too bad $9.99 is still more than $0 it costs to use Google Navigation.

  5. @moises you should have used rom manager

  6. i mean, titanium backup. been a long day……

  7. Navagon is better.

  8. I love this app.

    @moises – I had the same problem too. To prevent this, you just need to transfer your app onto your SD card. If you transfer from ROM to ROM, which I do a lot too, all you need to do is to reinstall the app. Run it and it will find the files on your SD card.

    I use this more than I use Google Nav. I only wish that the developer of CoPilot finds a way to integrate tightly with Contacts.

  9. CoPilot Live USA is only $2.99 as well =)

  10. @mike, i did but every time i started the navigation it asked me for my user id, and thats is when it told me that my try out expired.

  11. @ACR: Navigon is also about $60 (USD)…

  12. OK – while I can understand the enthusiasm for Google Navigation, and it is a great app for free, it isn’t all that robust in terms of feature sets when compared to other Android solutions. It can’t do custom POI files, it can’t do traffic camera alerts, it can’t do waypoints in a route, it can’t detour by a segment in the route, it doesn’t do lane guidance, etc. While that may not matter to some, to others it does. That being said, the ALK maps are so bad that I wouldn’t use the app if it was free.

  13. For those who don’t see the use for this, you really should get out and see more of the country. Trust me, there’s A LOT of places where there isn’t coverage to use gmaps/navigation. I’ve been on the road in the western US for two weeks now and have been w/o a cell signal about every other day so far.

  14. The problem is that without a cell signal you cannot use GPS. Most Android phones use aGPS and require a cell signal to assist the GPS. However, I have certainly been to alot of places that have cell coverage but no data coverage and an app like this would be useful then.

  15. Becareful with this application guys…as it is still unstabled and most of the time it freezes. Very unstable and I’m using the most current phone out there, HTC Droid Incredible with it’s 1Ghz…Google Navigation is still the best for now until hopefully TomTom and/or Garmin steps in into the market. Now that’ll be great to have!

  16. Coming from Garmin and Navigon GPS devices, I don’t think Google maps is very user friendly, that’s why I just use GM to find stuff on the map, never for navigation. This one is way worse. I’m using it in Europe since I don’t want to pay rape charges for data access and it’s buggy as hell. It won’t save favorites after the 1st one, it doesn’t matter if you select “north up”, it’ll flip/flop the map any way it feels like. It has no power savings, if you forget to turn if off, it’ll suck your battery dry in under 2 hours.
    Since damn European cities were built with no visible logic in place I am forced to have it. If anyone knows of a better app with maps on SD card, please post.

  17. Navigon is much better and may actually be worth the money for a proper back up. This does come into play if on a conference call with a Droid. CDMA still does not do voice and data together. Google maps is still my primary but I always roll with a back up.

    BTW aGPS devices do not require a data connection. They just use it to get a faster lock. All the Android phones I know of can have GPS running even while in airplane mode.

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