Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile (Beta) Lands in the Market for Android 2.2


We uncovered word that Full Tilt would be bringing an Android version of their game out back in October, and now it’s landed in the Android market. Just as they said before, only users on Android 2.2 will be able to enjoy losing all of their money against real opponents online, and now we know why: it requires Adobe Flash to run. We hate that this limitation is keeping the app away from so many people, but I guess we’ll have to live with that. If you’re on a device which runs Android 2.2 and are a fan of Full Tilt, be sure to check this one out.


If you don’t already have an account, you’ll be required to sign up for one and put some coins into your balance. The good news is that they will match you dollar for dollar on your initial deposit (up to $600.) That’s a good deal if you were planning to get into this anyway, and you could see yourself walking away with a lot more money over time than you’ve initially invested. Sure, this is online gambling, but it’s not illegal everywhere. Just make sure you know the risks in your state before you download it.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Now I really NEED 2.2 to come to the Fascinate!

  2. Soon we will be reading a story on some poor sap who lost his house because of his phone. lol

  3. heard the site / their algorithms are rigged to create big hands to at least 1-2 players who deal and an even bigger flop that forces at least one player all in. Haven’t played online poker for a couple years now, but i’ll pass and stay at the casino

  4. full tilt isn’t rigged. If someone says it is, its probably from a donkey who is just terrible. You see way more crazy hands, but that’s because you’re playing 10-20x more hands per hour than you would in a live game. I’d be willing to give this a shot at the lowest limits instead of ones I regularly plat at, but I just don’t like rush poker vs a normal ring game.

  5. Haha all of you Galaxy s fags. Suck on my mytouch 4g balls

  6. my iphone rulez

  7. I just tried it and it works great. I can see myself playing a lot of poker over the holidays······· uh oh

  8. Been playing it alot this weekend. Did lag a couple of times but overall, it was pretty smooth. Best thing is that a phone call does not interrupt a hand (just rings while you continue playing).

    Donkey3000 is correct, Full Tilt is not rigged. Only morons who play like shit and lose constantly think that.

  9. Not too fond of Rush either but it’s the only thing I got on my phone right now lol.

  10. cooL! might try it then. used to play pokerstars back when it was still legal in the states (well, having $ deposit from your bank acct) and made a decent amount in college

  11. Very addictive. Not rigged.

  12. why I cant find this software in the market of my samsung galaxy 2.2 ?

  13. It seems to have been pulled from the market.

  14. Can’t see it in the market :(

  15. full tilt is rigged like all the other sites are rigged. count the 20% chance flushes on the river hitting alone after all ins. like 40% instead. rigged to addict and with robotss in the software to win much of the winnings. they will let u win till u withdraw, then deal u horrible cards and you will never withdraw again. i made 6k there my first uyear and now i always lose fast.

    i just started playing again there to try rush poker played uber tight, but first time i went all in…

    Dealer: common terry shows [Kc Kd]
    Dealer: DEA5 shows [Ac Ad]
    Dealer: asso7677 shows [Qc Ah]
    Dealer: common terry shows a pair of Kings
    Dealer: DEA5 shows a pair of Aces
    Dealer: DEA5 wins the side pot ($2.64) with a pair of Aces
    Dealer: asso7677 shows a pair of Queens
    Dealer: DEA5 wins the main pot ($26.25) with a pair of Aces

    this is normal

  16. Lol. Well consider the amount of hands your getting playing rush poker to just a regular online table or casino. Your going to see a lot of big hands and more bad beats playing so many more hands, obviously.

  17. Just when we get the first real money poker apps, Google change their policy on gambling apps and it gets dropped from the Android market. I’ve never installed non market apps before but I followed these instructions on how to download the apk file on my Droid.

    Easier than I thought it was gonnna be. Super app. I’m so addicted.

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