Nov 19th, 2010

Chitika -a leading mobile ads network – has just released their research of traffic across all Android devices. Verizon’s Droid line commands the top spot with all of their Droid devices before the initial launch of the Droid 2 accounting for a combined 44%. (The breakdown of which Droid phones took up how much of the pie can be seen below and past the source link.)


Number two overall, though, is the HTC EVO 4G, one of Sprint’s flagship (and heavily marketed) 4G devices (the only other being the Samsung Epic 4G). It takes up 12%. The rest of the pie is comprised of phones from 3 of the 4 major carriers standing out, with AT&T’s phones likely being shoved into that “28%” that the “other” category makes up. And though you can’t see it, 16% of Android traffic comes from 4G phones – that includes phones from both T-Mobile and Sprint, currently.

[Chitika via AC]