Archos 101 Android Tablet Shipping Now


Following launches of their 43 and 70 internet tablets, Archos has started shipping their 101 internet tablet. You can grab the 8GB version for $299.99, with the 16GB version running you $50 more. For all of that cash, you get a very respectable device. The Archos 101 sports a 10.1-inch  (hence the 101) WSVGA (1024×600) display, 720p video playback, HDMI out connectivity, WiFi N, Bluetooth, and the ability to expand device storage via a microSD card slot.


It’ll ship with Android 2.1, but Archos is committing to 2.2 before the end of this month. No Android market, as we expected, but we hear it can be loaded onto most of Archos’s devices as long as you don’t mind doing a bit of research. Click through to Archos now to check it out. [via Softpedia]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why do these devices not get loaded with Android Market? Can you explain this to me Quentyn?

  2. apparently google wont let them or any other tablet manufactuer do this.BUT somehow the galaxy tab has the market

  3. Google requires a set of minimum specs to put their apps on–usually at least GPS, though most of the devices had to be phones. Tablets haven’t qualified easily in the past–the Galaxy Tab may be the only one so far.

  4. I heard it has to have phone capabilities to have the Market.

  5. I believe with Android Market is size of screen. Google wont let anything bigger than 7″ (I think) have access as they say the apps aren’t designed for screens that big….

  6. troy is partially correct. Google requires a device to have the ability for wireless data connections, ie a 3g/4g sim card slot/whatever CDMA networks use. It doesn’t necessarily have to make phone calls. That’s why the SGT was given access to the market. If only Samsung would have released it with phone capabilities here in the US, they might not be slowing production on them by half right now.

  7. This is just speculation. The website still doesn’t allow you to order it!

  8. @Jeff

    Archos 101 neither own a GPS nor a telephony stack. thus at this time it is not “Google phone” compatible. If google push something as “Google tablet” (aka the minimum hardware requirement) and officially validate its softwares to this new platform, Archos might be able to deliver the Google root softwares (=those not available on the market + the market application).

    Any Archos owner know that you can find some APK on the internet that solve the issue … but it will remain unofficial until the “tablet” situation with Android is clarified by Google.

    Galaxy Tab does not have such a problem as it can be seen as “Google Phone” compatible with a big screen ;)

    Google have to act quicly on this issue.

  9. Google has requirements in order to officially have the Market, one being cell service. The Samsung Tab has 3G so Google gave its blessing to use the Market. You can install the Market by downloading ‘Market4Archos.apk’ (google it)

  10. This retailer sells tons of Android tablets – Some support Android 2.1, some 2.2 and some come with the Market. I’ve been researching Android tablets since I put my hands on an iPad. I have a Motorola Droid and love it and so want the same OS that I have on my phone on my tablet. In any case a Google search on Android tablet turns up a lot more options than what is being marketed in the US!

  11. Well on this device it’s very easy to install android market place so it’s not a problem !!

    i own the 7″ version and i really appreciate the product there is no problem with it.

    So far we have android 2.1 but they are working on 2.2 should be there in novem

  12. Not necessarily true. I just went to the Archos Store and could not order the Archos 101 8 or 16 gb. 11/19/10 7:42 AM MST. The selections are still grayed out with only the “Notify Me” button active, which I’ve selected at least 20 times with several e-mail addresses.
    I’m beginning to believe that it might be easier to win big in the lottery than getting an Archos 101.

  13. Is it not correct that adding the market is illegal? Whilst the Android OS is Open Source the Market is not and you need Google’s explicit permission to use it. Therefore adding that Market from available sources on the web, although you may think is correct, is in fact wrong.

  14. I’d be more interested in this if it had GPS. Nice specs for the price point otherwise.

  15. Thanks to all for the answers.

  16. Yeah, Google needs to charge for the Market Apps. So let’s see, we pay the cell phone company… no, that’s not right, we pay the Market (Google). Okay, so why in the world wouldn’t Google open the Market to standard Internet access? Somehow I smell a cell phone company control-issue fishiness here. As usual.

  17. Yeah what gives, Phandroid? If they aren’t even letting you buy one on their site, how can they be shipping? C’mon now, get your facts straight.

    However, I’ve had my eye on this tablet for a while. $299 for a 10″ tablet with a 1 GHz processor, front-facing camera, and HDMI out? Thank you sir, may I have another? Currently using an original (hacked) XBOX for my media center in my living room, but this is an obvious choice for a replacement.

  18. I’m really interested in getting one of these for my parents for Christmas. But when I follow the link, I don’t see any way to purchase the 101. All I see is a button to get notified when it’s ready. Does anyone know how to actually buy one of these?

  19. @Zed,
    Before you claim something is illegal, please do your research. On a site like this, please also post your sources.

    You can’t safely assume something is either legal or illegal just because it is open source, closed source, or proprietary.

    Has anyone called Google to find out? In my limited reading on the subject, it seems to me that downloading a .apk file and installing it to your device is not illegal, but it does come without warranty. Lets get real answers before spreading filth. You can’t just rationalize legalities.

  20. Yay, another tablet born with Floating Image by yours truly!

  21. @Wolfton
    Maybe I did not phrase my post as well as I could have, however it was meant to be inquisitive. I do not have proof that it is illegal or legal, however the point has been raised before in other discussions I have read (again they were dicussions, not proof). I am happy to stand corrected if I am wrong.

    PS – where is your source :-)

  22. @Zed, @Wolfton

    It really doesn’t matter whether the market issue is legal or not. If you really want it, you’re gonna do it anyway, aren’t you? I seriously doubt anyone will do hard time for using a modded apk. Let’s all stay concerned with the availability and lack of communication with Archos.

  23. im taking the risk on this.
    $223 shipped with GPS!

  24. Fail. Not for sale yet:( But I wouldn’t buy this device anyway because its illegal.

  25. It does not have GPS. You can get google maps on it, and it can establish your position when connected to wifi (and possibly when tethered to a phone), but as a stand-alone unit, this does not have gps.

    I don’t care, cause my droid 1 does, and I am ultra excited about this device. Just wanted to point out that error.

  26. @reznorfan0 Good point. And we do have to consider what this device is meant for. Multimedia, fun, entertainment, a 2nd choice to a PC for some, etc. If you want a 10 inch phone, this is not the option…but good luck solving that problem. I’d love to see that in action. They’ve already begun trying it with the Galaxy Tab, but only cause it has the option for phone capabilities in Europe.

  27. @AELIS Where do you score that deal?

  28. I think several have replied about this, but Google requires a certain set of criteria to get the market. One of which is phone capabilities. That is why the Galaxy Tab has it and why it is teased as being a “big phone.” Once the more tablet-ready version of Android comes out they will have to loosen that restriction to the market.

  29. @reznorfan

    considering the 101 has a full usb host, an external usb GPS unit could possibly be used. It also has bluetooth 2.1 and that’s could be another option for GPS.

    Not anything I’d carry around on my person, more of an install to my vehicle and use from there.

  30. Since engadget posted this last night, did the writer just steal the post? D id you even click on your own link? It’s not selling. And hasn’t been since an hour agree the engadget post. phandroid is becoming a repeat of android posts from gizmodo and engadget. At the very least make sure your posts are accurate at the time of the posting.

  31. Yeah, I can’t order it either. What does it mean when you’re saying it is shipping today, but that their own website has the option for purchase greyed out? Did the news of shipment leak a day earlier than actual release date?

  32. @Everyone complaining bot being able to buy!
    The sales went online yesterday at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. If you really wanted this tablet, as I did, you would have followed the news about it. Archos had a press release a week ago that they’ll be releasing it on the 18th.

    Yesterday before noon PST, they stated on their Facebook page that it’ll be released late afternoon. And sure enough, it was live at 3:00 pm PST.

    I know a lot of people jumped on it (including me) and those who asked for 1 day shipping have gotten their UPS tracking number with estimated Monday delivery.

    Since it is now out of stock, all those who missed the first phase should probably check their facebook page or visit their online store at least a couple of times a day.

    Good luck to everyone.


  34. I agree, I’d be much more interested in it, if it had GPS.

  35. … oh, and Marketplace too lol

  36. I actually order one of these yesterday from I knew it was going to be a host of people trying to get their hands on this device. I followed archos tweets and facebook page all day yesterday and kept refreshing there 101 store page to be able to purchase this baby. I’m so happy. I will be using this for comic book reading, nook app,recipes(great stand on back for cooking in kitchen), of course angry birds and movies. 2.2 will be great also with flash but thats just icing on the cake I really dont need flash. Well off to stoke UPS lol you guys have a bless day.

  37. @dEATHm3RCHANT


  38. @Bob
    Thank you for clarifying why it’s not for sale.
    My confusion was that the archos store page looks exactly the same today as it did yesterday when I checked it at noon. (It’d be nice if they specified that it’s now back-ordered as opposed to not yet released). If only I had checked it again a few hours later :(

  39. I ordered mine last night. its possible they sold out? I dont have a tracking number yet though. The first thing I will try is take some of the apps I have downloaded onto my rooted samsung moment and see if they will install, including the market itself. Im sure they will root it soon

  40. I’ll believe this when I see an actual customer with one in hand. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.


  41. For those wondering why some devices built with Android don’t have Market, the requirements to have Market are spelled out in the CDD PDF linked here:

    Look in particular at the “hardware compatibility” section.

  42. Actually they are for sale guys. Just not in the U.S. Archos is a French company. It is for sale at fnac and Fnac is like the French Best Buy. Although, they are not giving the French the same nice price point that we are getting. The number is higher and the Euro doesn’t convert well either.

  43. Actually they did go on sale in the US. I had it in my shopping cart. I did not purchase it as someone else was going to get it for me for Christmas. When I went back later though the store was back to the current notify button not buy. I did notice though that when I went in they only were selling the 8gb model. You could not select the 16gb.

  44. Okay, I am sure this is a dumb question but I am just needing the basics. Do you have to pay a cell phone carrier to run a tablet such as the android tablet that has WiFi? It seems you would be okay like a laptop with wifi.

  45. I got my hands on the archos 101 last week at a store in Berlin, Germany. It is for sale in europe for 300 Euros (8GB version). I played it for a few minutes. Keyboard is very nsappy, versus the archos 7 home tablet that i returned to amazon within a week. the appslib seems very barebones as compared to android market that i am used to on my htc hd2 with android 2.2(Yes, I said it). And well, out of the box, youtube did not load and i kept getting an error message saying i need to download and install adobe flash player. So much for the ipad replacement this one is touted to be. I have been waiting for this tablet for several months now since it was announced, but i did not feel the need to actually buy it when i used it for 5 minutes in store.

  46. btw, the webcam on the front of it is pretty decent.


  48. Had Archos 7o for 2 months. It worked,but things constantly force closed. Serious pain in the ass. Won’t buy Archos/Android combo again. Maybe some other Archos in the future…

    Android not read for tablet… imo.

    I’m an Android fanboy, but if I had to buy now would be and iPad…. can’t do it… so will wait until Android catches up with low latency sound and a tablet centric OS.

  49. It is my understanding that Archos opted out of the Market because they didn’t want programs crashing because of the obvious difference between cell phones & tablets.

    If you visit their app site, you can see there are enough programs to pacify, and loads in the works. Obviously, the first generation of a genre, droid tablet, isn’t going to have the applications of other well established markets, the iPhone and the droid phone.

    If the demand is there, the market will provide, but its not going to be there the day after the product is released. Give it a year

    Who want to run a program designed for 240×360 on 1024×600, it would be distorted and blurry.

  50. Are there still a decent amount and variety of apps and games on appslib?

  51. Does anyone know where I can buy it for under $350 online (other than Amazon)?

  52. there is a hack to put marketplace on 101. I have it and it is 1000 times better than applibbs…………

  53. Tigerdirect is where i got mine.

  54. you can also overclock it to run at a true 1ghz.

  55. Anyone know if i can or how i can hook 10.1 to dvr? there is no station for it.

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