Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 ‘Anzu’ Previewed



After learning of what very well could be the specs for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 yesterday, a hands-on preview of the device over at Mobile-Review is confirming some and debunking others. The device runs the Qualcomm MSM7230 processor at 800MHz (same as HTC Desire Z/T-Mobile G2), has a 4.3-inch display at 854×480 resolution, and a 12MP camera (as opposed to 8.1MP from the early specs), but even though all sources until now have said the phone will run Gingerbread out of the box, it looks like this might not be the case.

Eldar Murtazin (this guy is everywhere this week) is reporting that the preview device he is checking out currently runs Android 2.1, but the plan is to launch the device early next year with Android 2.2 and have an Android 2.3 update waiting in the wings. Read: with SE’s track record it might be a while before Gingerbread actually hits the handset.

Whereas we expected the X12 to improve upon the generally solid build quality of the X10, the device reportedly feels a bit cheaper though thinner and lighter.

Oh, and Eldar apparently has the Galaxy 2 (i9100), too. So be on the lookout for a similar run-down of that device. Head over to the source link for the whole scoop.

[Mobile-Review via Engadget]

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  1. Why not run 1 gb processor like the Xperia 10 and go all the way? This looks like a let down coming. I don’t believe in Sony Erisson on anything.

  2. @Lenn
    don’t look at the number of mhz, this processor is faster than the snapdragon on the x10

  3. WTF? Who are the assholes running this pos company. Running 2.1 in Nov ’10? why not android 1.5 Sony??? What a pathetic excuse of a company!!! what do they think customers are…. boneheaded morons? I really want to know who is the CEO of this company…
    knowing SE.. this pos will probably launch with heavily customized (screwed) 2.1 version in april/may of 2011 (at astronomical price nonetheless) along side dualcore beasts from others. and stuck on 2.1 forever. If anyone owns any SE stock, it’s time to sell. when new companies are entering (Panasonic, sharp etc) smartphone race every month, this is height of irresponsibility!!

    /rant. *takes a deep breath..calms down*

  4. Do we know about the network compatibility yet? GSM or CDMA?

  5. @GreenLeaf, dude i agree with…lol…

  6. Well, that’s seriously disappointing.
    I do hope this isn’t their flagship device; but judging by the camera, naming fashion and screen size it probably is.

    I’ll see if that Galaxy 2 device lives up to Engadget’s presentation slide. Because that, combined with Eldar’s short teaser about it, make it seem like an incredible device.

  7. The buttons are switched around (menu and back) from the x10. Other than that I like this phone, as I am happy with the x10.

  8. There’s just something very, very wrong with Sony Ericsson. How can they not learn after so many failures?

    Remember the K750 and K800? I sure do because they were effing fantastic phones. Every little detail of the OS was thought about fully, and the hardware didn’t fail once. I was still using my K800 when I received my Desire, still going strong despite losing its battery cover in a robbery and being dropped onto concrete several times.

    And now they’re turning up to every party a day late, when the cleaners are there. Real shame.

  9. @Greenleaf,
    I hereby agree with u too. if any phone company wants to bring out a new phone, it should show us something more powerful than those previous ones.. that means more speed and even more features…

  10. ATTENTION: for those who have been living under a technological rock for the past 4-5 years, YOU CAN NO LONG TELL WHICH PROCESSOR IS FASTER SOLELY BY LOOKING AT THE CLOCK SPEED! 800mhz dual-core > 1000mhz single core. Heck, sometimes 800mhz single core > 1000mhz single core nowadays. @Allantoss, this phone is better. Pretty sure the previous Xperias didn’t have a 12.1MP camera. And see above for the speed issue.

  11. @Yami except the MSM7230 isn’t a dual core. so in this case single core 800 mhz < single core 1000 mhz

  12. Am not gonna touch any SE phone again. Someone should pls wake those guys up.

  13. The only good thing about this phone is the screen size. Otherwise you mineswell just get the X10.

  14. @Anus-nymous
    The 800Mhz in the G2 or this Anzu SE can beat all 1000Mhz except the one in the MT4G of course.

    @ Simon
    Yes I remember my W800 … love that phone!

  15. holy shit!!a 12 mp camera:O look at my name,thats what i did when i read this!!

  16. @shithead

    There are phones with 14MP cameras, and 16MP phones are due out soon.

  17. another fail from sony ericsson. i had the x10 and the battery life was rubbish, the build poor and the feel plastic. i’m still waiting for it to be updated to 2.1. my next phone will not be a sony ericsson and i’m not surprised noone wants their phones any more. the spec on this phone is rubbish and it looks like a downgrade from the x10. maybe they should look what htc do and try to learn again how to make phones. as a consumer, the truth is that i feel ripped off by this company as i got a phone believing that it would be updated and of reasonable quality. it was neither.

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