Droid X + Costco = $100


If the Droid X is your bag, baby, but the standard $200 price tag makes you hold on to your relic it may be time to update your Costco membership and stroll on over.

Here’s your link, for all you lazy folk. (You know we love you)

[via Droid Life]

Tyler Miller

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  1. kewls

  2. The Austin Powers reference is the only reason I opened this article.

  3. $50 at amazon….

  4. Austin Powers is the Tom Tom ‘celebrity voice’ I choose to help me navigate. It seems so natural to tell him to ‘put a sock in it’

  5. Its $49.99 at amazon.

  6. I couldn’t find it on amazon. Just says it is not available. Link?

  7. Is this a joke or a prank? It costs $500, not $100 and not $200. Do people really not understand that the extra cost you pay on contract is the real cost of a phone? Does the fact that you never see a bill for the whole amount at once let idiots lie to themselves and pretend they’re not paying it?

    This crap is borderline fraud.

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