Nov 10th, 2010


The Sony Ericsson Xperia line of phone have been a bit underwhelming to make an understatement, but the manufacturer is chugging forward and the first shot of the supposed successor to the X10 has been spied. The phone — which is now going by the Anzu codename but could eventually earn the title X12 — is said to have a 4.3-inch display, HDMI out, and a slim profile. Seen here running Android 2.1, the source over at the Xperia X10 Blog says this thing will be up to Gingerbread by launch.

Further, Engadget states that this new device is being developed along SE’s project Zeus, the Playstation Phone, and taking design cues like the silver hardware Android buttons seen on both phones into account, it makes sense. That phone was also recently spied running a lower version of Android despite sources promising Gingerbread at launch. Word is both handsets could see a simultaneous reveal shortly before or after Christmas (CES makes sense), and the Anzu might also get access to the same Playstation game platform, though there isn’t much info to confirm or deny that either way.

All I know is it’s about damn time SE puts out something worthwhile, so I am pulling for their upcoming handsets to succeed where their early efforts faltered.

[Update]: A few more pics have surfaced:



[via Xperia X10 Blog, thanks James]

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