Phandroid AppCast #4: Opera Mobile, Yahoo Mail and Messenger, Pocket Legends, and More


appcastAnother week, another Phandroid AppCast. This week saw many major updates to apps in the Android Market, and we cover a few along with the new MMORPG Pocket Legends and the YouTube Remote. For those out there not wanting to spend the cash or dignity to see what Hustler’s new Android app is all about, we got that covered, too. While it ended up being more safe for work than not, be warned that the last minute or two of this week’s ‘Cast features lingerie and swimsuit-clad pornstars. Check it out:

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Dudes Droid X is really slow and not very responsive.

  2. Kevin: Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are not the same browser. Opera Mini still exists. Toy say in the video that Opera Mobile replaced Mini. That is not true. They are totally different. Mini is server-side rendering, and can work even on flip phones. Opera Mobile is a full browser, hence the huge size of it. It was great on winmo, because IE sucked so bad. It is not that great on Android, because we have much more capable browsers. Maybe their final version will fix the bugs, and annoyances: causes your default browser selection to be forgotten, causing your stock browser to prompt you to set it everytime you click a link. No user agent setting, leaving you stuck with mobile versions of a lot of pages…just to name a few.

  3. I really liked Opera Mini on my CliqXT and I want to use the same layout on my myTouch4G. When they implement hardware acceleration and Flash support (they are going to have Flash support, right?) then I’ll probably drop the default like a bad habit. (I want the ability to completely close out my browser without having to back up through every page I’ve visited.

  4. Dude noOOOOO! we ALL wanted you to click on that weblink with the girls man!…BBC???!! BOOOOOooo J/K :-)

  5. LOL! Touchscreens don’t register impacts on the screen. Don’t be so abusive to your device!

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