T-Mobile Announces New Unlimited Data Plans for the Holidays


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T-Mobile has been busy restructuring their service plans with new tiered data options, tethering add-ons, and now a couple of plans featuring unlimited data and text for families and power users. The new plans aim to be competitive with similar options available via other carriers. The details of what is being called the Even More Promotional Plan:

  • Individual: 1,500 talk-time minutes, unlimited text, unlimited “4G” data for $79.99 per month
  • Family: 3,000 talk-time minutes, unlimited text, unlimited “4G” data for $149.99 per month

A few more options to go with your new T-Mobile myTouch 4G, T-Mobile G2, or upcoming Nexus S. At least unlimited data is still on the table.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. How is this a promotional plan when it is more expensive than the regular plan? Am I missing something?

  2. So will this still have the 5GB throttle? If it does then I’m sorry but I will not get this “improved” data plan… :|

  3. I was looking at the unsubsidized price on their website, the subsidized price is higher. The promotional rate is lower than the “Even More” plan but higher than the “Even More Plus” plan.

  4. If they go the Sprint route and try to charge for their “4G” speeds I’m going to be highly pissed.

  5. FUCK Sprint! Pay $$$ for 4G when 4G is not available in my area the 4th biggest city in America. T-MO with 3000 minutes for $149 plus my corporate discount sounds like a I am going to be a new customer, Lets go Nexus S!

  6. @PhoneDog

    Actually Sprints 129.99 plan is pretty competitive if not better. Though they are still expanding their 4G services, the network might be a tad bit better as well compared to Tmobiles. I’d forewarn you about moving to Tmobile as their network is pretty shady.

    Coming from a Tmobile customer for about a total of 6 years. Thinking of switching once contract is over. God damn Nexus One got me tied up.


  7. HOLY F*CK! Who in gods name would pay 150$ a month for a cellphone plan?

  8. Niiiccee. I’m paying 275$ a month right now on t mobile. This sounds great :]

  9. @Robbert

    For a family plan that is pretty reasonable if both of you have recently released phones. Hell my cell phone bill alone is about 90 bucks once tax and everything is added up with tax.

  10. @Phonedog. What company do you work for that T-Mobile offers a discount? Just curious. Cuz that’s the inky reason I have remained with ATT.

  11. “Jare: The promotional rate is lower than the “Even More” plan but higher than the “Even More Plus” plan.”

    @Jared: ‘Even More’ is always a little expensive than ‘Even More Plus’ coz it’s a contract plan and it covers for your subsidized handset.
    Users of ‘Even More Plus’ have to pay their handset in full price OR they have to pay a monthly installment other than the bill itself. So it often comes up to be more expensive than ‘Even More’

  12. @Animate
    They are already selling plans and phones that cost the same whether or not your getting 3G or 4G .. I think it would be pretty hard for them to change it now. Not that they couldn’t, but they would have to honor those they already signed up, and it would be pretty awful publicity. As it is now, they offer more value to someone who has a choice between Sprint and TMobile where both are offered. As long as they keep expanding this to be available everywhere they currently have 3G, then it will continue to bring in new customers.. Actually if they would come out and actually promise that they will have it everywhere they currently have 3G, that would help them keep customers they already have.

  13. @lulu
    I’ve done the math and when you use a subsidized contract plan to buy something like the vibrant you end paying around $2100 (for phone and service) after two years. With the no contract plans you end up paying about $1900.

  14. Also, the savings are obviously increased if you buy a phone used, as tmobile has no qualms with selling sim cards activated with no contract plans.

  15. Does the Family plan include 3 lines in that pricing or a $5 and month extra charge? $10 maximum monthly for a 3rd add on member?

  16. glad my plan is godfathered in…. ha!

  17. It’s still not unlimited. You data slows after 5gigs. Then it slows down to a crawl. It sounds like a lot but mine was slowed and can’t see how I used that much. wasn’t shut off but slowed to a crawl even ok market

  18. I take it back. This g2 is still super fast. Must have been a bad connection

  19. The word “UNLIMITED” should be defined clearly that after 5gig, you will be throttled down to the almost useless crap speed of gprs/edge.
    Fvck!nG marketing!

  20. i work for Firestone and get a discount with Tmo

  21. The family plan for $149/m… That means unlimited data for families right?

  22. Target employees get 10% off phone and plan.

  23. Family plans are based on 2 lines, so $150 for 3,000 minutes, unlimted text and data is like $75 per person.

    Considering T-Mobile’s current plans, these are really good deals. Their current offering for $79.99 on an Even More plan is 500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data. Subtract $20 if you’re NOT on a smartphone.

    I’m sure T-Mobile is still doing the Friends and Family add a line where lines 3 – 5 are free until 2012.

  24. i pay $30 for 1500 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data with Verizon. Employee rate plan FTW

  25. offered for the holidays? Any idea when this promotion will start? thanks

  26. t-mobile already offers an unlimited voice,text,data plan for $79 per month

    so now the promotional individual plan reduces it down to 1500 minutes per month? what?!!?!?!? how is that a promotion? can someone please explain this to me PLEASE?!?!?!?

  27. Not only Tmobile reduces the unlimited everything $79.99 plan down to 1500 minutes BUT Tmobile also got rid of the EVEN MORE PLUS plan….did anyone notice?

    F*** Tmobile

  28. The new T-Mobile unlimited plans are just that unlimited no cutoff of service to edge after 5Gig. That is the reason for the different pricing structure. So the rest of the world will get the same data plan I have had with Tmo for almost the last 2 years. If you signed up for unlimited data with a G1 when it first came out the plan was truly unlimited and unless you changed your plan you still have a truly unlimited data plan. They can’t change the contract after you signed it. This just shows that they have decided to follow Sprints lead of having truly unlimited plans, instead of following Verizon’s and ATT’s greed.

  29. I’m on one of the original “android data plans” that’s $25/mo for “unlimited”. I’ve used about 8gb of data in one month on a business trip recently (few months back) and it never slowed down for me. Hell, i was using the phone at the time AND on the net… it didn’t even flinch. (Original G1 rooted)

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