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We haven’t heard much from The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) since they demoed their home replacement app back in the year, but their latest set of Live Wallpapers, though simple, show that they aren’t resting on the open OS. The three wallpapers are available in the Android Market now, and cover the fantastical to the mysterious from the interactive wilderness of Blue Range to the deep sea setting of Artemia. Perhaps the coolest is the 8-bit inspired Retro Pixels. All react to various inputs, and TAT promises there are some secrets to discover in their depths.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. these aren’t working on my Hero running CM6

  2. Hero can’t do Live Wallpapers. Never has. Never will.

  3. Where are the QR codes for these? Don’t know how many times I’ve asked for those on this site. Just when I think you guys are getting better about posting them, you’ll do another app preview and not give us links or codes to download them.

  4. ekt8750 is clearly unaware of the act of rooting and installing vanilla ROMs…

  5. Just go into the market and type in TAT u lazy ass.

  6. for the past few days they been posting apps that are not in the market and its pissing me off… i really wanted these wallpapers and they are no where to be found and last night i really wanted to play pocket legends and that too was no wehre to be found… wtf is going on with you google…

  7. @nelson: They are in the market. Your device is probably reporting itself as something other than the list of compatible devices.

  8. @G8D guess youve never heard of crappy hardware which doesnt work good with lwp??

    hell they barely run ok on a snapdragon

  9. @carmex If you took only a second to click the link at the very end of the article “(via Droidlife)” youd be provided with your precious little qr codes.

    @g8d and Joshua I ALREADY HAVE a rooted sumsung moment with all the crap removed and modded to my liking, searched for both “TAT” as well as “The Astonishing Tribe” and got nothing but crapware. just because you have a rooted phone doesnt mean you have access to anything and everything in the android market. now, with that said, i have the nexus lwp installed on my phone, and with the exception of some occasional slowdowns, it performs beautifully.

  10. Here are the QRs

    also, has anyone found the four secrets on “retro pixels”
    I got 3/4 and can’t figure out the last.

  11. @ekt8750 Funny that my Hero can… Maybe you should investigate a little more before you announce your “facts”…

  12. Live wallpapers. Really. Almost a year ago, TAT dazzled me with absolutely THE COOLEST looking alternate home for Android; TAT Home. Then they indicated that they were looking for a specific vendor to sell their launcher to; much like HTC has their “sense” on their phones. Then, they release a beta of TAT home to a few people. Now, they resurface with live wallpapers?! Where the hell is TAT Home? Granted, TAT home was eye-candy to me,but so is most of the crap I put on my phone (themes,custom ROMs, etc.) I already have all the functionality I could want, I want TAT home, dammit! I’d have no problem paying well for it. If I knew how to develop ROMs, I’d clone it. *sigh* perhaps I’ll get the lwp to amuse me for 2 minutes. I wonder if TAT Home will ever be on the market. My guess is no.

  13. Confirmed … all 3 downloaded but not working on rooted Hero. (A good number of LWPs do work though, depends on how graphically demanding they are as the whether they work or not).

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