Evernote 2.0 Takes a Huge Leap Forward, Available Now


Evernote just released what they are calling “the biggest leap in functionality” for any single release of their cloud-synced notes application, bringing their Android version up to 2.0. If you had a problem with older versions of the app, chances are it was addressed and then some in this new release. From a totally revamped home screen with easy access to key functions to new search and sorting options, Evernote is at the top of its game.


Also improved upon are widgets, homescreen shortcuts, and overall application speed. It’s a whole lot of info and we haven’t had a chance to take in the app for ourselves, but if you want to learn all about what’s new just watch the video below or head over to the source link. Or just make a note of it and get back to it later.

[via Evernote Blog, thanks to all that sent this in]

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  1. Very excited about this update. I had stopped using the app because of the crappy UI/slowness overall. Everything seems to have improved 10x

  2. I had to search for evernote in the market to install it. The market didn’t automatically suggest it as an upgrade to my already installed evernote 1.5.

    That’s on a nexus one running froyo, rooted.

  3. Meh. Users have been asking for offline notes on Android since it rolled out, and Evernote, has provided offline notes on Android.

    They are only charging $45 per year for that.


    I think I’ll be migrating from Evernote to something like Catch or SpringPad.

  4. SpringPad UI is much nicer than this, I agree and has all the functionality. Oh, and it’s FREE.

    You can even search for: Books, Movies, Albums and add their cover art to your notes to download from Amazon, iTunes later for purchase. Beat that everNote!

    SpringPad also has a desktop app as well to integrate with your phone. Really – what is all the fuss with evernote?

  5. About time….

  6. nice app

  7. Well done to the Evernote team, this brings the Android client right up to date and is a boon for heavy Evernote users.

  8. @Kevin, Does Springpad have a Windows client where you can access and edit your notes offline? Thought not.

  9. I agree that requiring you to go premium to be able to store notes offline is backward.
    45$ a year to store my notes on my phone? Come on!

    They could have done – free app to store notes offline if you’re premium, and paid app (one time payment) for non-premium.

  10. I’ll stick with Catch. Can read notes offline without having to pay.

  11. @Tom Robinson – Never really had a need for offline storage, but no, not at this time apparently.

    According to their support forum they are currently working on this. But I mean really, the amount of features in SpringPad far outweigh the number of features in Evernote as far as i can see. Have you tried SpringPad?

    I’m a Windows user myself, and have found this tool invaluable.

  12. I still use Evernote more as a dumping ground, but Evernotes slow responsivemess had me jump to Springpad last spring… and the overall functionality of it far surpasses Evernote 2.0. The major upgrade coming in two weeks will increase the distance between the two even more.

  13. I like the previous widget more. The new one sits flush against the right side of the screen, leaving a large gap on the left. It’s not even pretty like the previous widget. I do like the added functions though.

    No one else having alignment issues with the widget?

  14. Catch is very good, I had been using that for a long time (well when it used to be called 3banana notes anyway).

    However I think Springpad has the edge on it.

  15. @Tom Robinson – tom, what advantages does that have to web access?
    with web access I can do it at home, work, my sisters house, on holiday etc, all without having to install anything.
    Not sure how major an advantage that is, compared with the disadvantage of having to install apps everywhere I go?

  16. Does SpringPad support text encryption within notes? This is a must have for me.

  17. Well the new version looks nice, but on my stock Froyo Nexus One, there doesn’t seem to be any widget to add. The previous widget worked fine, maybe I need the premium version for the widget to show up in the new version?

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