Nov 8th, 2010

Evernote just released what they are calling “the biggest leap in functionality” for any single release of their cloud-synced notes application, bringing their Android version up to 2.0. If you had a problem with older versions of the app, chances are it was addressed and then some in this new release. From a totally revamped home screen with easy access to key functions to new search and sorting options, Evernote is at the top of its game.


Also improved upon are widgets, homescreen shortcuts, and overall application speed. It’s a whole lot of info and we haven’t had a chance to take in the app for ourselves, but if you want to learn all about what’s new just watch the video below or head over to the source link. Or just make a note of it and get back to it later.

[via Evernote Blog, thanks to all that sent this in]