Verizon: A Few Hundred Applications in the V Cast APPS Store at Launch


Verizon’s officially announced that V CAST APPS will be headed our way to the Droid Incredible and other devices sometime soon, but we didn’t know how fruitful their store would be up against the Android market. Reaching out to them, we’ve been able to confirm that the V CAST APPS store will launch with a few hundred applications. Alongside Verizon’s official apps, expect most of the available apps to be ones you can already find in the Android market.


Since sometime in September, developers have been invited to submit their apps to Verizon’s developer portal. Verizon also states that their store isn’t there to compete with the Android market, but that the two are meant to be complementary to each other. Understandable, I’d say. They also noted that the V CAST APPS store will not be uninstallable from any of the devices it’s featured on. That one we saw coming.

Other than that, there’s not much to it: it’s an alternative app store where developers can target a specific subset of users and get more exposure in a less-crowded market.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is a low point for Verizon Android fans.

  2. I hope it is free for developers to submit to.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with having options

  4. Won’t waste money there.

  5. @andy You don’t have the option to take those Verizon apps and use them on another carrier and Android is not about being stuck on one carrier.

  6. Im actually excited for it. Of course I am on Verizon, but there is nothing wrong with more options. Plus it will feature market apps too, so it will help me narrow down my search for great apps.

  7. Make’s me lose a little droid pride. Whatever happened to its open nature? I want the ability to remove whatever I want, even if it’s some of Google’s apps (for example I haven’t IM’d once in my life, but its stuck on my phone and loves to run in the background). So much bloatware on my Droid X…

  8. Well if you do not want it on your phone there are ways to get it off! I myself will simply not use it though I am still pIssed about them charging for nfl app to see highlights a dumb waste of money if you ask me

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