Droid X’s Android 2.2.1 Upgrade Coming Soon?


Firstly: I never knew the Droid X was never stepped up to 2.2.1. Having said that, it sounds like it may be on its way according to a screenshot of the phone showing the Android version in the About Phone screen. These are easy to fake, but who would fake an x.x.1 upgrade? That isn’t exciting at all. We’ll keep an eye out for any news from Verizon. [via My Droid World, AC]


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  1. Yea, I agree with the whole “who would fake an x.x.1 upgrade?” comment. I hope it fixes the issue where the phone does not recognize audio files…it started happening more and more often.

  2. I also hope it fixed order of texts (ie, by date/time)

  3. I hope it fixes
    1) the fact that any large downloads under wireless time out
    2) My screen: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_W-OLykJh4lc/TNM7yCWvOYI/AAAAAAAAMk0/piM6t973BYc/s800/PB040295.JPG

  4. Tad – 2.2.1 won’t fix your screen. You must be thinking of *228. That will do the trick :)

  5. @Tad Im sure it will fix your screen but who knows about the large files via wireless issue you are having.

  6. who knows. maybe they’ll even fix the lag in the slide-to-unlock screen

  7. Verified with internal source at Verizon’s QA Group.
    2.3.280.MB810.Verizon.en.US will be the new system version applied to the update. They said that it is in fact a 2.2 bug fix update, But “they” were unable to verify if it will be 2.2.1. Current ETA for OTA rollout, 11/23 (same rollout process as usual; will take a few days) Hopefully this may clear up any questions. As soon as I get any other screenies, I will send them to BGR. Thanks!!

  8. Question. I have the leaked 2.2 Will I have access to the OTA or will I have to wait until someone leaks it? Thanks

  9. @Tad you need a new sum card brown, that’ll fix that screen right up.

  10. sim card bro * lol android keyboards…..

  11. The only thing I have noticed, bug-wise, in my Droid X is that stupid “Cannot play”/”Incompatible file” thing that pops up on my music and videos (fixed with a reboot, but its annoying to do everytime I want to play a song)

  12. I’m sure this question comes around a lot, but I’m rooted. Will I need to unroot? Will I lose root?

  13. What bugs does this upgrade fix?


  14. Verizon needs to get with it and fast, because they are losing customers for not providimg timely fixes for their 2.2 buggy software release. I’m tired of waiting and it has been way too long. Verizon provide a fix or at least let us know when a fix will be coming. I’m tired of checking all the time for OTA updates and having to slide the screen lock to get to my security pattern lock; I don’t need the screen lock if I have a pattern or password lock, along with all the other bugs. Droid X

  15. I don’t hear of any problems with the HTC 4G EVO software that a lot of people are buying. My friends have the HTC EVO and love it….sounds like Sprint might have it together better than Verizon. I know I’ll be thinking of switching if Verizon doesn’t fix their Android 2.2 buggy software soon. Droid X

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