Phan Giveaway: Isotoner smarTouch Gloves


Ever tried to use your Android Phone with gloves on in the cold weather? It usually ends in one of two ways… (1) Total failbot, or (2) Successful but with freezing cold hands because you gave up and took your gloves off. Unless of course you’ve got Isotoner smarTouch gloves.

With a conductive thread embroidered on the pointer finger and thumb, these gloves conduct the electrical current needed to operate your smartphone with gloves on. They sent us a few free pairs and I gave them a whirl. Not only are they pretty darn slick looking, but they worked like an absolute charm.

The SmarTouch gloves go on sale November 1st and you’ll be able to find details at I’m a sincere fan of these gloves, and if you’re the type of person who can’t stop playing with their phone, I think you’ll be a fan too (if you’re in a cold climate of course.)


Whether I’m standing outside for hours at a football game or standing outside my car for a couple minutes pumping gas, continually taking my gloves off to operate my phone isn’t only annoying- it also defeats the purpose of wearing gloves. It isn’t a totally effortless procedure to use the gloves with precision, but that’s because they’re built with warmth in mind and are a little bit thick. In fact I’d say just thick enough – probably the perfect combo between warmth and dexterity. You can see in the video above I’m able to type quickly and accurately, something with which I was really impressed.

While these gloves don’t go on sale until November 1st, Isotoner was nice enough to hook us up with a few free pairs. We’ll be giving away ONE pair this week and will continue giving away ONE pair each week until we run out. That’s how we’ll conduct all of our Phan Giveaways and trust us when we say we’ve got some awesome items incoming in the next couple weeks. So expect the “lot” of items for each giveaway to increase.

We’ll also be hooking up today’s random winner with our current collection of Phandroid Gear: a Phandroid Bag, Phandroid Pens, Phandroid Stadium Cup, and some Phandroid Mints to keep your bot breath on the low. Future giveaways will feature our T-Shirts which we’re still working on (and Phandroid LIVE attendees can still expect to receive).


To win you must:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on October 26th, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on October 27th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

Congratulations to last week’s winner (RMC):


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Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. First?

  2. very nice! me want one plz

  3. Second?

  4. you shouldn’t be playing with your phone while pumping gas.. :)

  5. Would be useful in Michigan this winter.

  6. tried finding a pair like this last year….must have been too late in the season because they were all sold out.

  7. send me one please

  8. Just checking in on this contest. Those gloves would be sweet during these cold pittsburgh winters.

  9. So… how about letting non-US citizens enter, as long as we agree to pay for shipping?

  10. Wow just another awesome thing that “fits” us tech geeks and user friendly for those who just like to text etc. I have a touch screen laptop and cell so I could sure get some use out of those gloves! I love Technology!

  11. Those could be fairly useful.

  12. Awesome, I’m in!

  13. I could really use a pair of these! Winter in Idaho ain’t no joke! Thanks for the consideration Phandroid.

  14. I’d love a pair of these!

  15. IF this winder in Baltimore will be as cold and snowy as the last one, I’ll need a pair of those!

  16. I have always been a fan of Isotoner gloves, and this sounds like an AWESOME pair to have as a touchscreen user in the northeast! And the Phandroid bling is awesome too!

  17. Hoorah for warm hands!

  18. Do want.

  19. These look awesome!

  20. This is badass…I’m on my first smartphone (Love my DX!) and it never occurred to me that this would be a problem come winter…now that I’ve thought of it I’m gonna need a pair of these gloves…

  21. Those would be useful. I have poor blood circulation to my hands and they are always cold, so I have the problem of Having to take my gloves off to operate my Vibrant.

  22. i’ll take them off your hands (hehe)

  23. Looks great for winters in Chicago.

  24. Do I comment here>>>>>> ?

  25. I live in Wisconsin. Enough Said.

  26. Really don’t like taking my gloves off on those elevated train platforms on blustery Chicago winter mornings.

  27. Always wanted some of these when I’m skiing up in Tahoe.

  28. Interesting idea — it makes me wonder if they’ll do a driving version for folks using their phones as nav/entertainment in the car. I’d love to try these out.

  29. Very nice, a must have for the cold winter months.

  30. Sold! Although winning them would be better!

  31. I would love to get a pair of these.

  32. Don’t have to use a sausage now

  33. Nebraska – not as bad as Wisconsin, but still damn cold in the winter.

  34. Hey I actually could tell time and post before deadline this time.

  35. Would be awesome for using my Droid to record pond hockey games.

  36. Great giveaway…the gloves look nice. Hope I win!

  37. Would be great to have one. Thanks

  38. Those would be awesome in Midwest winters

  39. These would sure make waiting for the bus this winter a bit more bearable.

  40. I have cold fingers! Help please!

  41. Would definitely love a pair of these for skiing and listening to music.

  42. Would love me some gloves!

  43. Those gloves are awesome! Definately could use those up here in Northern Minnesota!

  44. I have cold hands, pick me! Pick me!

  45. Finally, someone thought of this. Nice.

  46. No Canada? We are getting a foot of snow here today and I could really use a pair to go with my Droid!!

    But understandably so on the shipping.. again I could give you a US Addy to send it to!!

  47. Awesome, I love this blog. I’ve actually unsubscribed to all of my other android blogs. You guys definitely cover everything hitting the net.

  48. Those look awesome. Reminds me of the movie Tron

  49. Man I really could have used those last year with the three feet of snow we saw in New Jersey!

  50. Cool, I had the ones with metal tab on the gloves. They worked ok, but I was afraid it would scratch the glass on my phone.

  51. Do want.

  52. Pick me!!!

  53. Superior, WI means superior snow and cold winters.

  54. Sweet….get the iPhone off the box >:(

  55. i’ll take em PLEASE

  56. i want em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

  57. It seems like this should have been “invented” 4 years ago since it’s not all that complicated of a problem. I might have to research the price on these if I don’t win it.

  58. I would love a pair of these. I can already see my wife rolling her eyes :)

  59. would be great on the ski lifts!

  60. I think these look awesome, I would love a pair :)

  61. I really need a pair of these.

  62. So cooooooold, hands freezing, fingers falling off, cant tex

  63. In before the deadline…. Love the giveaways guy!! Keep it up!!!!

  64. Pick me!

  65. wait…. why doesnt my phandroid app look like that??? (o.O) =o(

  66. YAY no more sausage!

  67. I hope I win! These sound awesome.

  68. I’m so cold! Those look awesome!

  69. so many things i want to touch while wearing those gloves.

  70. These will be nice to have!

  71. I hope I win!

  72. Pretty please! It gets pretty frigid here in Chicago in the winter months!

  73. Phandroid rulez……as always! I.m in.

  74. Ooooh pick me pick me

  75. Ship it!

  76. YAY! No more frost bite fingers!

  77. OMG! I’m obsessed with my phone and was getting so frustrated last weekend when I had to keep taking my gloves off while waiting for friends outside in the cold. So cool.

  78. Please I would love to have the bag & other stuff, the gloves would be great. I might have to even use them in my Office since they keep it so cold. I am very cold natured. Thanks for all you do for us

  79. These would be great for when I go to Bears games, and have to check my fantasy scores

  80. those would be freakin sweet…

  81. Need some gloveeees

  82. Those would be sweet to have.

  83. Very useful gloves and pretty too. I want one, Bring it, bring it, bring it.

  84. Whether I win or not, these are on my Christmas list.

  85. Anything that will keep my hands from turning purple from thhe cold is wonderful!

  86. Hook me up, It’s cold here in upstate NY.

  87. Sounds like a great idea. I wonder how much these will cost for those of us that are unlucky :-)

  88. These gloves look pretty excellent. Angry Birds outdoors in the winter!

  89. Wow! Something I am looking forward for, with winter coming

  90. This will be perfect while I watch the giants win the series!

  91. I’m in. Hope they’re X-Large…

  92. I walk everywhere I go, including to and from work,with my DroidX.I need these gloves!

  93. Doesn’t get better than that.

  94. Want want Want, you guys rock

  95. I wanna win something.

  96. I almost feel bad entering for a glove contest when I live in Southern California – but my fingers still get cold sometimes!

  97. This is awesome!!!

  98. 96th place I think I have a chance

  99. Geek chic!

  100. Oh, please let me win. If I like them I will buy them for my whole family. Great holiday gift!

  101. I want I want I want. I work with kids n they like to play outside regardless of weather!

  102. I wonder how many people even think about the fact they can’t answer their phones with normal gloves on.

  103. Those ARE the gloves I am looking for…

  104. These would be perfect for when i ride my motorcycle!

  105. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!

  106. These gloves look awesome, I could use a pair of these for the freakin cold Chicago winters. Phandroid ROCKS! #1 web site for phone info.

  107. I’d love a pair of those Smartouch gloves (and other Phandroid swag)! Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. 102nd! w00t

  109. I hope I get one!

  110. Just what I need with winter approaching

  111. Cool!

  112. Those look pretty cool.

  113. Are these for women only? If so, can we say sexist?

  114. lol these gloves are already on sale. I have them at my work.

  115. Toasty Fingers! Now only if I can hardwire an earpiece into my central nervous system.

  116. I need one!

  117. A winterware giveaway where Canadians can’t participate…that’s just wrong.

    I would totally pay for shipping to the great white north

  118. These would be bad-azz to have! Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Just in time for winter, too! I want these badly.

  120. Do the gloves come in phandroid blue?

  121. Would be cool (er, warm?) to have a pair of these this winter!

  122. Me want gloves, hands cold. LoL

  123. i need some gloves!

  124. I’m still wondering how microsoft won the WSJ poll for best mobile os!?!?

  125. Traveling to Canada this winter, need those gloves.

  126. This is a field test of the total crappyness rating(TCR) of my luck. Let the games begin…;p

  127. I’d love a pair if these!

  128. Another thing to watch out for while snowboarding this season, texting skiers.

  129. Those are cool. Why are those just being made now? Well, let the outdoor angry bird bird competition begin…NOW!

  130. These would be nice to have.

    Gimme, gimme :-D

  131. This looks amazing, I would love to have one.

  132. i’d like to use these for when i pee outside and it’s cold..

  133. I could really use a pair of gloves like these.

  134. LoL…looks a bit puffy but it’d be useful this winter

  135. The gloves sound great. Won’t my phone be cold?

  136. tits

  137. You know, it’s pretty cold in New Jersey come the end of November, these would be great for me.

  138. This would be great for the ‘map my walk/run/jog’ apps when walking the dog in the cold… /or/ checking e-mail/texts when waiting for someone outside a movie theater. :D

  139. Wow that is an interesting idea! Im glad to see someone made it into reality. I would love one of these!

  140. Those gloves rock. I saw a review of them on TV and it was very positive. Would definitely make using a smart phone in the winter much more enjoyable. Plus no smudges. :) The biggest plus imo.

  141. Sure, it’s 65 in MD right now, but if this winter is anywhere near as bad as last, I’ll need these in another week or so.

  142. Yes please.

  143. Verrrry cool.. I want a pair for my hubs and myself!

  144. Gets cold here in cali would love these gloves…

  145. Would love to make use of these come winter time.

  146. i want one!

  147. Wow, these would be perfect for winter geocaching!

  148. Man I’d know i’d use the heck out of those.

  149. I work outside all year round, these would be awesome to have!!!

  150. I could use them.

  151. Yes please. Pacific northwest can get very cold.

  152. Want to keep my hands warm.

  153. I was thinking of just sewing conductive thread into my current gloves, these would save me the trouble.

  154. A pair of gloves like that would really come in handy

  155. My hands are cold

  156. Randomly pick me!! Next you gotta get your logo on these :-)

  157. Finally, a way to keep my hands warm when its snowing

  158. no one else noted that takes you to a login page?

  159. Heyo!

  160. Wanna these gloves!!!

  161. man, the worst part about that pic is i have the same shirt

  162. Me Please!

  163. Those are so freakin’ awesome! I’d love a pair! :D

  164. Wow, those are really awesome! Much better than flip-baack mitten/fingerless gloves… My hands are always cold, so I would love a pair! :-)

  165. One, please!

  166. Why not, somebody’s got to win.

  167. I have a paper route as a second job so gloves are a must! Would be great if I could work my phone with whatever gloves I end up using!

  168. my girlfriend was going to try and make me a pair of gloves and sew some conductive thread into the fingertips, but that was a year ago, so she clearly doesn’t love me and winning these would start a great argument!

  169. Wow, wish I’d thought of that first! Live in SoCal but I travel to lots of cold spots, could really use the gloves!

  170. It’s storming like crazy in Michigan right now. Mostly rain, but I could certainly use a pair!

  171. Just what I need so my daughter can stop asking me ” dad aren’t your hands too cold to use the phone?”

  172. If I win, I promise to take every opportunity to make my wife jealous of me this winter.

  173. I actually need new gloves for the winter.

  174. I’d wear them. Even in the summer.

  175. Excellent! These will be useful!

  176. Dude! Those are awesome, I gotta have me a pair! *Please* pick me?! :o)

  177. Looks awesome! Definitely needed in Minnesota.

  178. Count me in on this. These gloves look sweet.

  179. fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
    fuzzy was had no hair
    Fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy. . was he!

    /thought you might want to read something other than ME ME ME ;)

  180. I need some gloves for winter for real.

  181. Me please!

  182. I gotta ride my scooter through yet another winter, so these sure would come in handy! *crosses fingers*

  183. these are quite nice. to think our touchscreens have far surpassed actual touch and requiring electric current is just one of the things one never thinks of. until hes stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, and way too cold to take off gloves to make that phone call.

  184. These gloves look totally awesome. I live in Wisconsin and sure could use them! Hope you are kind enough to hook me up with a pair that will be loved greatly. Vera ;)

  185. By the beard of Zeus! I never thought about having to take my gloves off to answer my phone. I should probably get me some awesome technogloves…

  186. Shiny! It’s one of the few things I missed about my old phone when I got my Droid. It had the other screen type so it didn’t need to be conductive and I could use my gloves (or stylus) when it was cold.

  187. Umm.. YES! I need gloves that dont make me look homeless for real!

  188. I want a pair!!

  189. Gimme gimme pretty please?

  190. Awesome looking’ gloves would love to try those out.

  191. I just moved to Ohio from Alabama and I’ve been told I will need gloves this winter. I don’t have any yet! It would be REAL nice to have these!

  192. My wife is sick would be nice to be able to give these to her!

  193. Ooo! I live in Toledo and could defintiely use these =) even if I don’t win, I’ll buy em =)

  194. These are a genius idea – I definitely need a pair!

  195. Great idea!

  196. The original version of those gloves were awesome on my G1, they had a little metal nub on the index finder. Too bad my dog thought they tasted better than dog food. How much for the stuffed Android, she can play with that if I win the gloves.

  197. Very cool idea, will be the must have gift, for cold weather days.

  198. I would love to have a pair of these gloves! I am outside all the time and being able to use my phone in the winter without having to take my gloves off would be awesome!

  199. Me want!!!

  200. Ummmm, conduct electrical current??? Don’t you think that would be a terrible idea while pumping gas to wear these gloves? What happens if you generate a static shock because of these gloves? You’d ignite the gas fumes and blow up into a ball of flames. I don’t know about you guys, but anything that “conducts electrical current” will not be worn on my hands….I’m just saying…

  201. Seems like a great idea and perfect for the fastly approaching winter.

  202. save my hands from hypothermia please! my iphone-toting buddies will be green with envy…green as in android green :)

  203. Looks nice.

  204. Comment ftw!

  205. Whats that growing out of the android? Might want to get that checked out.

  206. These would be awesome for working outside in the winter.

  207. These would be awesome for use on campus in the middle of winter!

  208. I’m in!!

  209. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  210. I want!

  211. sure beats regular gloves and an overpriced stylus!

  212. It’s cold in winter, here in Connecticut & I need new gloves this year!

  213. Slammin!!! Will go lovely with the AWD WRX frolicking in the wintry mix!!

  214. These would definitely come in handy!

  215. Seems like something eminently useful

  216. OJ did it…

  217. Yes, please. Size medium.

  218. This would definitely come in handy while out in the cold waiting for the bus.

  219. thanks.

  220. Awesome, those gloves look great. Please notify me when I won;) at [email protected]

  221. Ooh, now I can go snowboarding and text at the same time! :P

  222. Oh Gloves, how do you warm my hands? Let me count the ways!

  223. Please I live in Buffalo so I shovel alot of times a year this would help me stay in touch and keep my hands warm thanks

  224. These are awesome! I totally want a pair! PICK ME, PICK ME!! :-)

  225. I would really love to have some conductive thread flowing from my gloves and any other clothing part you may want to give me!!!!! Please let me win!!!!!!

  226. I R Want !!

  227. I like the icons on the fingertips, very geeky…

  228. Two hundred and twenty-two comments? Ugh. I was hoping for better odds. God, I need these. Seriously, that person with the WRX doesn’t need these. At least they have a car, which is more than I can say for myself.

  229. Might be putting these gloves on the Christmas list.

  230. First + 230-ish! It will be cold here soon and I’m an Android addict.

  231. OJ uses this on his iPad.

  232. OOH,Very awesome!!!You guys are so nice!!! Thanks for the chance
    [email protected]

  233. Wisconsin winter= COLD
    Isotoner Gloves= HOT!!!!

  234. I come for the comments…well, maybe.

  235. Not looking forward to using my Nexus One in the winter without something like this.

  236. 235

  237. looks amazing!

  238. Gloves would be nice!

  239. DIBS!

  240. A pair of these would be really nice when I’m out on my walks in the winter :) Wonder what other colors they will be planning on having available?

  241. These look great to buy!

  242. That’s incredible. I totally want a pair.

  243. I’m really glad that I found Phandroid…I hope that one day, Phandroid will find me.

  244. Uhm, when I click on the link for the gloves, I’m re-directed to a login page for what looks a Marketing Media business. Can you fix the link please or get more info? Even if I didn’t win this, I might buy a pair.

  245. These would be nice in Chicago

  246. Nerd gloves. Awesome.

  247. This morning was such a cold, wet, miserable commute to work… if only I had some phone-friendly gloves to keep me chipper! Here’s crossing my un-insulated fingers!

  248. Would love a pair of these…

  249. Cellphones causing gas pump explosions are a myth, and the warning signs on pumps keep the myth going. Static charges do cause some concern, but as long as you touch a metal part of the pump before you pick up the handle, you’ll get rid of any static charge. In cold weather, you can safely enter and leave your car multiple times (despite what the signs say) as long as you touch the grounded metal side of the pump before you touch the pump handle. The gloves won’t cause a gas pump explosion.
    Skeptics can look it up at

  250. Awesome! I now know what to get about a half a dozen people for Christmas!

  251. I would like some. It gets cold here in Michigan.

  252. My wife asked me to get her gloves like this last year.

  253. cold hands warm heart!

  254. Holy cow those are awesome! I know what I’m asking Santa for if I don’t win.

  255. Something like this is actually a very cool idea. (no pun intended)

    While taking my gloves off to use my phone isn’t something I relish, I can do it without too much fuss. My daughter and wife, however, often have to go to great lengths to access their devices… so much so they usually hand it to me to do what they want ;)

    Regardless, consider this my entry :)

  256. hope i win, it’s getting cold outside, thanks.

  257. Wisconsin is uber cold, I’d like a pair of dem mitts!

  258. These gloves are cool

  259. I get the feeling I’ll need a pair of these this winter…

  260. This will be extremely useful winter coming up. Would love to be the lucky one.

  261. Winter is coming to Ohio… And after reading about these, I plan on buying these unless I am incredibly lucky and actually win a pair. :)

  262. Perfect timing. My hobo-style slip-up fingerless gloves have about had it. And weren’t that warm once you actually flipped up the bit to expose your fingers.

  263. Yay for giveaways!

  264. Awesome gloves!

  265. let’s do this…

  266. Hey Rob, I think i deserve one of this fantastic glove, not only am i a big fan of phandroid but i also drove all the way from hershey (2 hour) to get to the phandroid live event,and althought i did no win anything i did enjoy pretty much…. can wait for the next phandroid live event..

  267. Comment.

  268. Sweet! Hook me up with some!

  269. I am moving to Alaska in January, these will be perfect!

  270. I could have used a pair of those gloves a couple of weeks ago when running the Denver Rock & Roll Half-Marathon – a chilly 45 degrees when we started….. please shoot me a pair!

    mikey (now back in warm Houston)….

  271. I like my hands to be warm.

  272. These look really useful when snowboarding

  273. Rock on!

  274. I could totally use a pair of those! Assuming they’re not in large, of course.

  275. I’ll give it a shot!

  276. Geekgasm over these puppies! I want them!!!

  277. i still want to know how i can get the phandroid app thats in the video it seems alot better than the one i have =o(

  278. I’m in Wisconsin and could use these already.

  279. I’d love a pair of these! Moving to Chicago soon!

  280. A pair of these would be great for my 20 min walk to class in the winter

  281. Would love to try these snowboarding!

  282. Even though I grew up in the snow and my hands are relatively resistant to the numbing cold, these gloves would be handy.

  283. No taking the gloves off in the cold is awesome!

  284. :D no more having to use sausages when in the cold now if I win, right?!

  285. Looking forward to being inside of you….Isotoner.

  286. Could use a pair while plowing snow in Minnesota.

  287. I would definitely use a pair of those!!

  288. pick me!!!!

  289. Wow, I could really use those…

  290. I buy isotoner, so I love the gloves. Cnt Stp playin wit the cell, mean there a must hav item.

  291. 299th. Wooo!

  292. Those are some awesome gloves.

  293. Chicago gets real freakin cold … could def use these

  294. Just moved back to the cold, these will be great!

  295. I could use those this winter while playing “Angry Birds”.

  296. Those look perfect!

  297. Sweet, those could come in handy up here in Minnesota, as the winters get a just a wee bit cold here.

  298. im not 18 yet :(

  299. could use those

  300. Definitely will get these even if i don’t win!

  301. These gloves are great! Now I can finally leave Texas and still use my phone!

  302. It’s about fickin time. I expected something like these gloves to come out at least a year ago. Now they need to make a good touring motorcycle glove with the same finger tips, then I’d be set!

  303. Count me in

  304. Sounds good

  305. These gloves look cool.

  306. ANDROID > apple


  307. I would definitely love a pair of these :)

  308. I need these bad!! I work outside in the cold and have to take the bus.

  309. Just what the (d)r.obot ordered!

  310. Very Nice ,, Wife would love these.

  311. Well… they finally make these gloves. It is such a simple concept and I really can see these doing well – in the North especially

    How long do you think it will take Apple to release their own and call them “revolutionary” and “amazing”?

    – AdamZ

  312. Ok… now that’s pretty cool!

  313. These would have come in handy last winter when Jersey had more snow than anyone could remember and I just wanted to change to the next track on my Droid. I might have to pick up a pair!

  314. My life sucks, winning this would automatically increase the quality of my life 3.67x

  315. Living in Northeast with a DX…so, yeah I need some gloves. Please and thanks!

  316. I would love to have these gloves. My hands are always cold but I still want to use my phone!

  317. Free = good

  318. Hook a androiddict up!?, ya’ll know me . I could really use these Thanks>….Phaaaaaannndroooooid!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Do Want!! I hate having to take off gloves in the winter to work my phone. SOOOOO Annoying. Especially when the weather gets below 0*. :(

  320. those mints look tasty

  321. Will most definitely be needing these gloves now that we are living in a suburb of Chicago. Just moved her from Southern California. BRRRRRRRRRRR!

  322. I was just talking about gloves like these to my boyfriend yesterday, and then he kindly forwarded me this post! I could really use a pair of these for when winter strikes in NYC! :)

  323. Just the thing for soccer games. Parades. Tree lighting ceremonies….

  324. Sounds cool. Want one. Pick me.

    Cmon, I live in Colorado. It’s already freezing here. It’s gonna snow this weekend. Need!!

  325. I’d love a pair :)

  326. They sure look nice.. I m in.

  327. A pair of these will undeniably enhance my Captivating Galaxy experience.

  328. Wow I would love these. I saw an article on how to make your own you just need to get some conductive thread.
    Good luck to us all.

  329. This is an excellent idea! I had to buy those mittens with the fingers coming through and it defeated the whole purpose of having gloves! lol I’d really appreciate having a pair!

  330. these would help me so much!

  331. I need these for when I’m tweeting at a Patriots game.

  332. My digits will absolutely love these…

  333. Oh what a lovely bunch of coconuts.

  334. O please pick me

  335. Would love a pair!

  336. I would love these! Especially if it snows this year as much as last year!

  337. do want!

  338. I was just thinking I needed a pair of capacitive touch screen compatible gloves. How coincidental.

  339. I hate the cold. I used to have to deal with this issue on my handheld when I worked for Sara Lee. Send a set my way and save an Evo from being lonely in the Winter.

  340. Well, it’s only 11:03pm here in Colorado.
    Great site, keep up the good work!

  341. I would LOVE some of these! Northeast US can be a bitch in the winter!

  342. finally some gloves that still let you use your phone! i want a pair!

  343. am i too late…..haha

  344. Very Cool. I’ll take any or all of that. I live in Pennsylvania in the USA, and believe me those gloves would come in handy!

  345. You *really* need to start shipping stuff for people outside of the US. It’s pretty unfair :(

  346. That’s really cool specially here it is cold and snows all the time in winter.. I NEED TO WIN THIS!!! HELP!!

  347. We just got a blizzard. I woke up to 60 mph winds and 6 inches of snow. Please PLease PLEase I need a pair of these.

  348. do want, maybe too late though :\

  349. Need a set of those for days out on the mountain boarding perfect for under my mitts!

  350. Nice gloves!

  351. Wow, a lot of people want the free gloves!

  352. In it to win it! It’ll be great for the upcoming winter months.

  353. Sweet! These would be awesome to have!

  354. I’m going to need those for my MT4G!

  355. It’s about time somebody came up with these! I need some!

  356. Nice; the midwest gets *chilly*.

  357. Its 11/2/2010 and I can’t find them… I wanna win them :-)

  358. In.

  359. OMG! I can soooooo use those gloves! They look awesome!

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