Phan Giveaway: Squishable Android Robot Pillow


We like to show our Phan Appreciation, and now it will come in the form of a weekly giveaway where we’ll attempt to collect a random assortment of Android goodies and give them all to one random commenter. For the first time around we’ve only got one item (along with Phan Gear), but it’s more than worth the quick second it takes to comment:

android-pillowThe Squishable Android Robot Pillow can be purchased from for $39 – which might sound expensive for a pillow – but this thing is pure quality, awesomely fluffy, and is definitely one of the best Android Robot items I’ve seen available. If you (or your girflriend/boyfriend/someone) is a pillowy person with some kind of animal obsession, definitely check out the rest of their collection:


We’ll also be hooking up the random winner with our current collection of Phandroid Gear: a Phandroid Bag, Phandroid Pens, Phandroid Stadium Cup, and some Phandroid Mints to keep your bot breath on the low. Future giveaways will feature our T-Shirts which we’re still working on (and Phandroid LIVE attendees can still expect to receive).


To win you must:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on October 19th, 2010

We’ll contact the randomly selected winner on October 20th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. OOOOHHH!!! squishy pillow! Andy likey!

  2. EEEEEE!!!!! I heart Andy the Android! I can’t go 15 minutes without refreshing my Phandroid page. Fingers super duper crossed!

  3. I better win. lol.
    Ps i used my real email this time

  4. Now I ask are you guys actually going to provide the winners with prizes and word of who wins unlike the contest that took place on 09/14/2010.
    ” For example, the first three people to reply to this post, correctly listing all of Verizon’s currently available Android Phones, will receive a little Phandroid gift pack with the items above included”

    I know you said it was not selected by who was actually show first but You can see 2 other people copied my response Completely. Showing I was there before most.

  5. i could really use this pillow. i love that its android too pick me!!!!!!!

  6. The claw has spoken

  7. My Wife would kill for one, don’t make her kill me please!!!!!

  8. Pick me! Thanks!

  9. Oooh, I want that Andy pillow!

  10. I so want that owl.

  11. Please choose me. I would love to get this nice pillow.

  12. Oh he/she is so cute :D!! Wanna squeeze!

  13. My girlfriend would love this!

  14. That pillow looks luxuriantly fluffy!

  15. My Daughter would love this !! She has just turned 3 this week and is a lil poorly with an ear infection at the moment :(

    Please choose her and cheer her up! :)


    emily x

  16. That pillow would be awesome.

  17. My girlfriend would love this haha

  18. yummy yummy pillow time!

  19. Awesome. I really like the pillow.

  20. This sure would be great to rest my freshly broken arm on for the next six to eight weeks to keep it elevated and annoy the wife with more Android goodness. (by the way i am right handed and broke my right arm and am left hand stupid and had to type this with my left hand) Phandroid FTW

  21. My girlfriend wants that pillow. come on Phandroid let me get that sweet sweet pillow

  22. Awesome! Free stuff rocks!!!

  23. Give me the doll…I’ll have lots of sex on it.

  24. can I has one please!?

  25. that’s an amazing pillow!

  26. I really think that this is a great idea to get people invovled more like myself and all these others. I would love that pillow because I’m one of few people that’s always been android. Its my first smartphone and I love all that can be done on it.

    P.s. steve jobs we got pillows :-P
    You have nothing mwahahahahaha

  27. My Android Overlords demand I bring them a squishy pillow as well as awesome items.

  28. Wonder how the gf will like him on the bed…lol Well it’s soft so I’m sure she’ll love it.

  29. No wammy, no wammy, no wammy!!

  30. The pillow. It will be mine.

  31. To win you must:

    * Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
    * Be 18 years of age or older
    * Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
    * Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on October 19th, 2010

    So I assume you mean by commenting in this thread?

  32. I WANT THAT PILLOW!!! lol

  33. This will be great for smothering my Apple-addicted friend.

  34. this would be a sweet gift for the gf since i just got her over to android

  35. I want :,(

  36. that is one huge pillow!

  37. Is it just me or does Rob look a lot sexier holding that thing…?

  38. I would sleep better at night for sure with this as my pillow.

  39. I hope I win

  40. hi id like to win great android squishy for make sexy time.

  41. I haven’t seen any iPillows yet!
    The Android pillow…commands me!

  42. DO WANT! I need this thing in my life. My buddy shows off his Apple gear all the time and I need some more Android gear!! I swear to pimp it in the back window of my car!!

  43. Pick me! Please?

  44. That’s one sweet pillow. I need to get that.

  45. My girlfriend would love that. She’s a recent android convert. Thanks to me. :)

  46. Awesome items for the giveaway! That pillow is sick.

  47. Diggin’ that pillow.

  48. Good stuff, I want that pillow!

  49. Haha. That’s a great pillow idea. The idea of an Android pillow is far superior to an Apple with a bite taken out of it pillow.

  50. ooo pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  51. I could use one of those!

  52. mmmmmmMMMMMMM. Squishy android pillow. This is better than my latex-free, biodegradable, bacteria laced sex doll a.k.a. Jenna Germason

  53. I want to haz that pillow :)

  54. That is so awesome! I hope I win!… Please? Haha.

  55. Please enter me in the contest!

    By the way, good job writing “EDT.” Not many people know the difference between EDT and EST, let alone when to use it.

  56. I’m a phandroid and i also like pillows!

  57. Looks awesome

  58. I need a new pillow.. What would be better than one of our favorite mascot? ;]

  59. Love it! the perfect companion when i’m laying on the couch playing Angry Birds on my Droid

  60. Love Android… am a converted Apple fan. Let the pillow fights begin

  61. 00o0o! He’d keep me warm at night!

  62. It should be pictured eating a giant Apple staring through a broken Window. :D

  63. Oh I would love a giant squishy robot. I already have a small knitted one; they could be friends!

  64. Must have it. also good move on squishable part may have to buy one for my girlfriend.

  65. This looks astonishing. I already have so many Squishables, and this would go amazingly for me and my Android fanboyism! :D

    *cue Droid sound effect in the background*

  66. I love the Droid pillow idea….Smart and sassy.

  67. Woohoo! What an awesome pillow! And the Phandroid gear rocks too! Nice idea for a promotion!

  68. @Aztec, still waiting on the results of that giveaway too! I sent an email through the site and haven’t heard back from them. But I’ll give this one a chance too! My daughter would love that pillow!

  69. This is an awesome pillow that could hold my droid while I work on my laptop. Sometimes I wish monitors were touch and feel… that pillow looks so soft!

  70. That pillow looks super fluffy.

  71. That stuff would look great on my desk at work to annoy the Iphone fan boys at work.

  72. Woo! Andy Pillow! Haha what an awesome pilow.

  73. Yes Please.

  74. I’m just glad there’s a application so I can keep up with all the great Phandroid news on my EVO 4G!

  75. s one big ass pillow, would look awesome next to my tiny Android plush :-)

  76. I’d love a robot :)

  77. i want a android pillow

  78. I think one would look nice on my couch

  79. i have 4 android figures, i want a pillow tho!

  80. Totally sweet, throwing my hat in the ring.

  81. I love pillows!

  82. “IT’S SO FLUFFY”!!!

  83. Great giveaway, hope I win that pillow.

  84. I never won anything .. so I could be the winner this time :)

  85. Dibs!!!!!!!!!

  86. Would make a great gift before surgery on the 2nd =)
    Thanks for the chance.

  87. Would definitely go well with my HTC Incredible!

  88. ooohh, what a perfect upcoming birthday gift for my wifey, AND her Evo!!

  89. That’s an awfully squishy looking pillow

  90. I WANT IT. Can I have?

  91. Sign me up!

  92. I would like to win!

  93. Rob, I think you are really cool and that you don’t post as often as you used to! I know, your a busy dude.

  94. Awesome pillow. That would compliment my place very well. =)

  95. I like turtles

  96. so squishy! i r wanting this!

  97. Droid does… need something fluffy to rest on.

  98. I will pay for the shipping :D GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

  99. [email protected]
    I Love This site… This is On My Top 5 Site To Check Every Morning… If PhanDroid Was My Coat. It Would Always Be OFF THE HOOK.
    Peace PhanDroid
    Viva Android Revolation

  100. YO.

  101. Great way to get comments Phandroid :)

    Just for the record I comment even if there isn’t a prize involved… most of the time.

  102. Squishy Android = awesome!

  103. Ill pay for the shipping. Gimme gimme gimme!!! :D

  104. That is definitely a sweet pillow. :D

  105. win win winw win winw wi wni win AWESOME!

  106. Yes please! :D

  107. Pillow me!


  109. Wow, I’d love that pillow, send it here please!


  111. I need this pillow. My puppy keeps eating all of mine.

  112. Pick Me! Pick Me! It’s soooo FLUFFY!!!

  113. cool

  114. Well, past Friday I had my iPhone loving girlfirend ditch the iCrap and switch to Android and purchase Evo4G. Now my family is 100% Android and we MUST HAVE that Android Pillow in our living room.

  115. [email protected]
    Uhhh awesome! Always wanted something android. 39 bucks is a lot for a pillow though. Also would love one of those action figures some places are selling. Maybe that could be one of your next giveaways!

  116. The Android pillow is awesome…………

  117. That thing is awesome!! I think I know what I am going to get my phandroid phamily for Christmas!!

  118. Out of all the awesomeness that consumes the internet, PHANDROID REIGNS SUPREME!

    And I love (Ph)Android swag! Hook an ex-cancer patient up, yo!

  119. Cool!

  120. Yes! Now I can ditch my squishy apple pillow!

  121. Very cute. Might buy one if I don’t end up winning.

  122. I’m buying one even if I don’t win one. My DX is always complaining about sharing a pillow with me

  123. Oooh I hope I win! I’ll love him and cuddle him and… put him on my couch to up my Droid Cred. :)

  124. I can haz pillow from

  125. Snuggly awesomeness!

  126. Awesome! I may buy one for myself if I don’t win =D

  127. That pillow is awesome, me wants!

  128. My wife would love the squishy, I would love the Android!

  129. This pillow looks soft.
    I am a fan of Phandroid.
    Please pick me to win.

  130. If you just order one then coupon code WOW100000SQUISHYFANS for 15% off (basically equiv to free shipping).

  131. whoa that’s so squishy!!

  132. Wonder if anyone READS all these comments!!! In for an awesome android stuffie!

  133. My kids would love one.

  134. I want a squishable pillow!!

  135. Adorable.

  136. Please disregard all post prior to this one. They must be spam as they threaten the likelihood of my winning this prize.

  137. Cool!

  138. I would love that as a novelty item. I just might go for it if I don’t win.

  139. Epic want!

  140. holy smokes. this would be awesome with my new droidX i’m fixing to get fri!!!! thanks!

  141. WANT!! :)


  143. How about hooking this commenter up with a late wedding present? ;-)
    We got married this Saturday, 10/16/2010.

  144. Oh man! After recently converting my girl to Android, she’d REALLY love this pillow. Our new kittens destroyed her very favorite one, and this would be a great replacement!

    Pick me!

  145. OMG! I dont have any Android gear yet but I’d love to make this my first addition! :L :3

  146. DROID!!!

  147. It’s so fluffy!! it’s a huge green guy!

  148. The pillow is mine, kthx

  149. That thing is pretty sweet looking. Definitely wouldn’t mind having one!

  150. I want a squishable android! =)

  151. Plz I need this for my wife!

  152. Sweet basement….errr, I mean Phandroid HQ ;)

  153. My nexus one just broke… i could drown my tears in this pillow.

  154. Super dope.

  155. I’m kinda in love with that pillow.

  156. Awesome-O! I want a squishy android replica pillow lol.

  157. I believe I am a pillow person…

  158. Pregnant wife would love a squishy Android pillow!

  159. Wow!! I really like that pillow, and want one.

  160. Pick me pick me!

  161. OOh. Fun. Hope I’m not late… probably am though

  162. Wow! That is a lot of comments. I’ll throw mine in the hat, too. Those robots are cute.

  163. will piss my gf if i win, she hates the fact im in to cellphones and other gadgets, especially android. :)

  164. OHHHH me like!!!! Phandroid you are awesome!!!

  165. I want to win, I love free stuff, and it’s android related. What more can you ask fire? up the good work phandroid.Op

  166. Sooooooooo cute!

  167. Thats awesome… Does it come with an app to help keep my dog from humping it?

  168. OMG My boyfriend’s empty condo totally needs that pillow!

  169. Sign me up I can always use some free stuff!

  170. droid does (squish)!

  171. [email protected]

    My wife would love this little guy!!!

  172. I would love to tote the phandroid gear around campus and flaunt it to all the apple fanboys.

  173. Must have pillow

  174. If I win this I swear I will switch over to android and donate my jailbroken unlocked iphone 4…

  175. I really love to give it to my Girlfriend, I just bought her a new Moto Droid 2, this is a good fit …

  176. Want!!!

  177. So, is the squishable android going to be dyed “phandroid blue”, cause that would make it one of a kind.

  178. Sweet!

  179. stuffs: send to me pls.

  180. That’s what my bed is lacking! Andy!


  181. This would be great. I could then get my wife to throw away her Stitch doll for something cooler, and much better.

  182. The pillow looks really cool. I keep checking Dead Zebra for Andy toys but they are always sold out. Drat!

  183. Sweet gear!

  184. Who WOULDN’T want a squishable android pillow? YES PLEASE, I say.

  185. I must get one of these for my wife. It will give her something to squish when I’m not around. Please help!

  186. Nice! Hope I win!

  187. awwww it’s so cute!! :)

  188. Yay fluffy goodness!

  189. Must… have… pillow…

  190. I hope I get one, iv never won a contest of anything before in my life. True talk right there lol.

  191. Do want!!! :D

  192. Want squishy!

  193. android pillow!

  194. That is awesome. Would love to have that little guy :)

  195. My Daughter wants that pillow(Shes only 1 and started laughing and pointing at the pillow when she saw it)

  196. Nice give away, thank you for giving to your loyal readers!

  197. So, is it a commenter on this thread or any article?

    Anyway. I drive my wife nuts trying to find Android stuff. Dead Zebra website is her homepage now. I just can’t wait until they have those suckers in stock so I can buy a load of them!

  198. Hey you dang woodchucks… Quit chucking my wood. Best commercial ever

  199. Hey, I want it too!

  200. That pillow is awesome. I can use it to bat the Apple mug out of my brother’s hand to smash on the floor. Mwa Ha Ha!

  201. Oh, and before i forget, can you write multiple comments and they all count or only your first comment counts?

  202. I dream of Android…

  203. Love the Pillow, I think it will look cool on my Couch!!

  204. Its nice to see fan appreciation that’s why I refer everyone to Phandroid.

  205. I needz this! i just bought a bottle opener and now this will just make my collection ever more awesome! thnks guys!!!

  206. squishable… like my tummy.

  207. The time has come at last, to take away this mask. now every one can see.. my true Identity…

  208. Look at all of us greedy android lovers. Man, that pillow would be awsome…

  209. I want one!! ^_^

  210. I can’t get an upgrade for my cliq till next year, but maybe this will be a good consolation prize :)

  211. droid does pillow- yeah baby that is shagadelic

  212. I’d like a pillow like that.

  213. Awesome! please count me in :)

  214. This is a cool prize! Thanks for making the entry so simple!!

  215. I would love that for the Man-Cave I gotta win one I never win anything!

  216. I would LOVE to have this pillow to give to my first baby – due in April :)

  217. Would you deny my daughter an Android of her own for Christmas? Looks great and I love seeing all the up and coming Android accessories.

  218. Those are nice!!! Good give away..

  219. I’d like a robot pillow!

  220. Android.

  221. Consider my entry a formal apology for giving my kids a hard time for wanting Pillow Pets. Sorry, but I want it!!!!!

  222. Those squishables do seem rather over-priced…
    Free is much better!

  223. I love some free stuff.t

  224. wooo! this would make a great addition to my desk!

  225. WANT!!!!!!!

  226. sweet! my kids would love one of these.. if they can get it away from me!

  227. Robot cuddle buddy ftw

  228. Best… giveaway… ever!

  229. ooooo ooooo ooooo pick me! pick me!

  230. It’s amazing!

  231. I hope by entering this one, the winner could enter future contests too. I really want that pillow but I also want a shirt! Argh! LOL.

  232. That is a lot of money … but they’re so cute, I might have to buy one of each!

  233. need pillow

  234. Perfect, would go great with my stuffed gir.

  235. That pillow looks awesome

  236. that is just about the cutest thing ever!

  237. That little guy is awesome!

  238. looks so soft =( i want one

  239. Sign me up! My wife would love this! :)

  240. Here is to randomness!

  241. I need this pillow!!!

  242. The claw is our master. The claw chooses
    who will go and who will stay.

  243. I saw these at I/O and when I asked Dan Morrill for his he refused to let it go. THISISMYCHANCEOMYGODIMSOEXCITED.

  244. That is an awesome pillow.

  245. Me want pillow :(

  246. That pillow is awesome!

  247. Pick me.. Pick me

  248. I would love this for my room. I will name him Phan…

  249. I, for one, welcome our new pillowy overlords.

  250. Wooo! That would go awesome with my Domo Kun! And how cool is it that they have a cthulhu pillow?

  251. This is sweeeeetttttt

  252. yes i want one!! :D

  253. I like free stuff!

  254. My wife loves that thing

  255. I missed out on the mini androids, maybe i will score with this. :)

  256. I hope I win so I can give this pillow to my baby. I just found out yesterday that it’s a boy! Gotta start him young on android!

  257. Oh nice! I would love one of these in my office :)

  258. Thanks.

  259. I want!!!!1!!1!

  260. I would love to have another android around the house on top of the one I bought on a shirt to show my appreciation for the green guy! I wish squishable did polar bears and I would buy one!

  261. That’s awesome. I want! =]

  262. That would be awesome to win. Hopefully that will be me :)

  263. Me, Me, Me!

  264. OMG!!! That is just beyond cute. I love it!!!

  265. My six year old would LOVE a Droid pillow!!!! Hook me up!

  266. Cool! That would be awesome.

  267. awww…how cute. it would look great on my window seat next Teddy Ruxpin

  268. Love the site! Come by several times a day. Thanks for the giveaways!

  269. me want pillow

  270. Please :D

  271. Could I also get a steve jobs pillow and have a real ugly ‘pillow fight’?

  272. Aww this is great. I think my son would love this.

  273. HOOK ME UP =D

  274. This would be so awesome for my kids! I would be proudly display it in my family room!

  275. Nice, I would love to display this prominently in my cubical and annoy all the iphone people on my row :)

  276. Do want ;)

  277. Hahaha….Nice fuzzy robot!!

  278. Feels like bags of sand.

  279. want it!

  280. I want it!

  281. Pillow must be mine!

  282. Android squishy pillow!!!!! ahh i love ph(android)!!!!

  283. PhANDROID!

  284. Gimme that!!

  285. 10 characters (right? never mind, not so good at counting)

  286. Oh, I totally want one.

  287. 7

  288. Pick me!! Pick ME!! I check out your site everyday and absolutely love it and the android. PICK ME. Please!!

  289. Date nights would definitely be a lot less lonelier with this thing…

  290. .:PhanDROID:. Help me start my 1 month old down the path of righteousness with an Android Robot Pillow!

  291. YES! Please send me my complimentary alien wuv luv!

  292. Add me!! btw, the t-shirt 2x Thanks! ;-)

  293. The pillow would be much more comfortable to sleep and cuddle with than my Droid and Desire…

  294. Gotta love the big pillow.

  295. Hey guys ya know that plush would be an awesome birthday present for a guy with a birthday on Oct. 20th and I just happen to have my birthday then (yes I can prove it)!

  296. I could use one for a pillow. That is about the only time I am not thinking about android, and even then???

  297. I WANT IT!!!!

  298. Guess will see a lot of “first” “second”….”hundred”, +1, +2, +42, great, loveable and so on to rack up a lot of comments, thus bettering your chances of winning. Shouldn’t there be a miniscule quality requirement to this comment thingie. :-)

  299. Squish, Squish

  300. I need it for my at work desk naps please.

  301. I want a squishee!

  302. This would go well with a newly purchased Android decal for my car!

  303. Now I can I can even be a Phan when I’m sleeping. RTFO!

  304. PIMP!! Perfect complement to my incredible android device; the HTC Incredible!@! :)

  305. wow i want one

  306. This is the first time I hope I get some stuff just for commenting

  307. Its so FLUFFY im gonna die. But seriously, I hope I win, I love you guys in a no homo kinda way.

  308. Ohhhhhhh….. pick me pick me :)

  309. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the carpool lane with him in my passenger seat.

  310. Nice!
    That would look great in my Son’s room

    Make sure you contact ME on Oct 20th :)

  311. i want the android one!!!please thanks!!!!!

  312. Ohhh…. Pick me pick me :)

  313. oh god yes

  314. Eye can haz the sqwishee? P-p-p-p-u-hleeeezzzzz!!!

  315. Android plus sleeping! My two favorite things.

  316. This pillow is amazing!

  317. hook me up i need a new pillow and it would be even better if it was an adroid pillow!!!

  318. hahah nice

  319. I want

  320. Those prizes look awesome! Especially the green guy :)

  321. I will squish him and love him and call him Droid

  322. DOPPPE!!!! This would be super clean to have in my room! :)

  323. How cute is that pillow! Its so fluffy I could DIE!! LOL

  324. Pick me!

  325. Green doesn’t really match my place, but who cares when it’s so cute?

  326. gotta love Android stuff

  327. Android pillow… I want….

  328. My couch does seem lonely right now. It needs a big, green friend.

  329. And here I was going to buy one for myself when I bought my little sister another squishable for Christmas.
    I’d rather win one.

  330. Win win win!!

  331. Hey I want one! That would be cool and stuff.

  332. My coworker is a die hard i-phone user and makes fun of my android phone, that pillow Andy on my desk would send her over the edge. lol please pick me

  333. hmmm last?

  334. YES please, my kids would love this!

  335. Please randomly pick me….

  336. man, it’s not kids would love this..

  337. DOOPPPPEEEEE!!!!!

  338. P-p-p-pweeeze?

  339. I would love to have a green, squishy android pillow.

  340. Yes! You will never see an Apple product as a pillow! Who wants square pillows with a low quality filling? Lol

  341. Gimme the chance to hold my friend; the android. Please!

  342. Android pillow = awesome

  343. Cool!

  344. This is epic beyond words.

    The question is, how much can you customize it?

  345. An android that even my 5yr old would like.

  346. That will look good holding my old htc hero.

  347. My dog would like to root said android pillow! After my cat chews the ears off first of course….

  348. i cant wait to cudle with my android pillow !! and drink out of the cup….

  349. OMG that would be amazing…must win phandroid givaway…

  350. Squish me!

  351. They are so cute :) love the owl squishable !!

  352. My droid is my girlfriend.

  353. That pillow is super awesome! Do want! :D

  354. I want pillowz!

  355. Excellent! Now with a couple well placed cuts, I can REALLY express my love for Android !!!!!!!

  356. So beautiful! I’d love to get my hands on one of those!

  357. Android, you can squish me!

  358. Hello and good luck everyone. This is why I am the biggest fan of phandroid.. because they care about the little people.

  359. love me some phandroid gear!

  360. Yes, Love it!

  361. My remote control (dog) would love that!

  362. pick me. so i can give it to an apple fan boy! :)

  363. Me wanty android… me wanty android…. your a big boy now stop it =(

  364. Ooo Ooo looks like a lil green ewok

  365. Just let me get my squishie on.

  366. Cool!

  367. Random Here…!!!!!

  368. I SO WANT ONE!!!
    I need a new pillow anyways >.>

  369. I really need this! My dog humped my other pillows to death! With THIS I can develop an app to keep him from doing it!

  370. I like anything that has little android in it.

  371. Pick me please! Thank you!

  372. What a strange coincidence, I LOVE to hug DROIDS! Do not want, NEED =]

  373. that thing looks so cool. i want it right now lol :)

  374. Pick me! I’ve loved Android since the G1 came out :)

  375. me like squishy!!

  376. Give it to my gf? No way, this droid sleeps with me!

  377. Pick me because I live in Colorado. And there is no place more beautiful.

  378. Hope I win. Thanks for the contest!

  379. Pick me! Pick me!

  380. Sweet! Now Android can always be on my mind;)

  381. I think I should win this pillow for the following reasons;

    1. It took FOREVER for me to scroll to the bottom of this page.

    2. I check several times everyday both on my computer and phone.

    3. I try very hard to find android goodies to tip you guys with.

    4. I tiped you about US Cellulars Galaxy’s phone name change.

    5. I am taking the time to type you a list.

    6. I am at work right now.

    7. I don’t have any kind of android anyhting as I am not elligible for my upgrade yet.

    8. I can’t spell to save my life.

    9. I never have nor will I ever (in any conceiveable reality) own an Apple product.

    10. I live in a small town in rural Nevada so nothing cool ever happens to me lol.

    11. I work at a po-dunk Verizon store and Verizon offers the most choices when it comes to Android phones.

    12. I think they should make an android laptop computer.

    13. I think Google’s chrome should have a mobile version and be the default on Android phones.

    14. Green happens to be one of my favorite colors.

    15. I have a pro status D-SLR camera so I’ll take awesome pictures of this little android guy everywhere doing cool stuff and share them with you.

    16. I think Steve Jobs is the only person in the world that a black T-shirt can’t slim down.

    17. All my friends think Black Berrie’s are the best phones ever and I will pown them with my Android phone ( once I get it ).

    18. Because my wrists hurt from all this typing.

    19. Because I think keyboard on computers should be a touch screen with a virtual keyboard featuring Swype.

    20. Because I’m pretty much the shiz, just kidding tho I am pretty cool haha.

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    Thanks for the giveaway Phandroid!

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  384. yo

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  387. Wants.. one.. so bad.. D:

    Also, “Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment”. I hope that meant the one I typed into the “Mail” entry. If not, I will be sad.

  388. My bank account sincerely requests that you do not give this to someone else

    Also my 3″ android buddy needs a friend more like him

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  400. DO RE… Me me me me me ME! :)

    I PROMISE to keep it away from the dog!!!

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    Phandroid is checked daily on my RSS feed, and even I have to leave a comment for this one! DO WANT that pillow!

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  408. Me love me some..

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  410. Cool.
    fjmustak (a.t.) gmail (d.o.t.) com

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  422. Sent from my telephone machine.

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  468. Me? :) ;) :0 yes? yes?

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