Google TV In Stock at Best Buy, Check Out their In-Store Product Guide



As reported earlier Sony’s line of Google TV products — the aptly named Sony Internet TV — began arriving in stores today, and Best Buy isn’t sitting on their stockpile. Nope, as expected the lineup of products featuring four HD television sets and a Blu Ray player has gone on sale. Best Buy is ready to start these moving off the shelves, and given the Google TV concept (and the various available devices carrying the platform) might be a bit foreign to some the retailer has created a succinct product guide to help curious buyers make a decision as to which format suits them best.


As of right now it looks like only Sony’s Google TV offerings are available, though we expect the Logitech Revue should be touching down any day now. Anyone catch the fever and make the purchase already? Or are you planning on waiting it out until the early adopters report in? Check out the gallery below for a few more images.

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  1. Sony needs to bring GTV to the PS3

  2. Only 60 Hz is a deal breaker to me. If I NEEDED a tv and this was the price range I wanted to be in, this would be great but I already own 2, 1080p high definition tvs and I’ve been wanting to upgrade to 120/240 hz for a while. Then when they announced Google TV I knew i’d grab one asap but now I’m going to wait.

    I’ve been a huge fan of Samsung and both my tvs are samsung now. If Sony releases another round of 120/240 LCD LED 1080p google tvs before Samsung then I will go to Sony but at this rate I bet Samsung get’s my $$ again.

  3. So anyone know if you can use a regular bluetooth keyboard in addition to the remote? Also curious if the Chrome is full featured, extensions and all…

  4. I read that might be happening..

  5. if they did i would love it very much :-)

  6. @twenty4….. is the PS3 a TV? that will be your answer to your request. it’s not a dedicated set top box either.

  7. before you snap back at me, think about it, the PS3 runs on a seperate input, GTV is an OVERLAY to your TV…. you cant watch TV and Play the ps3 at the same time so how do you think that would happen? also GTV has to have access to your cable / sat feed, the PS3 has no coaxial input.

    use your brains people, it’d be fun but its impossible

  8. There are already some unboxings on youtube.

  9. I actually bought the blu-ray version this morning and returned it 4 hours later. It would down convert all sound from my Dish dvr to stereo and Dish wants another $4 a month to use it with their service (which no one warns you about). $400 for a web browser is a little too steep for me. I’ll stick to my Roku for now.

  10. @Covert
    You really need to read more. It seems that you don’t understand the concept.

  11. Im going to wait for the early adopters to report in on it, though im sure its not going to get the real props it deserves until there is an android marketplace on it.

  12. GTV doesn’t need a coaxial input to know what’s in the lineup of your TV provider’s programming. That’d why its internet ready. In fact Logitech Review only has HDMI in and out and a data connection. Hence the internet.

  13. If they bring a bigger 1080p version ill be first to buy.

  14. @Covert, EAD

  15. I picked up a blu-ray version up this morning. Here are my pros and cons so far:

    Very easy to setup
    Searches are customizable and very well thought out
    Remote is very nice and sized nicely
    Seamless with Direct TV (which I have) and would assume for other cable providers
    good content and is responsive which my Panasonic web content is not
    Nice form factor that fits nicely under my wall mounted tv in my bedroom.
    Has a fast boot feature for instant access.

    Cannot trigger dual view if already in GTV menus. Has to be triggered while watching tv. not a biggy though but annoying.
    Comes with an IR blaster. If your not familiar with that, its a cable that plugs in the unit and has to IR endpoints that are to be mounted by the IR ports on the cable box and the AV receiver. It works but would have been nice if the remote could have a way to do this without having this cable.
    Cant run Marketplace apps but this is a temporary con

    All in all I love this thing. It works great in my bedroom as I dont have use my mobile to read in bed anymore. I got this unit with a low end LG LCD but it still looks great and plays nicely on my big Panasonic as well. I do a lot of reading and watching videos online as an IT pro to keep up with new stuff and I love to read in bed so this is a perfect and fun solution. I haven’t messed around with using my droid as a remote or playing/viewing content from an external drive yet.

  16. oh..and a quick tip. sometimes the mouse cursor gets very sluggish. just wipe the sensor with a cloth or something and it will work great again.

  17. @ray explain then how you are going to watch TV, AND be able to have your PS3 display on the screen if they are one two separate inputs for a TV, and the PS3 doesn’t have coaxial. this concept just simply would not work unless you are able to have TV service AND data connection work simultaneously and on the same input to the TV.

  18. I just have my laptop hooked up via HDMI and I’m saving $1,000. Sup.

  19. Well I am looking for atleast a 46″ led tv but I wasn’t looking into sony tv though. I have samsung, toshiba, and vizio tv’s in my house now and was looking for one of those brands. So I’m gonna have to think about this for a bit and read some reviews on it before deciding on what to get.

  20. waiting for dish and their 179 deal.

  21. Sony is overpriced…I’m going to wait a while, and if I ever need a TV, which won’t be soon I hope, then by that time plenty of other brands will be making improved Google TV products and I’ll just pick something out then…for less.

  22. 60Hz and a hideous remote is MAJOR fail. 46″ of judder for your viewing enjoyment.

  23. @Twenty4 What is EAD…did you mean QED? Either way, Covert is right…the PS3 doesn’t have any pass through abilities, so there’s no way we would see it there. Besides it already has an OS and it does not make sense to have a device with 2 different OS’s and UI’s.

    @metalheadzaid Sure, you can always connect a computer to your TV. But that is kind like strapping a lawn mower engine to a bicycle and calling it a motorcycle. It works great for college kids or if your house is like a dorm room. I actually felt kind of embarrassed when I tried to show vacation pictures this way to my family (had to sit on the floor hunched over the laptop). Furthermore, when watching hulu and online sites it is difficult to control a laptop from the sofa without the blinding light from the screen ruining the atmosphere. This Google TV is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for. You are right $1000 for that alone is not worth it, but if you are already buying a TV it is a nice option and if you already have a TV there is the logitech revue. I don’t even buy Sony TV’s because they are too expensive in the first place…I think I’m going to get the $179 logitech box from dish network. In addition, dish has built in sling box capabilities, so that’ll be a pretty impressive set of features from dish.

  24. Picked up the BluRay w/GTV yesterday at a local BestBuy. Funny story – employees originally weren’t sure if they were allowed to sell it because according to their records none of the other BestBuy stores sold a single unit yet. Then there was some confusion about an e-mail from corporate HQ telling them not to sell until Tuesday, which ended up being a miscommunication, and actually was referring to the in-store display models not arriving until then. After about an hour of arguing with various reps and managers (and showing them the “Order now, pick up on 10/17” button on their own site via my Nexus One), and a few more phone calls to the mothership, I finally walked out of the store with one unit :)

  25. I just wish they had more size options. I am in the market for two TVs, but I’m wanting something in the 50-55″ range and one in the 37-40″ range. Also would like to see 120Hz.

    They could really make my day if they could upgrade the PS3 to Google TV. This way I could get a better TV with the same experience.

  26. Anyone wanna send one over to Europe :-)? Does this work with PAL and 220V?

    Nah, guess I’ll just have to wait.

    Btw, where do you get the 60Hz from? Can’t find it in official specs. Is that even applicable to flatscreen tv’s?

  27. @Covert
    I’m confused at why you think it wouldn’t work on the PS3.

    Step 1: Put Google TV software/firmware/OS/whatever on PS3.
    Step 2: Plug PS3 into internet via ethernet cable.
    Step 3: Plug HDMI cable from PS3 to TV or A/V Rcv first then to TV from A/V Rcv.
    Step 4: Turn your shit on and have fun.

    From what I’ve read, you only need internet. Cable/Satellite providers only come into play if you want to control their content via the Google TV device, in which Dish Network is the only one that will work with the “Search” option of Google TV so far. If you just want to hook your TV up to Google TV via the internet and use the apps, or use it to snatch media content from an external HDD (which PS3 can already do on its own), or use it to watch Hulu, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the PS3.

  28. @Covert Never heard of playTV then?

  29. Did you have the chance to test Netflix client? Review Horizon mentions that it uses the old style interface and it doesn’t allow search…http://reviewhorizon.com/2010/10/sony-google-tv-review/

  30. I wish they would just update PS3 to do this. I don’t want a google TV. I want a google enabled TV via PS3.
    That PS3 browser suck major XXXXs. It also doesn’t overlay the existing display….whether it’s TV, blue ray movie or PS3 game (probably no point for ps3 game…but TV and videos would definitely help)

  31. @Covert

    You still dont get it do you?

  32. Google tv wont be allowed on the ps3. Googles requirements for google tvis that the device have an hdmi INPUT the ps3 does not have this. Plus it requires 1 gig of ram .

    I have the sony blu-ray and at first i was like meh its ok . Then i started using it more and its growing on me.

    I love being able to put it in dual view mode during a commercial and browsing the web and then making the tv full screen again when the commercial is over.

    Having a blu-ray player on the same source as my cablebox is also great.

  33. My first impressions of the Google TV is much the same as jeff’s with the addition that the Blue ray quality is excellent. I have a PS3 that I used with Blue ray discs but the Sony Blue ray Google TV box seems much better (better audio, much easier to use, and superior video quality). I used both the PS3 and the new Blue ray box with a SONY 46″ 120 Hz TV.

    I purchased the Blue-ray box at a Sony Style store on Saturday. After purchasing it I spent the next 3 days making a website formatted for Google TV. The site is http://www.vpiketv.com . The site uses the 1080p mode when visited from a Google TV and displays like a regular website when visited from a PC. The site features streetviews and photos.

  34. I have never used the Google TV with Sony, but I have used and own the Logitech Revue with Google TV and I love it! I am not sure how it works with it being an actual TV, but I would imagine it would work similar since they are like products. Surfing the net, and watching shows at the same time, and on top of that the applications thus far are not to shabby! I love Netflix and Pandora and the soon to be coming Napster will be good too. I learned about the Revue at work at DISH, and then shortly after I purchased it and it is so much more than I anticipated. I would suggest this to everyone!

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